Thursday, October 25, 2012

Career Crossroads

Ya.. so recently, I fired my company. Well, not really. I tendered my 3 months notice. So that's like, telling my company in advance that I plan to fire them on a certain date, haha.

And I tendered... wait for it.... without already having another job in hand.

Most people would say that's crazy! Irresponsible! Not thought through! No regards to your future! No planning!

In fact, a lot of people have said so.

I myself was very apprehensive about it.

But fact of the matter is - this arrangement wasn't working out for me. If something ain't working out, and you KNOW it in your gut that it's not working out, why prolong the pain? Doesn't make sense right?


I've always been so scared of the unknown. Of the what ifs and what would happen if I did this and that. But we'll never truly know what will happen in the future would we? Life is never certain.  We can guess. We can carefully, meticulously plan every second of it - but Murphy's Law ALWAYS apply.

I'm bright, I'm capable, I'm dedicated, I'm intelligent, I take pride in my work, I'm hardworking, I'm able to conduct myself appropriately in social settings, and I'm reliable.

There's absolutely no reason why I won't be able to get a job in the next few months.

And if I don't, perhaps than I'm meant to study some more. Or travel. Something I've been thinking about but never done.

There will be something out there for me, whatever it is.



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