Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Avril, Don't Avril.

I really don't give a rat's ass if Avril comes or not but why WHY WHY WHY is it SO HARD for the authorities to grow some fucking balls and spine, MAKE a decision from the get go and then STAND by it?

Does anybody have any fucking clue how bloody ridiculous it is to see this kind of stupid inconsistent headlines every other day?

Avril set to rock KL on Aug 29
PAS Youth wants Avril show cancelled
PAS Youth slammed for calling for ban on show
Groups slam call to ban concert
Poser over Canadian rocker Avril’s concert
Support for Avril concert
Avril concert definitely on, say organisers

And surprise surprise:

Malaysia cancels 'too sexy' Avril Lavigne concert

..... and that headline is not even from any of our local paper's websites.

"It’s not good for viewers in Malaysia. We don’t want our people, our teenagers, influenced by their performance. We want clean artists, artists that are good role models.”

As if ALL our local acts are clean, good role models. What The Fuck.

Obviously every single international paper and publication WILL take this opportunity to pounce on it and once again our beloved tanah tumpah darah kita is made an international laughing stock. Over such a stupid trivial issue. Kita Memang Boleh.


  1. as a M'sian myself,i felt ashame of the stupid protes.

    madefake wut so sexy.i dunno if she would run naked the whole consert.heck even as if she gonna wear only bra n panties.


  2. the news is on Associated Press' website and also reported on channel E! already

  3. Maybe all artists must be completely covered from head to toe. So even if they do perform, nothing to see, lah!

  4. Ya ya clean artists, like Vivian Hsu. (Well her nude videos/pics don't count ok? Those are artistic productions)


    Happiest day of my life last year at mid valley when my lovely sexy Vivian came down to KL. Unfortunately she was covered from neck to toe during performance!

  5. I loved Mariah Carey's response couple of years back. She went ahead and performed 'for the fans' (that time she got her chance to perform, didn't get cancelled). She wore a casual sleeveless top and jeans for the entire performance. And then she never came back again.

  6. AVRIL LAVIGNE? THAT WANNABE PUCK KID IS TOO SEXY???!!??????? Do those idiots even know what 'Sexy' is???

    FA: eh you dunno meh.. she is going for the girly sexy rock look now leh. the crazy tutus, pink hair, fishnet stockings...

  7. Goodlesprings! Well I never.. What kind of bollocks is this? This will never happen in a certain country down south, even with its totalitarian reputation. Mayhaps you should go there soonest, then you wouldn't have to be frustrated with this kind of googlebedooks.

  8. Minister: Avril cannot come, she will influence the young minds before merdeka.

    Young People: This Minister is really from the Stone Age. Why don't he cancel TV and Astro and ban cinemas and jam up the internet one week before merdeka also???? As if there're no horror, lala, mafia and bad influence shows airing around us.

    This "Patriotic" Hero should just follow an ostrich. Bury his head.

  9. It's obvious isn't it?

    We fought the communists all those years and beat them...

    ... just so that we can become like the communists ourselves.

    No need to have concerts. Let's recommend they have Mass Games in praise of BN/UMNO instead.

    I'm sure that's what they want.

  10. Don't they remember that they have other race, foreigners in Malaysia. Also, bringing in an international act will also bring in tourists who will spend money here to attend. Revenue to hotels, makan shops, shopping areas etc. Why not just put a non-halal sign at the concert venue and ticketing outlets, etc, so that the respective parties can curb all the 'negative' influence.
    Don't Avril Lavigne wears a necktie in her concerts?
    And isn't Faizal Tahir a MALAYsian?
    What is the point they are getting at neways? Haiyoh! Sommore want the other races to vote for them? Haha!

  11. Avril is bad influence on our youths, who should be shielded from immoral western influences.

    But apparently all the corruption, cronysm, back stabbing, abuse of power, murderous acts, power grab, scandals, money politics, etc etc are very eastern values which we should preserve and infuse into the minds of our future generation.

    Welcome to the sandiwara that is Malaysia.

  12. Yes, it's damn f***ing stupid. Pas members all mine as well retire. They are so dumb. There's one vid which the PAS members claim Avril's boobs are too sexy for the stage. SHIT LAH! That is damn fake. What about all those malay girls in bikini walking around Sunway Piramid during summer splash?? They only know how to talk but they dont know their own islam ppl are worst


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