Tuesday, August 1, 2006

What To Do When Given Lemons By Life.

Shove the lemon up its ass

Give it the finger.

...... then proceed to chill with a mug of Hoegaarden.




On other news,

I just got myself a SIM card replacement.

Set me back 50 bucks. Sigh.

I'm using my sister's old Nokia 3410 for the moment.... or forever, depending on my mood which, at this moment, is leaning towards "I don't give a fuck".

Well, at least nobody would even want to THINK about flicking this baby dinosaur.

Call me. I don't have your numbers anymore.


  1. Wah, finished it already?

    FA: Hehehe. thanks!

  2. Maybe you can use the baby dinosaur to clonk the thieving bastard over the head AND THEN use it to call for back-up :p We know you have a lot of back-up kakis la FA ;) Got fan club some more :P

    FA: What fanclub? No fanclub!

  3. when life hands you lemons, ask for tequila and salt

  4. wei! u dun gimme your number then how i call u ler?

  5. good for you.. i jus had hoegaarden too....

    from a bottle...

    full of goodness...

    full of happiness.....


  6. Shove the lemon up its ass

    I read that as "AN ass", and was just thinking of using bait for gerbils instead.
    I of course mean someone else's ass, and not mine.

  7. Only pics for the latest part of the event? Where is the pics for the "Shove the lemon up its ass, Give it the finger." part? Fruity p0rn anyone?

  8. Hey, missed you at the blog meet. :( Saw you walking around KLCC but I didn't have the nerve to go up and say hi to you. :S

    Anyway, if you're looking for a new phone, there's this place selling the SE K750i with a 1 gb memory stick for RM950. My boyfriend and another friend got it for that price. And, I have a friend who can also get the latest SE K800i (the cybershot baby) for RM1800 (official distributor) and RM1500 or 1600 (AP distributor). I don't know what memory stick that comes with though.

    I don't know if you want to get a new mobile now, since you're still licking fresh wounds.. But it's just a heads up if you're interested..

  9. when life gives you lemons, shove them down a few bottles of Corona.

  10. i want to call you, but i don't have your number. oh, such irony... anyway, kiut...

  11. how come got charges eh?

    i took back my SIM card for my DIGI and Maxis number last month they nvr charge anything...

  12. Beer sux. Vodka rox.

    FA: Whiskey pwns all.

  13. i'm afraid i can't call you if i don't have your number. i think you should mail it to me.

    thank you.


  14. paul: not if you mix it up with a couple of shots of 100% agave GOLD tequila... hic!

  15. happy birthday fireangel. may your mug of Hoegaarden never runs dry...

  16. Obviously, life has something against lemons.

  17. fan of the yellow bottle with red wingsAugust 1, 2006 at 8:12 PM

    somebody should report this underage drinking. tsk tsk.

    FA: Underage??!?!! Your head lah underage! LOL

  18. AGE? there's no drinking age in malaysia!

  19. The 1st pic is cute, the one with the *sniffemosniff*... I hope you mood livens up as the week passes by... There is nothing better than to look forward for the weekend... >:D

  20. 'Call me. I donĂ¢€™t have your numbers anymore.'

    You never did! :-)

  21. Try to call the relevant telco to rebate that 50 bucks sim replacement fee or you will switch telco... cheers...

  22. happy bday dear!! may some of your wishes come true!!.. :)

  23. No number.
    Everyone, sing the monkeys and elephants song for FA!
    Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday to you..!

    Big girl already! Cannot drink so much or your liver will look like a bottle!

  24. Happy Birthday FA !!! May your wishes and dreams comes true. Growing up is hard to do but you seems to enjoy it,:). Is that little girl your kid sis or you ?


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