Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Pictures From Singapore.

Brain shut down. Cannot form long sentences. More pictures instead, k?

Z. O. M. F. G. Hot guys galore slurp. Guys watch it for the action, girls watch it for the men. Winner is all! Hugh Jackman is mine, hands off bitches.

Read about this book in a local magazine. Went to Borders to look for it, but couldn't find it. Contemplating just walking out because was kind of embarrassed to ask help from the staff with the title being so suggestive. Asked anyway. No more stock. Sad.

Was at Mandarin Oriental a few weeks back. There was an art exhibition by Chinese artists. Painting were put up all over the wall. I thought this drawing was really hot. Snap!

This is a locally made 2009 calendar. Erm. Chinese boys and big bulging muscles don't go well together IMHO. It's just WRONG. But that's just my personal preference. Not even trying to impose my preference on you so no flaming please.

It's about time I put up this obligatory tourist shot of the Merlion. You know what they like to say here? If you drink, don't merlion.

Sex in the City. Hahaha. So clever. Shops like these are quite a frequent sight. Being the silly little sheltered Malaysian girl who has seen nothin' - this was like WOAHHHHH THIS IS AWESOME!!!! CLICK!

Don't you wish Malaysia was forward thinking enough to set up a tourist centre which looks as good as THIS?

Lots of construction up around Orchard Road. They put up a lot of boards such as this one. So pretty right? Of course must camwhore. Will do more next time.

Enough pictures to last you through the week? I hope so! No more updates for the week.

Time to pass out. Goodnight.


  1. Can you like put more photos of yourself instead?


  2. Oh wait forgot to add if nekkid better : )

  3. hugh jackman = enough said.


  4. hey.ur face looks a bit deformed in this pics..
    more sexC pics of urs in next post please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. just back from bangkok. same thing i saw along some busy street. but not as gigantic as this one. but at least i knock on the counter someone is there. unlike Malaysia's 99% police pondok or so call information counter has no one inside except rubbish.

  6. Didn't the merlion got struck by lightning a while ago?

  7. The only Asian guy who can look sensational with bulging muscles is the ONE and ONLY Bruce Lee.

  8. eh, I have that book How to Make Love Like A Porn Star. it's not as risque as the title suggests. It's just an autobiography of Jenna Jameson's very effed up life. Its a fun read but not worth buying the hardcover (uh.. which I did. hahhahaha)

    hoi, mail me a copy o the calendar!!! I could use some variety in my cuci mata fare ;)

  9. the last pic of you in a tank top gave me a hard on...

  10. good nite.

    fuckstress was klia ( i haven't seen them anyway )

    so what is it in sin jia por that makes them sort of prominent.

    S. E. X. in the city? :p

    great pose. lovely. cheerful.

    Enough pictures to last ME through the week? I hope so!

    thanks. take care. come back and story us your adventures.

  11. many guys fapping to your brog ah?


  12. Hmm. Maybe some more "motorbike & FA" pix?

    Good to see you're out and about; thanks for taking us on the Orchard Road phototour!

  13. Who is Hugh Jackman when DANIEL shootmenowbeforeIrapeyou HENNEY is in there!

  14. wow, down fellas...i called dibs, even if it wasnt out loud...

    anyway, hugh jackman = puke fest. hated that they chose him as wolverine in x-men.
    i'd rather eat road kill than watch that guy butcher a marvel universe legend.
    but the fan boy in me will watch it anyway. damn, being a nerd is so hard, woe is me...
    i see you're a fan of jenna jameson, here is some advice, you won't get much from the book, you gotta watch the instructional videos. there are a few out there. check it out! worth the watch!
    and the guys posing? on the internet there are oodles of guy on guy, crossing sword action. so do not hesitate to double click your mouse...its only natural
    and remember i can always give u a hand

  15. I call BS on your nips.. I mean, dibs.

    Those are wonderful boobies by the way. Great photo.

  16. Nice. But what happened to your right arm?

  17. Hi, I like your random pics (and the commentaries!) of SG. It would be a voila! moment for me if I bumped into you. :)

    Have a good weekend in SG!

  18. You have pretty good figure and this is a compliment.


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