Wednesday, March 5, 2008

And Just Like That, It Was Flushed Down the Toilet

So they buy 47,000 bottles.

For security purposes they say.

Splashed it on every headlines of every newspaper.

Paid over RM2,000,000 (and OVER could mean anywhere between RM2,000,001 to infinity) for those bottles using, I'm pretty sure, OUR tax money.

And then apparently it was sabotaged.

So scrap the plan they say.

Then you read on, and you find out that the super-duper ingenious technology of inking your fingernail to prevent frauds was merely proposed. Which means it's still on a "not sure whether we're going to use it yet" basis. And yet they went ahead to buy over RM2,000,000 (RM1.5 billion?) worth of it anyway.

So now what? What they going to do with the ink which they bought with our money? Flush it down the toilet?

Then scrap already means what? No other methods of making sure that the elections is going to be clean and fair? That was it? That was the best thing they could come up with?

Fuck lah. Tokkok, spend our money, and in the end always no solution.

Memang boleh.


  1. Ya, damn mengedulan-ing seriously.

    Will all the 120++ y/o voters suddenly appear now?

  2. Cannot agree more. The whole thing's just... really dodgy. Even if the problem is VERY real *coughs*, not using the ink doesn't strike me as the best solution.

  3. Dey realised after getting necessary legal advice that the Federal Constitution has to be considered? When was advice given? Before or after dey spend the RM2mil? If before, r dey saying dat even realising dat it may go against the FC and/or amendments had to be made, dey went ahead n bought it anyway?
    Come on man. Amendments to laws n regulations do not happen overnite. Certainly nt in de space of time when dey decided to use de ink n voting date.
    They thought it was an ordinary process that cld js be introduced? Wat a freaking joke!

  4. With the 2millions or MOREeeeeeeeeee!

    I can take more picturessss

  5. got solution wat...

    the ink lor.

  6. *sprays FA with ink then runs away*

  7. they'll use it for the special pen when signing any memorandum. So, after 2 weeks the ink is gone.

    viola! did they sign anything before? hehe...

  8. It keeps their loos blue. :-)

  9. the real story:

  10. Some tattoo parlour could possibly end up with a lifetime supply of ink. LOL

  11. Run! Hantu is coming out from every corner.

  12. Cross over the bridge and come over to greener pasture! U have an admirer over here!!!!!

  13. Actually, instead of red paint at the house, they should use black paint (not, not the disappearing black ink) in theat stupid arrogant EC's house.


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