Monday, September 4, 2006

Pure White Linen Is Yummy

One of my 18(+8)th birthday presents was a bottle of perfume.

A bottle of Estee Lauder's Pure White Linen, to be precise.

I firmly believe that there are no such thing as bad presents.

The only BAD thing about presents is not getting any.

You know... like air.

Funny thing is that this was NOT the only perfume set I received as a gift for my birthday.


*sniffs self*

I don't smell bad also. Hmph.


Why don't people EVER hire me for this kinda shit? Can't they see I'm not a troll? Or am I? I am? So it's because I'm a troll isn't it you fucking double standard bigots!!

As you can see, a camwhore never misses a chance to camwhore, so mind the shameless self-indulging photos once again. It's my site so fuck you. Also am kinda sick of seeing Gwyneth I-look-so-normal Paltrow's freaking face everywhere as well I mean ENOUGH of her mediocreness already ohmygod uber hot looking supdermodels EXISTS for a reason, and it definitely isn't for rocket science research.

There was a major launch thing going on for this perfume. If you were one of them NORMAL people who don't stick their noses to the PC screen 24-7 and actually LEAVE the house periodically you'll notice that this perfume is being advertised at every single advertising avenue known to men.

Fuck you, pervs

Apperently, Pure White Linen is the daughter of classic White Linen, something your mother and my mother used. I loved the smell of White Linen because of its subtle flowery smell of familiarity and comfort. Because I grew up smelling it on mum.

I suppose the smart people at Estee Lauder realised this and decided to launch another younger, fresher edition of this perfume to appeal to the younger generation. Because let's face it, as much as we love them, do we really want to smell like our mothers? Would you really want to remind your boyfriend of his mother? Hahaha! Didn't think so!

Woah. Deep. Eyebags. Fill. Goldbars. Need. Photoshop. Classes.

Some perfumes out there with about a thousand other species of flower/fruit/flavouring/dead animals' musk mixed in a bottle smell so damn pungent that just a mere whiff of it makes your nostrils feel like it's being pricked by a million tiny needles. And what is it with trying to smell like dessert? I like my vanilla very much but not so much until I want to smell like cake. Flavour enhancers should NOT be used in frangrances damnit!

I personally like my perfumes to smell subltey and fresh-like. A nice blend of fruits and flowers. With a hint of citrus. Something about citrus in perfumes makes me feel lively, cheery and gay. No, I mean gay in a gay happy way, not in the gay Big Gay Al in Pink Leotards gay way, not to say that gay people aren't happy or anything but you know, I was describing an EMOTION, not a way of life okay I mean seriously how would gay people smell like when they don't even smell the same because they smell like every other folk like you and me ANYWAY? Sheesh.

It's mine I tell you. MINE. My only. My precioussss.....

If you like Clinique's Happy, you'll like Pure White Linen too. Not quite the same, but pretty similar in a way. Both reminds you of sunshiney days on an orchard of freshly bloomed flowers which sprung from the damp earth after a rainy day.

I love this stuff. It's subtle. It's flowery and there's a hint of citrus I so love which comes from the green Granny Smith Apple top tones. So no, you can't have it.

Now I can skip showers and still smell nice! Wakakakka!

Thanks for the lovely gift! Me so happy! Me love prezzies!

People should just give me more free stuff you know IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR REALLY? Shit.


  1. now now FA, control yourself, I know you want to sniff us gay and happy people.

    btw, i see skin skin skin EVERYWHERE *drool*

    one question - more stuffings in dumplings now? delish.

  2. Wow, beautiful *w*

  3. How much they pay you for that endorsement ?

  4. Aiya... I was envying the mountain, like that also wanna censor meh. Anyway, it was with full compliments. Nice rack. :D

  5. wAHAHAHAhAHahAHahaHAHahahah ;)
    CW only, not CVW? *private joke*

    btw, who took the pics for you?

    FA: NEVER AHAHAHAHAH! My little sister took them. :)

  6. You want to smell like dessert so people(boys) will feel like eating... ahem.


  7. YEAH! I like both Clinique Happy & Pure White Linen! But don't worry, i'm not gonna bue. Damn sakit hati to spend hundreds on a nice smelling bottle. Wait til i get rich.

    Btw, i see CLEAVAGES! heheheheheheheheheheheh...

  8. Okay, you make me wanna go buy the perfume now .. sounds so yummy-licious! ;)

    (eh .. but cannot also cos you dowan .. so how?!??!)


    FA: Hahhaha. Can can. I joking only. Don't cry okay? :)

  9. You're so lawa. I feel like eating babies and biting hamsters' heads now. Jealous :( Your cleavage damn menggoda okay.

  10. yeah, i wonder why they never hire you for this kindda things

  11. Your younger sister has got quite a camera hand . . . and who did the photoshop-ing ? hehehe . . . anyhow, nice lift in the second picture . . . it is a lift right ?

