Friday, August 1, 2008

Civil Disobediance

I filed it in and I posted my cheque. It was quite a big sum too. Like, 4 figures - thanks to backdated numbers.

It's been almost a year since. Nobody's cashed it in. The money is still sitting in my current account, rotting.

If I'm not mistaken, cheques die after 6 months.

I guess they don't need my money.

They can't say I didn't try, right? I got proof in copy!

I'm not even going to bother writing them another one just because of THEIR incompetence.

It's not as if they don't automatically deduct it from my monthly salaray anyway.

Plus I'm so fucking SICK of all the freak shows and the circus acts that's being reported on our papers while they do SQUAT at making this country a better place for us to live in. And they have the bloody CHEEK to tell ME to plant vegetables and take the fucking public transport as they happily use MY hard earned money to pay for THEIR expensive foreign cars, ginormous houses, fancy parties and their overseas "lawatan sambil belajar" excursions.

The thought of how you guys are running this place makes me sick.



  1. I'm wondering why you never considered moving to Singapore. They actually WANT you there. Just send out a resume or two. Plus the probability of you bumping into some hot Singaporean-British blogger is higher over there. Plus you be makeh Sing dollahs. Sing dollahs > Malaysian dollahs. Contributing to SG EPF > contributing to UMNO. 4 hour VIP bus ride to SG every weekend or every 2 weeks > stuck in traffic 1 hour to office and 1 hour back from office on Federal Highway. Can wear seksay clothes in SG > ogled by JAWI perverts wearing songkok

  2. I really like Aw's rationale. My boyfriend might actually be greatful to you. You could very well be the reason why I'll move to Singapore to work. I especially love the contributing to UMNO point.

    And how awesome is that, FA?? They didn't cash in your taxes? Nice.....

    and Happy Birthday!! :) Was told by Yee Hou that it's your bday.

  3. That sounds stupid haha

  4. Hey, come to America where all the politicians are crooked.

  5. Here's what happened... mebbe. The government got your cheque, cleared your receivable, and cashed the cheque at their bank. Nice and clean. Now as far as they are concerned, you don't owe them anything. If you did, I'm sure they would have sent you a letter, or worse.

    After they cashed your cheque at their bank and cleared it through to your bank, it was lost. Your bank's fault, or intermediary bank's fault. If your bank is run by douchebags, and most banks are then once they find the mistake they will come after you for it. Banks have more power than any other institution, including the government unless the government runs the bank. If the bank is not run by douchebags and they happen to discover their error, then they will leave you be and take it out of their billions of profits. You are lucky now.

  6. Hi Fireangel,

    Just drop by to wish you a very Happy Hatchday. May your special day filled with all the goodies that you can wish for, :)

  7. FA,
    To save your future hassles, do a direct bank in. you just don't want IRD to chase after your butts in year 6 . (God damn it, 7 years track records).

    Do your research! Cheque clearing system doesn't allow missing cheque. All are scanned and key in at individual bank before dispatch over.

  8. \o/ Happy birthday FA! \o/ I think i saw u at 1u today but was too shy to approach u and u were on the phone too. :-)

  9. Hmmm....
    I wonder where is all the cute little furry creatures, babies, rainbows and gummy bears gone. They should rejoice and roam free without the fear of being eaten just because it is your birthday.

  10. we want more GUMMy stories.... :)

  11. cool down... dont spoil your bday.. happy birthday by the way.

  12. Hell yeah, hope you get caught and be sent for a good punishment to curb your cocky attitude.

  13. Wira1: what the fuck is wrong with you?


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