Thursday, March 19, 2009


Why must people stand right in front of the damn MRT door?

And I saw this crazed woman who dashed into the train immediately after the train door opened for the priority seat, nearly knocking over an aging uncle. He was so sian, he walked out of the train to wait for the next one. All this time - she was conveniently looking the other way.

Little things like that annoys the shit out of me.

Hulksmash kill them all.


  1. Did you say something to her? I guess not, and no-one else probably did either.

    FA: Oh dear, never thought about it THAT way. It makes me as bad as, if not worse than her. :(

  2. shrugs. that's what ugly singaporeans are like :(

    i was on crutches last year and not one offered me seat in the train. some stupid auntie even fight for me for seat :(

  3. suddenly make me think of China.

  4. anonymous couwardMarch 19, 2009 at 8:07 AM

    I'm pretty sure we do that in KL too.

  5. If u did, things would turn out differently.

    Remembering that my friend did talk to an uncle about the car lot where he already putting up the signal. The uncle just look the other way after he parked the car. Pretending not seeing it.

    My friend yell at him and raised the voice. Finally, the uncle turn back and quickly remove the car.

  6. I concur! Door jam is a pain! Several times while taking the MRT to/from Changi Airport, I would have to do the linebacker thing to get off/on the train. Even though I was loaded down with baggage, people don't get the hint there to clear the door.

    What does work is to simply push your way through, linebacker style. It's funny how suddenly they go from blur to very aware as they're being shoved to the floor because they're so self absorbed that they can't step aside for someone with luggage! I've done that several times after saying "excuse me" 20 times.

    What's worse if you're a senior and you need to fight your way to the door at a transfer stop. Some miss their stop because of door jam (which is what I shall now call these people collectively) who don't have the common sense to step inside the car!

    There's also the uncles/aunties who slap the seat before they sit down, but that's fodder for another post.

  7. There is a physics law that says vacuum is created when an MRT door opens, causing people from the outside to 'rush' inside. I love this one.

  8. OMG! It's ugly Singaporeans. I hate it every single day. Must face it every rush hour. =.= I also don't know what on earth are they rushing for! Sian!

  9. she feels she is more priority than uncle mah. so wait for a while loh, will be her turn to meet some kid knock her out for the same seat in 15 yers time.


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