Friday, September 29, 2006

A Play and A Pill

Caught a play called fiftynineminutes by TheOralStage. The same folks who brought us Rojak.

Fiftynineminutes is basically a collection of 7 original plays (written and directed by group members) lasting a total of surprise surprise, 59 minutes. I checked my watch and it actually went on for a little over and hour actually. But because I'm so nice, I won't ask for my money back.

The plays were: Best Foot Forward, Mother Tongue, Fruitcake, Showers of Flowers, Track, The World’s Smelliest Durian, and The Ground Floor.


My favourite play of the night was The World's Smelliest Durian. Johann Lim was freaking awesome. It was in your face. It mocked. It was clean. Evrybody could relate to it. And it made everybody laugh. It was great. I wish there was more of these. They really needn't try too hard with drama. Comedy, humour, and poking fun of current issues and our culture works very well. I loved this!


Wai Yee put up a commendable performance in Mother Tongue, where she effortlessly switched between 3 accents. The plot of the play itself was a bit vague, and the ending a little confusing. But it was quite enjoyable to watch her do her thing. She did it well. And she was hot too. Freaking jailbaits.

Some of the plays were disturbing. Everytime someone screamed I felt really uncomfortable. Some overacted. Some were too stiff. But overall, it was a great effort! They really put in a lot of heart and time in this, and made some of us nostalgic. KY couldn't stop bragging about his time as a student 10 years ago, where he too participated in such plays himself, never mind that he's told us the same story for like about 4927 times already.

Five of them were abstract, interpretative pieces. Personally I have never been a fan of artsy interpretative pieces. It's like I hate Picasso's abstract paintings where he would modify a person's face a call it art, and then urge the audience the interpret what was going on his mind where he shifted the eye to the mouth or the ear to the nose. I would throw that trash out and put him back to kindergarten. Or how about when the camera focuses on a floating plastic bag in the middle of the street in a movie. For five minutes. That's complete bullcrap aimed to pad up the movie. For SPM essays where we had to find the "makna tersirat" (cryptic message) of a certain passage, I always made up some bullshit about the writer's emotion and his wish to kill himself - which is always almost right. So yeah. Never a fan. But you might like it though.

Do you know how old they are? The average age of the group is 21-22, the youngest being 18. And the oldest (only 2 of them), 26. DAmn ridiculous. Makes me feel ancient. And ashamed. I should stop blogging.


The good news is that it's only RM10!!! Where can you get ANYTHING for RM10 ANYMORE!?!? And they even throw in a free programme too! What a freaking steal! If you are a student this is PERFECT for you, because....

"TOS was founded in 2004 with the simple goal of making theatre more accessible to youth. A growing nonprofit theatre company, TOS serves as a hub for young, aspiring thespians from all walks of life. "

More Details:
When? September 28th - October 1st 2006 @ 8.30 pm
Where? The Dram Projects, BG06 Happy Mansion Apartments, Jalan 17/13 46400 PJ
Contact: Louisa Low @ 0163757833



Let's get back to me. Last night DURING dinner I was drowned in a wave of exhaustion. I was eating, and putting things in my mouth and suddenly my brain went "Dude. Sleepy. Go sleep now." So I went to bed. At 8.30pm. Apperently the rest of the body did NOT get the message from the brain so it decided that it would play a game of tossing and turning on the bed instead of sleeping, while the brain was on shut down mode.

I got up and popped a pill. This pill was prescribed to me by my panel of doctors, because I've complained to them about how I always take a few hours to actually fall asleep, no matter how tired I am. This pill which was prescribed to me is called Stilnox, and it's supposed to make me sleep. Well, let me tell you something, Stilnox is Very Bad Shit. Very. Bad. Shit.

I swallowed that thing, and it took effect about what felt like after 30 minutes. I felt like I was drowsing off. Then there was a floating feeling. Then the room moving feeling. Then colours under my closed eyelids. A whirlwind of colours. It made me dizzy. Then complete blackness. Until the next morning.

It knocked me out completely. I wasn't sleeping. I passed out. When I woke up I didn't even felt like I slept a wink. I saw myself in the mirror and my eyebags were there, as prominent as ever, hello Panda.

The freaky thing was, I received a phonecall during my comatose period. My phone recorded that it was a 1 minute over call. I called this person back again and asked if I actually had a conversation with him. Yes, he said. But you sounded bad. I said, I have no recollection of our phonecall. AT ALL. NO sense of familiarity. Nothing. The weirder thing was my phone was pretty damn far away from the bed. I had to get up. Walk to the phone. Answer it. Walk back to bed. Go back to sleep. But. I. Had. No. Memory. Of. This. Happening. EvAr.

My conclusion is that, Stillnox is Very Bad Shit. Anything which makes me forget what happens the night before is Very Bad Shit. It does not in any way make you feel good at any point of time. It did NOT help me with sleep. Putting me into coma does NOT equate to putting me to sleep. If your doctors ever prescribe something like that to you, shove it up their arses and walk away. That is all.


  1. See I was always telling the truth. My 4927th time of the story was still exactly the same as 1st, right?


    FA: It's like watching bad movie reruns. One tends to tune off and turn off.

  2. oh dear... stillnox sounds like the new **** **** ****... nevermind.

