Thursday, August 14, 2008's Lie Detector

Have you been following it? It's quite fucked up man. This morning I heard how this woman put her husband up for the test because she suspected him of cheating. They have been married for 11 years and have 3 children. The itchy dick (hahaha) was caught when the wife read a raunchy sms from a woman on his mobile phone.

And he still had the gall to lie and say shit like "would you rather trust a machine?".

What a fucking asshole.

Makes me so angry.

Seriously for all women out there, if you discover the following:
a. naughthy smses from other women on his mobile phone
b. feminine stuff in his place (especially bedroom) which does NOT belong to you
c. correspondances from random strangers which he "met" on some online chat/friendfinder website
d. dubious pictures

.. chances are he is cheating on you.
No matter what he says.

Men will lie until the day they die about cheating.
Even when you have solid concrete prove in your hands.
Even when you have SEEN it with your very own eyes that he is in bed with another women.
They will deny it forever.

Leave that fucking loser.

No excuses.

(Unless of course you were in the wrong first then well, why don't you just do everybody else a favour and marry each other, eh?)

But sometimes it's easier said than done right.
But there are times in life when you have to collect some balls in you and JUST DO IT.
Because you deserve better than a lying, disrespecting scum of the earth.

Which is why you must always keep a job and have your OWN stream of income and NEVER EVER depend 100% on men for money. No matter how great he is, or how rich, or how nice he is to you now. One can never predict the future. Be it tomorrow, next month, next year, 10 years, 20 years, 50.

Bitter? Me? No. It's called being sensible.


  1. ROFL. What if woman discover the man actually.....

    a. naughthy smses from other women on his mobile
    - The man "close friend", check answer b and c.

    b. feminine stuff in his place (especially bedroom) which does NOT belong to you
    - man might have a secret fetish on feminine clothing.

    c. correspondences from random strangers which he “met” on some online chat/friendfinder website
    - man secretive "feminine friend", his "G-mui". see b.

    d. dubious pictures
    - check above

    Feel want to vomit?

    FA: It took me a while to understand what you were trying to say but I finally got the gist of it. So long winded lah you.

  2. leave it to FA to stomp, burn and castrate the man.

    FA: Wasn't supposed to be a HULKRAGE HATE MEN post it was meant to be a HULKRAGE STOP BEING STUPID post.

  3. Hmmm, that explains all those things lying about my friends bedrooms. None of those things belong to me ... especially the feminine stuff.

    Of course, in order to cheat on a woman, a man needs a woman to begin with. That makes me unable to cheat ever! ha ha ha! :-) I'm such a catch! :-)

    If they cheat with you, they'll cheat on you! Marry a man who won't cheat.

    Plus, making sure you can earn a living is a good idea, not because the man may cheat or run away, but because he might have an accident of some sort which either kills him or leaves him crippled for the rest of his life.

    Now, back to eating your Oreos FireStomper! :-)

    FA: Cheat don't cheat. Eat don't eat. Bah!

  4. Best post!!!!!!!

    Have a beer on me!

    FA: haha siau ah you

  5. The whole thing sounds SO scripted. And it probably is.

    If it isn't, they certainly picked the wrong tool (not the guy, the machine.) Polygraphs have all the accuracy of an AK47 fired in spray mode while running with your balaclava put on backwards.

    FA: Well, to be honest that was the first time I tuned into it. I usually tune away when the DJs start talking because it annoys the shit out of me

  6. Agreed with your statement..but what if the wife cheats on you?
    There's a theory (Dun know if it is or just a bs) that when women man will know until such time they want to reveal it (subconsciously or out of guilt or watever)whereas men..just think with their **** & not with their brain..
    food for thoughts...

    FA: Then up to you to do whatever you want lah. I never said women don't cheat lie and steal. I'm ranting from my own point of view as a woman lah wtf.

  7. Didn't they have a song for this? >:)

    FA: er... YMCA? lol. What song?

  8. what if the machine is a vibrator...can still trust ah?

    FA: Can trust it won't cheat lah. :P

  9. Hmmm... of course, women never lie, never cheat, and when they fart it smells of roses ;)

    FA: Everybody has the potential to cheat but that was not the point of my rant. Goodness, what kind of readers do I HAVE here?

  10. pitiful...
    old hag you shall be then...

    FA: So you're the type that forbids his wife to work and only want her to stay at home, make your babies, cook your dinners and wash your clothes? Good on you, cavemen.

  11. hai yah fa, if you so worried that your man will cheat on you, very simple mah, all you girls are so dumb wan, always go for the handsome guys, if you girls married the ugly or nerdy types, your future is secure no? you marry an ugly guy no other women will look a him loh. hai yah that also wan to make big fuss. that the problem with you girls always think with your eyes and hm..., so when this same hamsap of a husband cheat on you, you want to rant and rave, serves you right meh. LOL I am a married man, 26 years of marriage, have admired other women, but decided when I married my darling, didn't need the hassle. I do admit have been tempted, but have stuck to my principle, anway what I get at home is served with love and passion, wheras outside its just kosong, especially the little bit older ladies, boy you can see the buaya in their eyes, a lot of us guys will just run away, we don't need the hassle, its already difficult to handle one women at home, not that I am henpecked,why look for trouble and hassle.

    FA: You've got a point there. :) But just so you know, ugly men do cheat too you know. To be fair everybody has the potential to cheat. Women should earn their own income not just because the guys might cheat on them. But they need it do it so they can be more self-sufficient and independant mah.

  12. 10%luck,20%skill,15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain, 100% reason to remember my name.

  13. it was more interesting when Hitz did it first a few months earlier. feels less scripted .. now the novelty has worn off...

  14. is this post related to the Kenny Sai..oops..Sia scandal.
    that bastard gave us men bad reputation lah,threat gf like a whore and fuck around.
    hope u don't sapu all men because of that bastard.

    there are still many faithful men around...u want my number?

  15. I met DJ Pietro yesterday, and he told us that he almost belasah that guy because that guy kept blaming that the machine can't be trusted.

  16. AFAIK they don't even have a polygraph they just make the answers up (Polygraph needs to measure heartbeat and electric pulse on body doesn't it?).

    If they are just doing voice analysis it's horribly innacurate.

  17. I've never given this a try, but I think it's about time I do.


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