Thursday, August 31, 2006

Love and Hate.

I love my home.

But it doesn't mean I like EVERYTHING about it.

I dislike my room because there are holes on the ceiling caused by the damn musang, half the eletrical sockets don't work, and the damn bathroom isn't in a working condition.

I dislike the unkept jungle that is my garden outside the house, with its trees and leafy whatnots growing wildly everywhere as a home to godknowswhat new species of scary mutant animals about the garden.

I dislike the fact that sometimes there are cockroaches and mice running about out of nowhere.

I dislike the fact that we have too much wooden old people cina furniture at home, all of which which needs to be handled with care.

I dislike the fact that we have too much JUNK IN THIS PLACE. Company Annual Reports. Magazines. Textbooks. Papers. Broken electrical appliances. Unused plastic containers. Spoilt shoes. Old clothes. It's ridiculous!

I dislike the fact that we have this wading pool which turned into a swamp filled with green algae water and it scares me to wonder what lurks beneath the still waters.

I dislike the fact that this house leaks when there's a heavy rain and floods up the ground floor and that I have to clean it up.

I dislike that there is always so much goddamn black dust everywhere because we live near the zon perindustrian bebas.

I dislike how sometimes for no apperent reason at ALL, my water turns all muddy yellow IN THE MIDDLE OF MY SHOWER.

I love my home.

Yet there are so many things I don't like about it.

It's not the best home ever. It's not perfect.

But I have been living in it for at least half my life. And I still am.


In spite of all its shortcomings, it's still home.

And I love it.

Happy Merdeka.


  1. Come Stay with me then :P

  2. i love u , believe me , u ll love me wan......hahaha
    even no need meet me.
    u also fall in love with me wan
    guess u dun dare to talk with me wan lah
    u little pussy.
    coz scare later......get attach to my romantic word.

  3. 'it scares me to wonder what lurks beneath the still waters.'

    No need to wonder. Star Wars, Episode IV a New Hope ... trash compactor scene. Need I say more?

    'no apperent reason at ALL, my water turns all muddy yellow IN THE MIDDLE OF MY SHOWER.'

    In Adelaide our water came out the tap a red oche earthy colour. Guess it's still better than that movie with Sissy Spacek in it ... [pigs blood scene]

    Happy Malaysia Day! :-)

  4. How true... with all the fuck ups, 'here' is still our home. Though there are many things we hate about it(ie: goddamngahmen, fuckeduphazeeveryaugust, pricesofeverythinggoingup), we still love our home.

    But I hatechu. You made me cry. Happy Merdeka

  5. another sexy K.I.S.S piece by you. if you weren't in the 'young leaders of malaysia' thingy, you should be.

    selamat hari merdeka malaikat berapi.

  6.'re right abt what you said.....and identifying the imperfection is the beginning. If you love your home so much, are you doing anything to improve it? Happy Merdeka to you too.

  7. The imperfections of things sometimes makes things seem perfect. And no, that's not meant to be a tongue twister.

  8. I love your home. I love your muddy yellow water. I love your soggy wet bed and leaking ceiling. I love taking a shower in your bathroom.

  9. Maybe it was time we cleaned up the house. One thing at a time ;)

    Happy Merdeka

  10. Happy Merdeka to you.
    What do you love about your home?

  11. I don't care how lovely my home is. If the water turns muddy in the middle of my showers, I'm moving.

  12. there's no place like home ...
    there's no place like home ...
    there's no place like home ...

    aikssss ... I'm still here .. guess this is also my home ... happy merdeka day !! :)

  13. Flood is part of Malaysia.

    er, so u not gonna fix ur home?

  14. you mentioned junk? junk these days are money. Old newspapers are worth a lot. Selling Scrap metal and plastic containers can make you rich. The recycling shops near my place are making a lot of business these days. They take in anything that can be recycled, even plasstic bags..

    So junk is good.. its money..

  15. so when was last time you took bath?

  16. let me go sell ur house furniture. sure damn kaya one me

  17. you just brought up a good inspiration of love.
    love doesn't mean perfect.. while it can still be there forever.

  18. I wanna help Suanie sell the furniture.

    FA: Me too.


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