Friday, March 20, 2009

Tv Ads on Tv

I think it's bloody hilarious how tv companies try to show how superior their tv is on our own tv screens. I mean if they are attempting to display how sharp theirs is, how vivid their colours are and how their images look so real - it's still shown on MY tv so how does it proof to me that your tv is more awesome than mine?



  1. haha, this is a good one

  2. A cartoon noted this one a long time ago: wife says to husband: "The picture on that TV looks so much better than ours" when she watched a TV ad for a TV.

  3. yes, but how else are they supposed to advertise? i think they are just trying to show how vibrant colours are and how they should be depicted on tvs. they key is 'should be'.

  4. is there the possiblity of tv companys paying us consumers to change new tv ?

    that'd be like a dream coem true leh

  5. Yeah, I know this is an old post. But, well said.


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