Monday, October 22, 2012

The end and a beginning.

I've never liked endings. As a child I used to be freaked out about the thought of shopping malls closing. I always have a sense of "emptiness" when my favourite serial done. Or even after a good movie's ended. Or feel really horrible when friendships turn sour. Or even worse after break ups. Or when the night comes (because its the end of a day). That empty, hollow feeling... that horrible discomfort deep in my gut. I hate it.

I'm sure psychology students may have something to say about that. Or Freud.

But whatever that has a beginning, will come to an end. It is a true and undeniable fact. And if I were just to accept it as it is and not fight this fact so much I'd probably be... more at peace.

And only yesterday I find myself being at an end of something significant in my life. And I'm telling myself over and over again that it's for the best. Not to dwell on it, not to over-analyse or beat myself over it. That it was meant to be. That I should be grateful for the lessons learnt and that it came to my life. And that I need to let it go gracefully because a beginning awaits. It's always waiting at a corner somewhere.

So really, there's actually nothing to fear... because...

The sun'll come out tomorrow!
bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun!
So ya gotta hang on till tomorrow!
Come what may
tomorrow tomorrow!
I love ya, tomorrow!
you're always a day away!

Hehehe, Couldn't help myself.

But yeah. The problem with that song is that, apart from the sun coming up, we won't know what will tomorrow bring.

So I will continue to learn how to live for today and for the now.

And to be grateful for all the experiences that I'm going through, and all the learnings I'll get from it.


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