Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lull Before the Storm.

Wow. I think we overdid it.

Now they have 4 years to prove that they are worth it!!!

Nothing left to do but sit back and watch.

Updated (17/3/08):
Not that I'm not happy the opposition won, I am very happy they did - though I only wanted them to win more seats, not take over states. but I guess we can't control these things. I just don't think they can RUN a state because the only thing they have ever really done is to ride on the ruling party's fuck ups. And they all have their own separate party agendas. It's going to be tough for them to work together now after years and years of competition. And to see what's happening now is kind of worrying - it's been more than a week and they still can't even get started with the endless bickering and their efforts to propagandise their own agendas. WTF please get your act together lah, got power already don't know how to deal with it is it? Stop being racial. We are Malaysians. The people voted for Barisan Rakyat, not fucking Barisan Cina. It's not worrying only us, the people who voted for them, but also outsiders as well. This is called doing a better job than the ruling party? Please lah, the ruling party's gonna take all this bullshit and wipe it at our faces man.Tak tau malu ke?


  1. Eh? overdid it? What happapened to "Power to the People"? Having second thoughts already? After, what, 3 days?


    By the way, it's every 5 years. Olympics is every 4 years. Although it only takes 5 days to wipe out the KLSE. Theoretically.

  2. Che lives!!!
    Revolution Revolution Commrades!!!!!

  3. You will have more choices beside sit back to watch.
    Penang states are trying to recall local municipal councils elections, Selangor will take sometime.

    Unless you live in KL. :(

  4. yea. but the over doing is not bad. turned out to be something fun to look forward to.

    KLSE droPped 130 pts (10%)
    Abang Z dropped dead
    Toyo gone missing
    document get burnt in council office.

    someone pls do a movie on this!

  5. I live and work in KL. Sigh. No different here, still under BN. So dull. Will be observing Selangor and Penang closely and see what improvement is going to be made.

  6. The impact is nothing much except that now they have a bigger say. However, don't expect prices to go down, etc as this is still controlled by THE Government

  7. It'll be an interesting 4-5 years. :D

  8. And the show started already in Perak. Uncle Lim seems to have some say about appointment of the new MB. Hope he don't spoil the whole thing and forced the Regent of Perak to appoint BN's MP as new MB instead.

  9. so tell me, what is your role? COmmentator!!


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