    FA: I have no photoshop. I have, however something called Picasa and a magical button which says something like "I feel lucky" which allows me to edit the colours and contrast of the pictures. So I don't get you when you say lift. Lift what? KLCC elevator lift?

  12. fireangel wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...i liked the photos no. 2 & no.2 looked so firmed, make all the guys here nosebleed and kurtlow can go eat banana...lolzz

  13. I strongly resent this entire post. EVERYBODY knows that gay people smell EXACTLY like a blend of happy love, rainbows, lovely flowers, citrus fruits, hugs, kisses and fresh rain.

    Boooo fireangel for being homophobic.

    FA: If I said that then the straight people would call me heterophobic. Then how?

  14. HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA good one lainie!

    although i must add, gay people also have a strong hint of pheromones. *ahem*

  15. And you refused to do a Girl Friday photo shoot with me? *sniff*

    FA: Hey man. If my 14 year old sister liked that picture very much and said it was pretty, the word lewd doesn't exactly cross my mind, until I read all these fucking comments. I even thought it had quite a typical cologne ad posteresque feel to it. But fuck you pervs. The pic stays up.

  16. thesnarky - wat is wrong wif u? fireangel dun 1 pose/camwhore for ur girl friday, mm duck meh?

    look wat u done, arent u abit selfish to the other guys who havnt viewed the photos no.2? becoz of u, nott only kurtlow hv 2 eat banana, all the guys here gotta eat banana liao!!!!

    me put hand lotion or u dirty my hands wif ur "lewd" word and go beat up thesnark head with frying wok!!!!!

    FA: It's up again. Fuck the pervs lah. :)

  17. Bah why I never get to see the original pic!

  18. There is something about you that makes you look greasy all the time. I have yet to figure out what.

    FA: Sebum.

  19. oit FA, never seen you in dress strutting around....what gives ?

    FA: I wore one for your wedding you know.

  20. I SAW THE ORI PIC yeayyyyyyy

  21. Lemur surrounded by citrus fruit. Hmmmmm, remind me the film "Madagascar".

  22. you look deliciously sexy..pls camwhore more!

  23. Hmm... what picture is this? Missed something here?

    So for the next gen they gonna name it what? Double virgin extra white linen?

  24. I SEE TITS!!!!!

    FA: Choke on some rojak.

  25. HOI that gambar dah go where??????? SNARK!

  26. I can't tell White Linen from Cool Waters from Eternity. But what I'm trying to say here is, GODAMMIT! LATE TO THE PARTY *AGAIN*. ()$#*@%$!!

  27. eyebags?? where where? I didn't see any. U looks just fine and pretty gal, so save ur time and $ on photoshop classes! (^_^)

  28. saw her in person at borders. the fiery angel herself. she's ultra hot. cute as a button!

    FA: Wahwahwah. Who are you? When was this? Why never say hi? Do you have something against trolls? Hmm?

  29. Very sorry . . . I meant you no offense. However this is my two cents worth, don't take of the pics. You can't really please everyone and for what it's worth, your younger sis does have quite a good camera hand and I think they were really nice pictures.

    In the words of Mamoyo :-

    "I've kept in mind that in the process of blogging, I've put myself under the scrutiny of the people I love and the people I don't give a fuck about. I've realised people may judge me on the content of my blog and form a stereotypical opinion of me in their mind. I don't frankly give a shit. You may have a valid comment or opinion of something I've written and you're invited to write it down. If however you have something malicious or baseless to say, please leave the site without leaving any immature comments."

    Cheers . . . and keep on blogging . . . 'Live and let live'

  30. i too saw the original pic haha

  31. 'twas last sat i suppose. would u bite if i said hi? u were in this tight black jeans wif a cute black shoe. but goodness gracious, was i giddy and u actually sorta gliding. or were u actually prancing?

    FA: You sure it was me ah. I was wearing dark BLUE jeans and black SPORTS shoes. Oh wait. Prancing? Yup. That's me.

  32. sigh... people should just shut up if they don't have anything constructive or helpful or pleasant to say. me included. :(

  33. One of these days, you're gonna end up making pervs out of all of us!

  34. your adik very interesting girl. can i meet her too? can i can i? can ah?

    FA: *sharpens butcher knives*

  35. Why are you constantly being stalked by pervs anyway? Btw, thumbs up to your lil' sis on the pics. Tho the last one could use better lighting...

  36. omg lainie, what designs you have! :P :D :D :P :D :D :P :D

    FA: I sket.

  37. Is there a tinge of sweetness in dat filertfume?? Cos i cld almosts smell it from my laptop.... :>

    Need a sniff to verify....can i??

  38. You're such a lovely camwhore lol.

  39. You are getting more pretty as days pass by. Hey, sent this link to estee lauder. They might throw in something free for you.

  40. "The only BAD thing about presents is not getting any."

    For some reason, I read it as this instead:

    "The only BAD thing about birthdays is not getting some."

    I like the second picture, it's very alluring.


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