Friday, March 13, 2009


ever had one of those days where you felt like you've suddenly woken up only to find yourself neck deep in shit and you have no freaking clue how you got yourself in there in the first place.

and THEN you remembered that you can't swim.

oh guess what?

it's the same day to get wasted.


(i'm already drinking as i write this and this post will most prolly be gone by tomorrow)


  1. alcohol = liver cirrhosis = cancer = painful death.

  2. who cares the post may be gone so long the author stays.

    take care. life is a marathon.

    time for you to upgrade your drinks. err.....chivas regal 18, glenmorangie - burgundy wood, from the valley of the deers 15 maybe 18.

  3. Don't drink if you can't drink. Hehe... No point forcing yourself doing what you don't like.

  4. Don't drink alone. Find a kaki to drink together

  5. Random video that might go well with the drinks.

  6. Is that the guilty feeling from having sex with a random stranger last night?

  7. I totally get what you are feeling. It's just one of those shitty days when all you want to do is just crawl into a hole and block out the world.

  8. stop drinking and start swimming...

    i l u

  9. hello.

    knock knock

    still alive?

    missing you. dear.


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