Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I couldn't sleep last night.
When I did, I dreamt about was work.
When I woke up, I dreaded waking up to go work.
Feel like crying man.

Can't go into details because this is not just any anonymous blog.

But can tell you it's not exactly an amusement park ride here.

Why don't you share with us your work woes instead.
Anonymous comments are acceptable.


  1. i've been given a new room now instead of my last cubicle.

    its so frustrating that i can't fart freely anymore coz inside this 9'x12' AC-ed square,i noticed smell travel quite fast n linger for quite some time.=/

    oh shoot.is this consider as work woes?=))

    stay strong FA.


  2. U r too nice in ur office where ppl tend to notice it and starts using u for their own good?

    Or u have a corporate bitch in ur company tat annoys u coz she sticks her ass in ur daily workload to make her look better than u and bossier than u and scrubs ur boss punya shoes till its squeaky clean?

    Or u jz feel very demotivated in work.. making u feel damn lazy to even wake up for work. U feel ur job is not wat u wan to do anymore?

  3. Chill... There's a saying... In some companies, only 20% of ppl do all the work to carry the company... The trick is to make sure you are in the 80% :D

  4. I dreamt about work several times before. You know your mind(or personal life) is kinda fucked when you go to sleep thinking about tomorrow's workload, slept while dreaming about say workload and wake up thinking about the same god damn workload.

    I had good days and bad days, but worse come to worse, I'll just say fuck it and sulk at home.

  5. btw, going alcoholic is another good solution for it.
    bottoms up!!!!

  6. dreams = extension of what you are thinking about subconciously. So if u r worry about your job, then dun. The worse they can do is to sack you.

  7. how about figuring out how to solve a huge problem saving the company millions while showering!! that is f'ed up isnt it?
    for me the worst part of work is usually travel overseas in the last minute. meaning go get tickets and leave ASAP... money is no matter!!

  8. if you're going to work the shit out of yourself, why do it for other people... do it for yourself instead... go start a kilkenny pub or something :D

  9. -hate my boss, because he is stupid
    -hate my colleague, because less capable but get promoted
    -hate myself, working for stupid boss, abused by less capable colleagues.

  10. Last week when I complained about my crackling phone line, the IT department took me off the phone AND internet for a whole afternoon only to tell me they can't fix my problem.

    Yesterday morning, the office decided that air conditioning was overrated and someone closed all the vents in my office so that I would slowly suffocate. When I spoke with the Office Manager, I was told that because it's a Monday, they are not sure whether they can get anyone in to look at it.

    Then today, they finally got around to installing the printer closer to my office on my computer. I was told that the Letterhead is in Tray 4 of the printer but can only find the icon for Tray 1 and Tray 2 on the installed printer on my computer. So I have to go halfway round the office to print stuff on letterhead anyway. When I called the IT people, the guy said, "But there are only 2 trays what. Are you sure?" Dude, I walked to the printer and counted the damn trays.

    And people wonder why I sometimes think they are all out to get me.

  11. I do like my job, except for the having to wake up at 7+ part. :D

  12. I think you need to have a night of hot and wild sex to forget about work.

  13. How about....you find out your bf who works at the same company with you, sleeps with 2 other female colleagues. That's rough.

  14. go to work and sleep.standby standby.....

  15. I'm too demotivated to comment.

  16. i dont have enough to do.....

  17. started my own company. and my boss is an Cheap m'f'er who pays jack shit and give me all the work to do........

    oh wait..... that's me


    note to self. give me a raise. :D

  18. After demotivation then what? Better fix that, or else you might lapse into 'depression' like pooh bear.

  19. Ano, dude(or girl?), that's like, the solution to all problems. :P

    We gotta unfuck the heaps of fucked up things in life all the time, so why not in the process, fuck someone or get fucked in the sexy, baby-making kinda way.

    Ok, I'm rambling now.

  20. I just wrote an entry last month on the crap that my company is/has been dishing out... -____-


  21. y0!

    i will give u a good f8ck to ensure you got a good sleep

    Luve ya

  22. Oh I so totally understand how you feel!When I wake up in the morning, I'd think oh shit, it's morning already?!?While brushing my teeth, I'd think of ways to excuse myself from work which obviously did not happen and then drag my feet to work.In the car, I'll also think of ways to not work but eventually I'd reach the office. Dang! This cycle goes on and on each day but am hoping this feeling will wear off soon. Hope things would be better for you too!


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