Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nuffnang Pajama Party - I Stole All Your Pics!

My god I've aged. Turning 30 in 2 years, so trying very hard to act my age and stop going for young, hip parties, and camwhoring like a young, hip, kawaii chick. Which also explains the lack of mugshots on this site these days. Erm, sorry? Oh shuddup, I know you're rejoicing. Who the hell truly enjoys looking at pictures of old fucks anyway?

But rejoice no more! For Lo and Behold! I shall unleash the horrors beyond your wildest imaginations and... argh let's just cut the crap. So here are some pictures from the Nuffnang party last Saturday, with hopes that it might increase hit counts, except I think after viewing the pictures the opposite is more likely to happen.

Look at me posing so naturally as if I didn't know my picture was being taken.

FA says hi.

Yee Hou, Simon, KidChan & cute Singaporean bloggerbabe Nadnut. Male bloggers are camwhores too, you know.

Surrounded by hot chicks WOOT! Skyler, Pinkpau and the Nuffies. Did you know that I kissed all of them? It was blogged by one of the Nuffnang chicks HERE. Excerpt:

"Oh, Fireangel was damn funny or maybe probably a genius, when us girls were distributing out Nuffnang money, she came to us, and gave each and every single one a us a kiss on the cheek, then we immediately gave her some moolah already! Hahahahaha!"

Camwhoring with OPTIMUSPRIME ZOMG!


If your picture has my ugly face on it, please feel free to send them to me. I shall put it up and link it to you appropriately. Better yet, watermark the image first then send it to me. :)

Stolen pictures from:
Uncle Kidchan
Uncle Wingz


  1. You're still hot babe. I want a kiss too. :P

    FA: lol old hot babe? can also! tenkiu tenkiu

  2. FA Rawks!!!! I LAP YEW!!!

    FA: I LABIU!

  3. it was great meeting you babe! finally!!!

    FA: YEAH! FINALLY!!!!! :) HUGS!

  4. arhemm...u calling me uncle? EXCUSE ME?

    BUT, why is you TOP wet on the first picture hahahaha!

    FA: Koff. obviously ppl were drooling over me. lmao lmao lmao tak tau malu bodoh perasan nak mampus

  5. You're not old. Admittedly by your age I'd been married for four years and had played on the NSW State Team and been a studio musician as well as having done plenty of other things. But, Julius Caesar didn't start his political career till he was 40 ... so age is relative ... maybe ...

    But, like I always say, A girls never old till she starts to seriously consider marrying me. Then, they're old! :-)

  6. theuselessbastardMarch 20, 2008 at 2:52 AM

    *pant* HOT!!!!111111 /O_O\

  7. you kissed ALL the girls???

    *trying very hard not to be jealous*

  8. hot or not, your blog and your name of FA is still hot la XD

  9. Dammit!! Should have been a Nuffie!

  10. i have your pic!
    come grab it! :D

    FA: Found it!! Come give mehhh!

  11. Yes, you have aged. Nothing wrong with that, everyone ages. Question is, have we lived our lives to the fullest? Or have we wasted it and disappoint those who care about us.

    What use is eternity if we are trapped in our weaknesses ?

    Have you lived meaningfully, have we all ?

  12. Hmmm... is that photoshop i see? Irregular lines and too strong sharpening tool. hehe.

    FA: LOL. i'm not sure. Ask the owners of the photos lah, I only stole the pics and resized them

  13. did i see it properly?
    zomfg. FA is much better in RP

  14. Er..I don't know how to use photo shop.

  15. I like the first and 2nd pics of you, nice what =D You are not an old fuck ok!

    FA: Well.. too old to camwhore kawaii-ly anyway. :P

  16. If you call yourself old and un-hot again Optimus Prime will come over and smack you upside-down so hard that you end up in Optimash Prime' Butt Compartment.

    FA: To each his/her own lah! Just covering my bases lmao

  17. me...i mean we wants MOAR! Got somemore or not?

  18. finally, i was a missing a few more pics of you to cover my bedroom wall. now it is complete. muahahaha!

    where do u live again?

  19. You still look like you're in your early 20's anyway.

  20. somehow u got plenty of pics without having one camera

  21. FA, U do have some cleavage. Congrats!

  22. Ya, FA, you DO have cleavage! Despite what you said about being flat-chested, you have 'more' than me.. :)


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