Thursday, August 10, 2006

Refugee: Images - The Musical


A musical about Vietnamese Refugees at Pulau Bidong

The Canticle Singers

Panggung Bandaraya

Wed 9 - Sun 13 Aug 2006
(8.30pm, with additional 3pm shows on Sat & Sun)

How much?
Evening shows: RM65/ RM55/ RM45
Matinee Shows: RM55/ RM45
Seniors & Students: RM35 (for selected shows available only through AXCESS Hotline)

Why not?

Personal thoughts?
1. Just before the musical, the audience were greeted by a condescending VOICE from ABOVE which BERATED us like insolent juvenile delinquents to KILL OUR HANDPHONES and that the higher powers will NOT TOLERATE PHOTOGRAPHY WHATSOEVER. WTF? Who does the announcer think she is? Our mothers? Mahai. Treating us like naughty schoolchildren. The tone of voice is like, damn beh song only. Dowan to be announcer then don't do it lah. Dowan media people who will publicise your musical for you to watch the musical for free then don't give out media passes for free lah. TIU. Where are your basic manners man? This short rude announcement fucked up whatever enthusiasm I may have had for the musical, bugged me DURING the musical, and it still haunted me AFTER the musical. In my sleep. When I take a piss. When I pay my taxes. Damn mood spoiler. It's too late for me now, but please, save yourselves. Jam your earphones into your ears and tune up your Mp3 players to MAX, something, ANYTHING.

2. There is a very good reason why The Canticle Singers are named The Canticle Singers and not The Canticle Actors.

3. I am glad I stayed for the encore. The acappella was truly ass kicking. I wished they sang more and talked less.... or rather, talked none.

4. The sound system was pretty much fucked on the first day, I'm not sure if it's going to be better, but it was realllyyyyyyyyyy distracting.

5. I don't think it was meant to be a comedy, but I couldn't stop myself from giggling quite a bit.

6. I watched it with about 3 hours of sleep in me the previous night and after a hard day's work. Wasn't a really good idea.

7. The RM10 program book is booklet half-filled with (not very pretty looking) advertisements from their sponsors and no, it will NOT help you with the understanding of the musical AT ALL. But the RM10 is for a good cause..... so.... yeah.

8. Halfway through the musical, I found out that there is no storyline. So I stopped trying to understand what was going on and just enjoyed the singing, and truly, they were pretty damn good with the whole singing thing.


Erna strutting her stuff

Thanks for the tix Erna!

And you were great by the way, NOT just because you gave me free tickets and because I'm your friend, you see. No nothing like that, really really, I swear it on my pinkies, and you know without a doubt that when one swear upon their pinkies, one's REALLY not bullshitting. :)


  1. Some play huh, I've seen their posters plastered everywhere on KL monorail stations. Didnt bother to notice what's up with it. Now that you've cleared the way, I won't go anyway :D

  2. she's a terrible person to put front of house hahahha. haiyo, damn tak boleh.

    then again, as emily she's cool.

  3. no lenglui there lah . . .
    if fireangel does a cameo...then i'll consider...
    yes yes ???
    you guys agree ? ? ?

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  5. Glad u enjoyed it going to see it this Sat.

  6. Just one question, is it worth going to? If it is, I have to forego another plan to catch it on Saturday cos there's another play at Actors Studio on Sunday. Really that good?

    FA: erm. what are you planning to catch at the Studio?

  7. We love fireangel, We love fireangel!

    Ooops, am I late or what ?

  8. my dad went for diving trip many many years ago at pulau Bintong, him n his crew found this sail boat n many bodies floated up to the shore. They were vietnamese , so the crew buried them by the beach.I had actually met a vietnamese here who was once refugee at pulau bintong. She was "distributed" to Canada and now work at this pizza place.

  9. The Two of Us. Joanna Bessey and Rashid Salleh. ahah... it doesn't really matter now cos I'm watching Refugee tmr and postphoned the other play to the following weekend. But is it good? So I know what to expect :D But I think I'll enjoy it no matter what. Think positive. At least I won't vent that it's money wasted :D :D :D

  10. canticle singers are a christian outfit, satisfaction guaranteed!

  11. [quote]canticle singers are a christian outfit, satisfaction guaranteed![/quote]

    Why? Because God gives props to Christian singers?

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