Friday, August 8, 2008

Back from Singapore, Thoughts.

Wah I'm offline for just 1 day 1 night and missed so much kah!

Why everywhere got scandal one. Politics also got. Blogs also got. Turn head anywhere also can bump head into a scandal. Haihyah. Nothing to say about that lah. This is kinda the reason why I rather not get involved or get close to anyone in the arena. Too old, can't really be bothered, and I'm just.. tired. Not to say that it wasn't a guilty-fun read though.

Business trip was eventful. But lugging around luggage around half of Singapore wasn't really fun. Didn't have the opportunity to drink any decent alcaholic beverage to recharge myself but the hotel room I stayed in was fanfuckingtastic. Too bad it was only for a night. Didn't even have the time to soak myself in the tub, or use their other super duper canggih looking facilities. My credit card is already bleeding because of it, though. Argh. Damn the weak RM.

The trip has reaffirmed me of a couple of things
1. It's not what you know, it's who you know and
2. the ability to bullshit on the spot and convincingly will take you everywhere.

Unfortunately, I wasn't born into the first, because it's something you have to be born into. While I don't have the second either, it still can be learnt. Which takes a lot effort. And time. And me giving a fuck. Do I really give a fuck? It seems I must if I want to go anywhere and retire before I'm 40. Marrying a rich, dying old man has never been an option to me because it's downright sickening so don't you smart alecs even think about proposing it. Plus do I even have the right looks and character for this? Haha. I didn't think so either.

Made up with friends for a quick (and yucky) drink in Singapore on the first night. Malaysian by birth. Studied in Singapore after college and never come back. In fact, one of them is actually afraid of coming back to the motherland. Tanah tumpah darahnya. The place where she grew up. Why, I asked. It's so badly managed (implying the circus we read about in the papers everyday), so dangerous (implying crime rates and rempts), she said. I don't feel safe, she added. Immediately after I heard her say that, I felt a tinge of sadness. The insides of my stomach knotted. But it's home, I tried to reason. No way. It's terrible. I never want to go back, it's a scary place to be in, you can't even complain openly, she reiterated. How horrible does a country have to be for its own countrymen to be afraid of coming home to it? I feel very sad for my country. I love it. But yet at the same time I'm dissapointed. And it feels like there's nothing I can do about it. Except to leave. Peace? You call this peace? Granted we are not war-ridden, but why must we always compare to countries worser than ours? Singapore is not better, but yet its people are more contented. Spending power stronger. Perceived level of safety higher. What to do. What to do. Balik tongkanglah.

What I hate most about travelling on air by either MH or SG is how shitty and bias the service is. If you wear the same colour skin as them - you are dirt, and not worth their time. Glaring, condescending, unsmiling. How is it that they can forget that I pay the EXACT SAME FUCKING FARE as the next foreigner? As a matter of fact, who gives them more trouble in planes? Their own countrymen or the foreigner? What happened to Asian Hospitality? Is that kind of service only reserved for a certain group of elite people? Yeah, it's only from Msia to Spore but isn't YOUR job to make it THE BEST travelling experience for every single one of us, as YOUR paying customers? Fuck you, bitches. If you strip out all the perceived glamour and snottiness you guys are nothing but a bunch of overpaid waitresses with attitudes like something crawled up your ass and died. Of course, not ALL of them are like that. But a lot of them are, and they really shouldn't be. Ptooi.

I think I want to work in Singapore too. Everything is cheaper for me as a Singaporean living in Singapore than a Malaysian living in Malaysia... except for rent. Let's see how that plan comes along. Most of my plans die as soon as they come to life. And I really don't know about the people and its culture though. I don't know if I want to live with that. A SWOT analysis is in order.

Back to work. TGIF.


  1. interestingly despite the fact that being a singaporean u have to live in small house and own no-car, people do wish to leave Msia and live in Spore or HK. there must be something that we hated so much about the country. :P

  2. 'Marrying a rich, dying old man has never been an option to me because it’s downright sickening so don’t you smart alecs even think about proposing it.'

    I guess I'll just propose to someone else then! :-(

  3. Probably one third of the Singaporean workforce is Malaysian anyway :D You'll fit right in, in no time. Sure there'll be some rude discoveries about office politics and rent costs, but you gotta bet on the correct horse, not the diseased, racist, money-eating, not much hope for your children's education/future, depreciating currency, you're not wanted, fixated on buttfucking one.

  4. And I heard rich Singaporean guys looooooove Malaysian girls because they're not as materialistic, spoiled and demanding as Singaporean girls yet.

  5. Ironic that you write this. I read yr blog while taking a break from packing. I am packing to move to Italy for good. My husband whom I recently married is Malaysian. Studied in S'pore, worked there for a bit and got a transfer to Italy. He has been there for some years now.

    I always have been, to an extent, quite patriotic. Proud to be Malaysian, multicultural bla bla. Then I grew up. Things change, You get mature, you see the screwed up political landscape. You see the inequalities. You see so many shitty things here that you never used to see.

    I have gotten quite annoyed at my HB many times because of his love for S'pore and his disdain for his own motherland. But how can I blame him? He brought me to Singapore and pointed out every single reason he loved that place. And for once, I ran out of bullets. He is right. I love Malaysia, and the reason I am migrating isnt because I cant stand it anymore here, Im only joining him there. But chances of me returning back to Malaysia? Maybe close to 1%

    I am sorry Malaysia, I love you, but many of us are tired of being relegated as second class citizens.

    I will miss my nasi lemak, roti canai, chee cheong fun, satay, banana leaf rice, char koay teow. OMG shd I stay back?? :P :P

  6. if yu drop by kiasuland again, call me lah. :-p

  7. Well, Singaporeans are not exactly the most friendly place around and it can take you a while to settle down. But once you manage to settle down, you will eventually find out that this tiny island is actually quite a charming place in its own right.

    Why not give this little adventure a shot? If you don't like it, home's just a drive away. Heh.

  8. The trip has reaffirmed me of a couple of things
    1. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know and
    2. the ability to bullshit on the spot and convincingly will take you everywhere.

    Number 1 is not exactly true. It really isn't about who you know, but WHO KNOWS YOU. Number 2 is spot on though...

  9. I'm hoping to be a successful academic someday. From what I gather, the travelling in this field is a little more fun than it is in the business sector.. more downtime, meet more friends usually and the work is often more interesting.

  10. Yes. We like our country. but we disappointed of it also.

  11. Don't go to Singapore and work, clubbing not fun anymore without u there. =P

  12. Sharon N: you can still visit Malaysia once in a while. And you'll be in heaven for the very best Italian and European food.

    Don't pay attention to the crabs who want to pull you back into the bucket because they have no plans to go Singapore..

  13. I love Penang. Period.

    Will I leave? Hell yes.

  14. Well, I can just say that I've never had the "bad service" experience you write of when I fly SQ (I'm also the same skin color ie: Chinese). I've found that when I'm pleasant to the Stewardesses, they're usually pleasant back.

    I've seen other Asians treat the SQ girls like personal servants on other flights I've been on. Gweilos generally don't do that. Maybe that's why some of the SQ Girls treat them accordingly. If you want truly awful inflight service, fly UA domestic. That sucks rocks.

    I've never flown MH so I can't really comment about that. I've had good service on AirAsia, although I've a few choice words about the LCCT at KLIA.

    Sounds like you need a few stiff drinks. Next time i'm in KL, can do!

  15. I used to dream about doing Add maths. That's how I got my solutions :P


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