Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lunch, Dinner & Ampang Yong Tau Foo

I have to say that Singapore's Subway kicks Malaysia's Subway ass like nobody's business. The bread is soft, the meat is real, the veges are crunchy and fresh. It's so perfect I always almost cry from joy with each bite. SGD5.90 for a piece of heaven? What a bargain!

I have a picture to share but........... OM NOM NOM NOM


I ate it all. Couldn't wait. So hungry. So yummy. mmmmm.

Then for dinner I had this insane craving for Ken's char siew ramen. The char siew is juicy and tender, the soup si so tasty, the noodles are so springy.... this is by far the best ramen I've ever tasted. Ever. I don't care if it's a little pricey (SGD13.20) it is worth every cent!

I have a picture to share but......... OM NOM NOM NOM


I ate it all. Couldn't wait. So hungry. So yummy. mmmm.

Food blogger epic fail. :P

Oh, I also need to rant a bit:-
Discovery travel & Living keeps re-showing this clip of anthony bourdain eating ampang yong tau foo in SINGAPORE - it really PISSES ME OFF. Some more the fucker make it sounds like it's a Singaporean dish. Mahai. HELLO MR BOURDAIN. Ampang is NOT from Singapore! It's a fucking town in Malaysia and hence Ampang Yong Tau foo is a fucking MALAYSIAN DISH, UNDERSTAND! RESEARCH YOUR SHIT FIRST CAN? HULK RAGE SMASH BOURDAIN. Fine lah nevermind, Bourdain ignorant I still can accept, he is but a white snobbish monkey, but what's worse is that the LOCAL FELLAS who I am QUITE sure was WITH his crew did NOT even BOTHER TO ENLIGHTEN HIM AT ALL. A BIG FUCK YOU. May your bums be forever covered with painful pus filled boils assholes.


  1. bloody hell. all the food eat oledi then only take picture. how to be food blogger liddat? HAHAHHAHAHA

  2. You can take it up with yongfook and make sure he knows it's from Malaysia. Phillistines! They also claim bak kut teh (actually their peppery version is epic fail) and Datuk Michelle Yeoh is theirs.

  3. MmmmMMmm... food...

    Oh, wait...

  4. Singaporeans conned him with their kiasuness la, not his fault :P

  5. ohhh subway's gud! I had it in the airport!

  6. i like the last part rant. awesome.hahaha.

  7. mmmmmmm.....subway...........nomnomnomnomnomnomnom...

  8. Too right about the stupid Ampang Niang Tow Foo con job. Don't blame Tony Bourdain as he is apparently a really nice chap. Blame the stupid (hmmm...maybe they are smart) Singaporeans for claiming another one of ours as theirs!

  9. 11111111111111111111satusatusatusatu111111 - awesome

    you are simply at your best......

    pus filled boils assholes - correction dear. sometimes some boils at certain sitting positions may bring joy. :P

  10. hello! Can I know where is Ken's char siew ramen?is it at the Central?

    FA: Nope... It's at orchard plaza! Next to Ah Meng's cafe. :)

  11. om nom nom nom..... somehow reminds me of cookie monster

  12. Singapore food where got nice? :P

  13. Hello,
    Do you know where I can find Ichaku Ramen?


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