Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hammie Fun Fact

I bought my sister a pair of hamsters for her birthday because I am the greatest sister of ALL time.

She loves them more than she loves me.


Anyway, as a community service to all you hammie noobs out there, here is a fun fact extracted from Wikipedia.

Most hamsters originate from Russia.

The desert is the hamsters' natural habitat.


Therefore, a sand bath can provide hamsters with entertainment.


Hamsters like their sand baths very,





They could be very tasty too.



  1. I remember when I was form 6, I needed to operate on white rat for my biology class. But because of difficulty in obtaining rat, we need to operate on hamster instead.


    FA: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YUMMY!!

    enuff fillings for a curry puff!

  3. ooo... so cute!!!

    ...but i scare rats :P

  4. Everyone have their own way of showing their love to the certain person. Your sis expressed her love to you by loving the hamster.

  5. OMG...so so so so cute. i want too.

    FA: Buy lah very cheap only!

  6. Eat them and do a review. Better yet, do a hamster special with gummy bears. All things cute must be eaten!!!

    FA: OMG so damn salah.

  7. They are also very horny bastards/biatches. Walked pass pet world at MidValley after hours and the bunch of them were going at it. One guy hamster was licking its pubes. Poor guy must have been lonely to give himself a blowjob. Lol...

    FA: Its grooming lah you sick fucker lol

  8. hmm.. do they resemble you? hehe.. j/k... they are as cute as you... weren't you doing the same moves inside the audi not too long ago?

    FA: Yes, we have the same cheeks. :)

  9. Tasty? the hamster or the sand?

    I've fed quite a few people sand before, they didn't like it very much. The verdict on hamster is still out there as far as I'm concern.

    Time to pop one into the microwave!

    FA: They'll explode, ya know.

  10. Do they bite?

    FA: OH hell yeah the damn bitches.

  11. Hamsters also fly extremely well.

    OK, only when thrown really, really hard, but still.

    FA: Tried and tested ah?

  12. i hope you did get a male and female hamster leh !
    they mature damn and have little hammies before you know it !
    their the romantic type and romp all night without you even knowing it!

    PS: i'm master hamster worshippers...i have a football team of hammies !

    FA: Unfortunately, they're BOTH bitches. I wouldn't mind a legion of hammies. My sister could sell them for some extra pocket money.

  13. Hamsters on a stick! Get your fried Hamsters on a stick!

    You're right, your sister could sell them for some pocket money! :-)

    Just don't genetically mutate them, they'll end up in one of my stories [well, actually, one of my old stories in particular!]

  14. I had two males and one got murdered by the other. Hamsters can be quite ganas I tell u.

  15. I had two male hamsters too when I was a kid. One was dark brown in colour named Saddam and the other was white named George Bush. That was way back in 1991.

  16. They reproduce like rabbits. Sooner or later you can have Hamster business already.


    FA: Ooh. I want baby hammies. Yum. I hope the fact that they are both FEMALES isn't gonna deter them from reproducing.

  17. Hamsters are evil. They practice incest and cannibalism.

    FA: Newsflash! Some people do too. :)

  18. They eat their own crap and they eat their babies too.

    Don't scare them during nursing, they'll swallow up their babies.

  19. I used to have 4 hamsters and all of them escaped on the same night.

    Some say it's because I always unintentionally sit on them.

    I say, it's a conspiracy! =\

  20. Tasty?? Hammie sticks taste like chicken. Dun worry, get a male for their threesome. Before u knew it, ya sis is rolling out Hammie sticks by the containers....

  21. When I was 14, my sister (then four years old) squeezed my poor pet hamsters to death because she wanted to hold them and they wouldn't stop wriggling... :P

  22. not allowed to lah, not sure how much longer i can live here.

  23. hmmm, is it safe to put them both in the same cage? i once had a pair too... and i came back to find one's brain eaten or some sort... blood all over the cage... messy.....

    but they're cute tho!

  24. since u say that they taste good.
    you got any instructions on meal preparation?

    some guides?
    come on, don't be stingy.

    boiled with Vodka Ribena?

  25. All of mine died. Given up on rearing them already.

    FA: Every living thing dies what. You want something that outlives you? Buy a parrot. Or a tortoise. Gurantee panjang umur.

  26. Dr. Tan: maybe you should stop "rearing" them, i think if it's a tight fit you're looking for hamsters are a bit too much dont you think :P

  27. lainie wants to cuddle your hammy.

  28. Hey ! Is that a fake corn you're feeding it ? I'm dialing 1-800-SPCA, first thing in the morning ...

  29. FA : Nah, they die really fast.

    Paul Tan : WTF...'rearing' pulak

  30. sand bath? first time i heard of it...cool.

  31. I used to love hamsters so much but ever since I spotted one crazy one happily and very voraciously gnawing on the dead body of one of its compatriates (SERIOUSLY - there was only bones and a bit of skin left)....

    ... I just can't be near one without feeling fear.

    (One day, they'll turn on us!)
    (And gnaw us with their little teeth!)

  32. lucky not 2 males, they can turn gay!
    those fegs can hump anything that moves or dont when the time comes, i saw mine humps a plank. and also, during the same season, famles will be extremely smelly, and while stuff ozing from thier pubs. i know cez that time i was little, and touch it, and smell it, and throws it back to the cage, thought that its evolving into skank.

    i used to have 2 females and 1 male, and it was normal for them to fight over nothing. ah, the memories.


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