Wednesday, March 11, 2009

25 Random Things About Singapore

1. roti canai is known as roti prata
2. genting is pronounced as JERNTING
3. jelak is spelt jerlat
4. they use words like "alight" and "gantry" - well at least, *I* never used them. :P
5. tissue paper packets on tables at food courts are used to reserve seats, not for you to take.
6. wifi is free in the city centre.
7. free newspapers twice a day.
8. singapore bak kut teh is nothing like msia bak kut teh. NOTHING.
9. you can find good cheap food here - go to the shop with 1) a lot of stickers on their display window or 2) long queues.
10. singaporeans think msians speak mandarin wrong
11. singaporeans really do not understand their national anthem, neither can they understand their military commands
12. if you drink too much after clubbing, there is a service that drives you and your car back home. for a fee of course.
13. smoking is not allowed by law in clubs, indoors, and even certain parts al fresco places.
14. singaporeans DO jaywalk - only malaysians are afraid to jaywalk, ahaha
15. do not go to orchard road during the weekends. in fact do not go anywhere during weekends.
16. fast food restaurants are halal - except for a couple.
17. you can not purchase duty free alcohol when you enter into singapore from malaysia
18. there are no strays to be seen in the city centre
19. shopping malls are closed by 9.30, earlier if in the CBD
20. green tea is quite a popular mixer for whiskey
21. food can still cost only 2 bucks
22. prostitution is legal in singapore
23. if you work around the CBD you cannot escape the 20 odd people offering you flyers, asking you for your money, signing up for things, selling you things or asking you to participate in surveys ARGH
24. soft boil eggs are eaten with the that thick, dark, soya sauce.
25. Subtitles are written in freaking chinese.

So be warned. :)


  1. prostitution is not technically legal.
    green tea and whiskey is actually a bad combination. tastes nice tho

  2. Prostitution in Singapore is legal but pimping and street prostitution are not.

    So technically it is legal!

  3. The whole country is a corporation under famiLEE!

  4. More strange things in singapore.

    'Char Siew' is red coloured (as in they put colouring).

    Won Ton Mee taste like rubber band, so it's cheaper.

    'Yau Char Kuay' is eaten by dipping in soya milk, so your soya milk is oily.

    You will never rest in peace in Singapore. Even if you die, they'll still dig up your grave to cremate your body.

  5. Actually if you go to India, you will find that the name there is Roti Prata. Canai comes from the city Channai, the capital of Tamilnaidu where most of the indians in Malaysia came from, i.e Tamil Indians. Over the years, people just called it Roti Canai, but if you go to india and order that they will be confused.

  6. Singapore's roti prata is NOT roti canai by another name. It's real name is CRAP.

  7. Actually, its suppose to be, but over the years the recipe in each country has adapted to the local taste. Just like how some Singapore bak Kut teh and malaysia bak kut teh tastes totally different

  8. 1. I got to know a Singaporean just now whom had Genting VIP Silver. Must be a frequent there.
    2. wifi is over rated in Msia. you have to drink overpriced coffee for the wifi services
    3. We use free newspapers to do wrappings
    4. Msia BKT FTW!!!!!!111111YatttttYatOne
    5. do not go to orchard road during the weekends. in fact do not go anywhere during weekends. *sounds like the same thing to Cameron Highland*
    6. you hardly can find pork burger in any fast food restaurant
    7. there are no strays to be seen in the city centre. *by 2020, there will be no more strays as they are now the free meals for the foreign workers
    8. green tea is quite a popular mixer for whiskey *by right, the worse and unhealthy mixer*
    9. FA still very random

  9. Prostitution is legal in most jurisdictions worldwide, or so I've been told - by my sister no less. What you get busted on is Solicitation. However, the laws have been written so that Solicitation and Prostitution practically go hand in hand.

    I personally have nver said the word "gantry", and can honestly tell you with absolute certainty that I have only ever heard 1 person use that word - Murray Walker.

    9:30 for the malls - Never, not even in holiday season are they open that late here.

  10. 1) Lesbian or hetero oral sex is legal. Gay oral sex is not.
    2) Satay is tEh sUx0r. I understand it is all made in a single factory - the owner of the factory got rich. And it's Geylang Satay, not Kajang..
    3) Kids who look nothing like our maids speak Indonesian fluently. They are usually children of Indon-Tionghua sent to SG for secondary school, and they look richer than I do :-(
    4) Go into a 7-Eleven to buy a (SG) Berita Harian. The store attendant will probably ask: "you sure you can read??"
    5) Guys aren't shy about running topless there.
    6) Girls are really tan (same for boys).
    7) Ice cream in wafer is available everywhere. It is available in KL too, but not so common..

  11. And all freaking HK movies and TVB series are subbed into Mandarin!!!

  12. ppl don't q in MTR not included?

  13. mat kentals(all races here) here would end every sentence with sial. like for shizzle ma nizzle sial. not joking sial. its true sial. like sial.... sial.

  14. u speak nothing about singapore cock!

  15. i need someone to help keep an eye on all things random - with a view on promotion to be a taukesor.

  16. I think their Bah Kut Teh is pepper soup. LOL.

  17. ahaha.
    I think this is what you call uniquely singapore!

    Oh yea i didnt know about the half boiled egg with dark sauce part, i swear i thought that's the only authentic way to eat it!

    Erm.. Whiskey Green tea is not the norm? hehehe

    Ok now i feel special!

  18. Ok, i heard my name. Who called?


  19. I thought oral sex is only legal if used as foreplay wtf. what happens if you take and hide the tissue paper packets and pretend they were never there?

  20. So is Singapore a better country?

  21. Jessen, If you are non-Bumiputera and/or not connected to certain political parties: make your money in Singapore, but live in Malaysia, and holiday frequently in Thailand & Indonesia.

  22. so, so true.

    i was horrified to find that their hokkien mee is yellow noodles in WHITE sauce! aargh. am still traumatised. =(


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