  3. shit... stillnox? unbelievable... ADVICE.. stay off these drugs to help u sleep, instead watch your diet, your lifestyle, get some exercise etc. You're way too young to be taking these kinda drugs to help you sleep. If you can't fall asleep after an hour, you should wake up and just do some shit.. like clean the house haha.

  4. *quotes you* Are you doing a huaibin?

  5. i have similar problem...but in reverse......trouble staying awake..especially Mon-Fri 8.30am to 4.30pm....otherwise damn energetic can kill several tigers or bears or moose...

  6. I recommend an antihystamin the size of a house :D

  7. KY going on and on abt it again? :P

  8. Always remember, the conventional always work.
    Count da Sheep!!!

  9. You need some sex aye, no I'm not offering.


    'I checked my watch and it actually went on for a little over and hour actually. But because I’m so nice, I won’t ask for my money back.'

    Hard to convince someone to give you money back when they delivered more than promised! :-)

    'he would modify a person’s face a call it art, and then urge the audience the interpret what was going on his mind'

    I dont recall him ever urging the audience to interpret what was going on in his mind.
    I thought the whole point of cubism was to try to capture the person or objects intrinsic value or quality by changing and re-arranging the shape.
    Someone depicted as having a HUGE ear on their face might be a good listener, or someone with a sideways mouth might be good at twisting words.
    I would say this sort of art is more artistic than just drawing a direct image of something with not much meaning behind the image.

    'camera focuses on a floating plastic bag in the middle of the street in a movie. For five minutes.'

    American Beauty???? I liked that movie! I wouldn't mind seeing a plastic floating bag if it was interesting enough. After all, it's things like that which caused Richard Feynman to come up with Chaos theory etc.

    'the writer’s emotion and his wish to kill himself'

    Hmmm, didn't know you'd read Mishima! :-)

    Of course, if it was a writers emotion and wish to shoot his wife in the head while playing William Tell, then that would be Burroughs. :-)

    'I always take a few hours to actually fall asleep,'

    Get KY to tell you in detail about how as a student he was in plays! That should work! :-)
    [Remember, in DETAIL!]

    Anyway, seriously, what is Stillnox active ingredients?
    I'm not sure if you can get Mersyndol over there, but I use it for my migraines, and it can really knock me out.
    I think it's active ingredient is Codeine and some Doxylamine stuff. Whatever it is, puts me to sleep for about 8 hours. WONDERFUL STUFF! :-)
    Anyway, it's probably not goot to take if you don't get migraines, but maybe whatever is in it that knocks me out might help.

  11. Dabido... it was hard getting her to read your prev comment already. (you haven't thank me!)

    Please try to limit it to three sentences.

  12. Watching Wai Yee's play reminded me of

  13. u probably had said something which u never wished to say to him.

    that lucky guy. :P

  14. Wow! I'm hot? haha
    I'm not very good with words, but reading and knowing people enjoying our show make my eyes go starry and *bling bling*

    Thanks again for the support!

    btw, I've never tried Stillnox before, but when I can't sleep, I think of going to the kitchen to fix myself a glass of warm milk, but feeling too lazy to get out of bed again, I end up falling asleep. You can try it, too.

  15. wai yee is hot.

    and wtf stop popping pills noob.

  16. LOL @ pills. The Ownage would've thought that FA would just need vodka to sleep?

  17. Stillnox sounds like something you give someone who wants to die. Try reading an old accounts textbook, that works for me everytime. :D

  18. Holy crap !!! . . . that pill sounds like good ass shit . . . it's like weed man hehehehe :) *I assume* *disclaimer:- I've never taken weed . . .but it's kinda like getting all sloshed without the trouble and cost of liquor no ? . . .

    by the way, is that a prescription drug ? . . . if not, i gotta get myself some . . .

    ( if it is . . . would you mind selling me yours ? hehehehe . . i mean, you don't like it right ? )

  19. *shrug*
    and i know ppl who take several doses of drugs like that, then like champions drive around.

    i missed oral stage cause of FFF....ah well. next time.

  20. "Freaking awesome", nice! With my clothes on, too! Well honey, let's see what you say when they come off...

    But thank you. Glad you enjoyed it, with a massive hats-off to the director and scriptwriter. Thanks for coming to support TOS!

    FYI the oldest member is 28, but you'll never guess who it is.

    And I concur: you need sex. It's a workout, it's skin therapy, it's relationship management and it's a sleeping pill, all in one.

  21. LOL
    What is it with you and medication? First the Cough-En and now mean StillNox.
    But I agree. Bad shit. Really bad shit.
    Hopefully you didn't say anything too insulting in that phone call did you? =P

  22. You worry too much, your mind is occupied when you're trying to sleep, correct ?

    Relax. Wiggle that toes. Shut yourself down. Get into a most comfortable body position, and start to dream about handsome boys running and jumping at a flowerfield.
    If not tired make yourself tired.

    It's bloody stupid to try and sleep when you're not tired.

    Oh, better, you could do it my way.

    Buy a big hammer.

    Knock yourself out.

    FA: Wiggle your toes reminded me of Kill Bill

  23. serious bad shit. I went to rehab to get off that evil drug. Took 7 a day

  24. This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title A Play and A Pill. Thanks for informative article

  25. Am addicted to stillnox.
    need to get off it .
    got 5 beautiful children who do not need to sit with this.
    hope to have my miracle soon of not needing it.
    am trying to half them but its hard.



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