Monday, August 4, 2008

28 Already

2 days ago.

.... and still aimless, haha.

Belated Happy Birthday to me!

Don't feel a difference though. So stop asking me how it feels goddamnit!

Thank you very much for all the smses! Thank you for remembering! It really made my day. :)

Spent the day catching a movie, having an awesome dinner, and then drinking aftewards.

Ever tasted my first flaming! I know, a bit late right? Better late than never I guess.

It doesn't taste very good though.

At the club, I realised that I don't really enjoy velvet that much anymore.

Probably because the music really sucked wet donkey balls.

and I was thinking to myself, I'm 28. What am I proud of. How many good friends do I have? But I couldn't really hear myself think because the lousy music was too loud.

Aspirations? Couldn't think of any on Saturday. Can't think of any now.

But I guess something along the general lines of lots of money, less headache at work, less bills, more happy. :P

Was also thinking about how I should spend more time doing the things I like, and with the people I love. But how do you go about doing that when work takes up so much of my time and energy?

What's worse, it's not even what I wanted to do. Still. My god. What's up with that? Bad jobs graavitate to me like I'm a black hole.

What would I rather be doing? Hmm. Spend more time blogging, yum cha with friends a bit more. See my mum a bit more during the weekdays. Sleep. Read a good book. Go to the gym. Eat healthier. Travel like I intended to. Keep in touch with my overseas friends.

Definitely not spend all my time worrying about things getting fucked up at work.

Feeling really tired. Maybe it was a bad idea. But maybe it's too soon to say. I'm no quitter. But I AM really tired.

I don't wish for more time in a day. I wish for less time in the office. Because when I am on my deathbed, I won't ever wish that I spent more time at work. I would've wished that I spent more time doing what I love doing, and spending more time with my loved ones. And I'm 28 already. If I don't do that now, when will I ever start doing it, right? One more year? Two more years? 5? 10? When is it ever a good time to spend less time at work? Tell me lah!

Money is important though. Sigh.

Getting married? Hah. Long time more lah. No rush. Eventhough most of my friends ARE married already. I don't personally feel the need to go get myself hitched. Or is that something I say to myself to console? Hmmm. Nah. I'm okay, really. I'm happy for everybody. :) But yes I do realise that my "market value" will drop over time and I should really start thinking about it so get off my back okay? :)

Time to start work. Happy Monday!


  1. few things about birthday that really we should be happy about. first i think we should be appreciative about life as we are still alive :) 2nd maybe we should be happy about joy and sadness of our past , and look forward to better years ahead. 3rd, loosing virginity is no more on our wish list (will be replaced by vaginal reconstruction few more years later)

    happy birthday.

  2. don't talk about marriage!

  3. wah lious,,,,, LOLOLOLOLOL

  4. happy birthday! By the time u feel the need to get hitched, your pool of potential partners would have shrunk considerably. It is high time you panic.

  5. 1. Happy Birthday again. [Yes, I sent a card via facebook].
    2. Ninja Kitten and I celebrated in Perth with a nice lunch for you. :-) Pity you couldn't make it. :-)
    3. 28 is still young. Getting hitched will come easily once you bash your BF into submission. :-)
    4. I'm 43 and still aimless. I win! :-)

  6. u better go watch Sex and the City :P abt marriage? heh

  7. Not now, but you should start thinking of it... : ) , time pass very fast, opportunity pass even faster ... : )

  8. happy belated birthday babe!

  9. like Niamah would scream : there is no such thing as happy belated birthday !!! It's belated happy birthday, like how FA said so correctly at the beginning.

  10. hello and happy belated birthday!!
    dun worry la, 28 is still young, still lots of time left to do shit :)

  11. happy belated birthday... it seems like yesterday where you were wearing a baju kurung to high school and partying with your friends in the yellow school bus isnt it? well.. dont be sorrow, good times are in the future, i bet you will achieve most of your dreams... best wishes...

    p/s: care for some smithwicks? =)

  12. eppie belated 28th burfdae :)

  13. I will refrain from reminding you that you are now THIS close to hitting the big 3-0, and wish you a very belated happy birthday instead hahah. Here's to more Happy in your life, starting from yesterday.

  14. why never say earlier? go celebrate maaa =)

  15. Happy Belated birthday..
    May God Bless you and May your wish come true

  16. I guess I don't have to wish you any more Happy Birthday or Belated Happy Birthday or Happy Belated Birthday, since everyone has done it. But it's still courteous to wish you "Happy Birthday" because it's simply meaningful when you do hear it. And about getting married, you don't have to worry at all about stuff like "market value". If you're in a foreign country like Australia, you won't feel the pressure at all to marry young or even marrying at all -- everyone is just happy being single or married. It's just this culture here in Malaysia that forces or maybe pressurizes everyone to marry or be married.

  17. Well, Happy Belated birthday!

    Talking about 28, I just fired my Assistant who is also 28 as he is so dreamy and blur. Wasted all our time as we had to re-do what he did.


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