Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I'm actually a lazy person by nature. This is applicable to things which I do not particularly enjoy doing. When it comes to things I do not enjoy doing, if I can get away with doing it..... or putting the least effort in doing it (eg: chores) I would. Actually sometimes, they are also days when I'm just not motivated to do anything at all, even though I know I should be doing stuff I ought to be doing, or even want/rather be doing. How in the world did I keep convincing myself to not do them? Aiyoh.

(Contrary to what I've said above, I actually spend too much crazy hours at work, hehehe. That's a different subject altogether and we'll get to that one day.)

I feel recently, that this is a direct conflict with this other nagging feeling I have - not living enough.

If I'm lazy, how am I to live my life?

If I want to live my life, how can I effort to be lazy?

There is no time to be lazy!

Something's gotta to give. I don't want to wake up in the middle of the night covered in cold sweat and suddenly realising that if I died tomorrow - I just haven't lived enough. That I've not milked the day to day for all the experience and learning I can get my grubby little hands and mind on.

I could keep wishing that someone would push me to be un-lazy, to do things. I could keep hoping that someone could do all my stuff for me. But if I was going to keep depending on silly wishes and a "someone else" - am I not then, just not in control of my own life? Uh huh.

So, it's time to stop being lazy Ah Fa.
Get out of your ass and just do stuff.

Live each day like you're going to die tomorrow.
There's just no time for regrets.

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