Monday, March 3, 2008

Braces - I Want.

Hi all,

I want to get my teeth fixed. I don't buy all that bullshit like you don't need it lah, beauty comes from within lah, don't waste 4 perfectly good teeth, lah, it's not going to be worth it lah, you're going to go through hell for a year, your crooked inverted front teeth makes you unique lah, it's gonna show up in pictures lah etc etc. Fuck all that "things your mother would say" shit to hell.

Maybe next year with even more funding I could even get a boob job and there shall be world peace.

I digress.

Question - where can I do it (teeth job lah not boob job, faggots) for good and at an affordable rate? I'd like to have the type of braces where it matches your teeth colour. The porcelain(?) sort, not the ones with silvery metal pieces. I need recommendations, please. Feel free to leave a comment or email me with details on:

1. where
2. how much
3. related experience with recommended dentist
4. contact details of dentist

It goes without saying that I will definitely take pictures.

Thanks a million!

Much love and all that lovey stuff,


  1. Before you make this life changing decision, just remember these words ..... good things not cheap, cheap things not good.

  2. for the life of me i can't remember thinking you have bad teeth.

    anyway, not hell for one year lah, try two and a half. or four, if you want it to be REALLY effective.

    i love my orthodontist because he's clean and gentle and funny and considerate (already married with beautiful wife and one cute daughter to boot i dunno why i so kaypoh wtf) but he's in cheras, you prolly wouldn't want to travel so far. :D

    yup this comment is pretty much pointless. :P

  3. Hmm.. might want to find out how long you will actually need the braces on. My aunt who was considering braces was told that the older *cough* you are the longer you re gonna have it on for. Kids in their early teens only have it only for a year or two. Older folks *cough* *runZ* take longer..

  4. Had mine done at Phileo Damansara, place called Moda Dental. Dentist did a pretty good job, my teeth are nicer than your bo.. teeth wtf.

    Unfortunately, its the metal metal gigi besi type, but you're small sized so it'll make you look cute ahha wtf

  5. Just pull out all your teeth and go for implants. 6 months later you're all ready. No need to wear braces and wait for over 2 years to get them into position.

  6. I thought braces for leg pula..

  7. There was a very nice lady dentist who charges reasonable prices but she is located in Jalan Raja Laut. This being recommended by my Uncle (who is very fussy) is good enough for us.

    Funnily enough, we dun know the prices for braces since none of us in the family wears one.

  8. Maybe I can ask my uncle whether he got any friends in Malaysia that specialized in braces.

  9. Got mine done at Uptown.
    Charged 2k for it (back in 96).
    They got the clear type.
    Run by Husband and Wife. Wife tended. She was good. Tells you what's happening and what's going to happen and what will happen after that. Plus what to avoid after after that.

    Lost the contact though. But if serious, I can just drop by and ask for it. Need a visit soon anyway.

    FA: Please!!!! Contact! I want!

  10. actually am quite interested in this info too!

  11. hi girl. i got my braces down in Bangunan Angkasaraya, located right beside KLCC. pictures of my 'after bracing' can be seen in my blog, can click around if you interested. maybe will dig out a pic of my before pics for you if you want. :)

    the clinic name is David Orthodontics. very famous, costs around RM4500++, with the ++ for retainers, fixes and etc. my teeth were well done, great doctor i have. do look for Dr Muhammad. extremely friendly guy. love him!

  12. Did Damon Braces aka Speed Braces this Jan, painless, lesser trips to the dentist & to get it fixed on your teeth also takes up not much time. Takes about 2 yrs to have it on but some ppl get it off by 1 & 1/2 yrs or so. Some ppl even get it off lesser than a yr too! - Those kind of teeth prolly responded super well to the braces I think . Try asking around .. should be close to almost $5K - 6K. Few yrs back its was bout $4K+++. Try looking it up, it really gives you that 'Ugly Betty' feel in a way, who knows .. might meet nice geeky guys along the way too ^_^!

  13. You do realise that they have plastic braces that can't be seen [hardly] and you don't need to pull four of your teeth and stuff. Maybe they don't have them in Malaysia yet, but I know they exist. You might want to look into this before you get anything expensive done.

  14. oh ya, i forgot. you want something affordable and not visible? that's very hard my dear. ceramic braces come extremely expensive than the conventional metal ones.

  15. its called invisalign, the clear invisible type of braces. not too sure if its available in m'sia.

  16. Leave your teeth alone, biatch. You already have a lovely smile. :p :p :p :p

  17. Besides braces, where could I get my pubic hair waxed?

  18. whoa. I guess braces are more expensive now and in KL.
    Had mine done in hometown Sban last time - about 2k - and the metal kind.
    Ceramic kind - can get stained easily by food - may end up looking like yellow teeth wor?
    Maybe opt for besi but colourful bands? can change colour every other day to match outfit. *hehe*

    Sorry. My comment is pointless because I can only recommend a good place in Sban - and can pay by instalment summore! *haha*

  19. I had mine removed 2 years ago.

    My orthodontic is Mr.Lee.. He used to come to my area (Klang) but he's now staying permanently in Damansara.

    I was charged RM3800 for the treatment (not including x-ray and teeth extraction) and also for my retainer.

    Quite good I must say, my teeth was straight (not the word WAS coz it's abit senget now coz I don't really wear retainers after my braces were removed).

    Ohya, I got my teeth whitened (he used blue light thingy) before the braces were put.

    If you want the details I can dig up his card.. it's somewhere in my drawer.


    FA: Please give me!!!!

  20. Ok...after read thru, i'm on my Damon braces...cost me 6K, u paid RM2500 first followed by monthly installement for the balance. Very immediate effect, i can see my teeth moved less than 2 months.
    U can see my photo with Damon braces. Clinic located Desa Pandan. This clinics last time was sponsored to Ina Naim (ex Mawi) beautiful smiles..

    More information u mail emailed me...regards.

  21. Err, how should I send to u the details ah? ;)

  22. Hi nevvy, give me the details too =P

  23. Can give me also??(

  24. i just put on damon braces.. can u believe it, cost me only rm4900.00.

    the cheapest in the universe...

  25. who can tell me which private clinic in Singapore has a cheap price of braces with lesser than $3k..i cant stand my teeth , and im not parents can`t afford to give me braces.I work in holidays for the braces money..please..anyone..tell me. please sms 81499122 or e-mail me at so much!

  26. i wanna put some braces,i just want to know where i can get them cheaper or with reasonable price,i'm in Puchong,

  27. This is a once in a life time thing. Do it right and don't shortchange yourself. You typically get what you pay for. Quality is much more important here than price.


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