Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mum and Her (Fairly) New Crocs

*toot toot. toot toot. toot toot.*


“Har. What you want”

Want free Crocs?”

“Wah. Really ah? Why ah? Why so special suddenly?”

“No lah. There, I wrote a line about how we wanted to get you a pair of Crocs, but you didn’t want it in the end because too expensive for something so plastic looking. They didn’t like that we thought it was plastic, and wanted to proof that it isn’t*. So they are offering to give you a free pair for mother’s day lah! Want or not! If don’t want I take for myself haha!”

“Want lah! Of course want! I don’t get free stuff often okay! Some more expensive stuff! Take!”

*at the store*

“Haiyah. Why must they make the shoes so ugly ah.”

“Hehe, What to do. Sensible stuff usually not pretty wan mah. Go try the shoes lah. The nice girl will help you”

*after 15 minutes*
*outside the store*

“Eh I want to wear my new Crocs now”

“Hehehe. Just now say people’s shoes so ugly, now want to wear lah”

“Of course lah. New thing must show off mah!”

mum's really expensive sandals!

"Wah your heels very high lah. You're almost as tall as me now”

“Yarloh. Long time never wear high heels already. You know, last time I always wear high heels one okay. Now can not. Give me knee pain and back ache mah.”

"Mm. I know. So how is the air from here? Fresher or not?

“Haha, very funny lah you.

“So? Happy or not?”

“Happy! Of course happy! Not everyday I get presents wan okay!”

put on your blog one ar? ok ok must smile pretty pretty.

“Wei, didn't I get you that expensive canggih, sexy, slim, handphone with mp3 player which is even more canggih than mine for your birthday?”

“Oh yar hor. Oops. Hehe”

“Cheh. So fast forget. Some more use everyday. Hmph.”


Thank you Crocs Asia and Pinang Medical Supplies for making my mum’s day! Despite what she said about them being ugly, she was positively beaming over her new pair of goodies. For the rest of the day I could do no wrong, heh!

It has been a many months since and my mum is still loving her pair of Crocs!

i also can act kiut what!

*Yup, it's really not plastic! It's made of some resin-like material called Croslite.


  1. Maybe u hear this all the time, but I've got quite a crush on u :P

    FA: Aww, that's sweet. My mum would be so flattered. :)

  2. I have a tiny little pair of WALL-E baby Crocs that I have no idea what to do with. Hehehe.

  3. haha this is the sweetest AD BLOG i read so far. great job. very very sweet. love it!

  4. Hi Mum! Glad you like your new Crocs!

    They are made from a resin called boiled up and melted down crocodile. Environmentally friendly. :-)

    Do the rest of your readers get free Crocs too? :-)

    Rory - Take a number! lol

  5. that's so sweet. she must be proud of u .

    my last memory on sandals and my mother was - she hit my head with the flip flop because came home 4am forgotten bring key.

  6. ahahAHAHAHHAHAHA. i can't believe you of all people can get the chance to crack height-related jokes lalala :P

    btw, AYAMBAG.

    FA: I'm still taller than my mum, phew. :P HERRO! WELCOME BACK NOOB!

  7. Woot! Me like Crocs too. Got a pair of Mickey Mouse crocs.

  8. FA's mom so kiut one. happy to have met you aunty! (heard you're reading FA's blog now. hehe) happy to see you again too Elaine! i owe u RM$50, for medical treatment :p lol

  9. Pinky: Hello!

    Ky: Stop calling me penyelia petang!!


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