Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Is This A Joke?

Because it's as funny as sticking a cactus up my nostril.

Look what I found HERE.

Best Malaysia Blog

The nominees for best Malasia Blog Q1 2006/2007 are as follows:

* BlackJetta
* Cheeserland
* Clueless Person’s Lair
* Desidarata
* Fireangelism < ---- WTF ?!?!?
* myAsylum
* MySabah
* Quaintly
* TV Smith’s Dua Sen

You will be required to rank all of the nominated sites so please review all of them before proceeding.

E-mail registration is required to participate. Your address will not be sold, given away or used for spamming. All collected addresses wil be destroyed within one month after the close of polling.

The poll will be launched shortly. Please take the time to review the nominated sites.

September 5th, 2006

So what do I get if I win this thing? Riches? Fame? Harem of virile sturdy boys? A spanking new Mini Cooperr? A holiday villa in Italy? A keg of whiskey? My URL tatooed on your asses?

Okay, seriously, who the hell nominated me for this? There are only five real readers here, don't think I didn't know that the rest of you are robots. Somebody do some owning up REAL quick I tell ya.

WHAT? You think you'll get away with this? That I'll NEVER find out? YOU WERE WRONG.

What are you BLIND? Or out of your bloody MIND? Or blind AND out of your bloody mind?

You KNOW I'll NEVER win this. Fireangelism is a silly, shameless, camwhoring, self-indulging, hair-brained, pointless, time wasting, intelligence-free, zero-productivity-at-work-inducing site which....... hmmm.....wait a minute, some of you sickfuckers actually have a penchant for this kinda shit don't you? I might actually WIN this won't I? I mean if all five of you sickfuckers actually got together and.... OH WHO THE HELL AM I KIDDING HERE.

So who is responsible for this already? I promise I won't send my band of mercenary blood-thirsty, kitten-eating ninjas to swiftly and quietly annihilate you, your family, your pet fishes and your dog in the middle of your sleep or anything like that. Promise. With a cherry on top.

Wait. This is getting crazy. I didn't mean to go all batshit insane like that. What I actually meant to do was thank you. And as you can see, I'm not entirely very good with this whole thanking... thing. This really IS quite flattering. So...yeah.

Thank you.



  1. you're welcome.

    if you set your kitten killing ninjas on me, i'll tell everyone about that night we spent together.

    FA: WTF!?!?!??!?!?!!?

  2. just say thanks and all previous debts will be forever ridden...

    have a nice day!

  3. Are your mercenary blood thirsty kitten eating ninjas human? Or kittens? If they are kittens, that would make them cannibalistic, wouldn't it?

  4. I will vote for none in the list ... except pinkpau

    FA: Pinkpau ftw!!!!!!

  5. Gosh, you are being put on the table for all this and you are happy with it, haha. I wonder how does the kitten killing ninja looks like. Must be cute, lol.

  6. Well yah you can tell how much the nominations mean when Kurtlow is there..

  7. Hey . . . if you win . . . you might get a camwhoring contract of some sort . . .

  8. ST: You don't say. It was you, wasn't it???

  9. It was me.

    Send all...kitties...and thanks yous over here. Here! Here! Me! Mememe!

  10. That site is such a crap, they can't even spell MALAYSIA properly. DUH

    FA: I saw that first. Wanted to correct it for them. Then decided against it. Congrats!

  11. No matter how much you try to resent the nomination, i bet u just cant help but to feel at least a little happy having your name up there.

    Despite the site being "silly, shameless, camwhoring, self-indulging, hair-brained, pointless, time wasting, intelligence-free, zero-productivity-at-work-inducing site", we're all still here every other day to enjoy it.

    so i guess that's enough to warrant a nomination.

    u should probably declare this day a fireangel day :P

  12. '...don’t think I didn’t know that the rest of you are robots.'

    Darn! I failed the turing test again!!!!! :-)

    Anyway, I guess some of the others you might expect to see there {such as Jeff Ooi's site} are not there as they're being the judges.

    But, I'll say this before any of the acceptance speaches are written:
    It was an honour just to be nominated!

    There, I've got it out of the way. If any of the actual nominated NOOBS even thinks about saying that line, bitch slap them! :-)
    [Yes, bitch slap them vewy wuffly!] :-)

  13. You weren't actually on the initial list.

    Then I happy happy go ask the admin to add you in.

    So yeah, now you're in. :) And I'm one of the judges. So you better prepare that keg of beer. (not Kilkenny please)

    FA: why. Why. WHY. Do you hate me that much huh? :)

  14. arent kittens suppose to be cute ?
    they're just furry pussies with whiskers and all . .
    if so . .
    then let em rip on me !

  15. no prizes for guessing which one got plenty of nominations from usernames like iluvkiutgal, lengjaiwiflenglui, cheeserawks, sammicheng, +w!n$ , babyjay, and initialDedison.

    *rolls eyes*

  16. sorreeee FA...i'll be brave and admit to nominating you lah OK?

    don't kill me, don't set those feral ninjas on me can? the cherry on top i also don't want lah *cringes*

    but, eheheheheh - CONGRATS la on being on the list! maybe estee lauder will give you a spokesmodelling gig after this? :D


  17. i am soooooooooo agree wif shaolintiger!!!!lolzz

    fireangel, I would vote 4 u but since its sumthing 2 do wif kennysia, i think i’ll pass...…sorry babes!!!!!

  18. I know I didn't nominate nobody. Oh look, a double negative!!!

  19. "Fireangelism is a silly, shameless, camwhoring, self-indulging, hair-brained, pointless, time wasting, intelligence-free, zero-productivity-at-work-inducing site"

    I think that is enough to make u win. :D

  20. U definitely deserve it,will definitely vote for u and don't said that u got only 5 readers.There's a lot which u didn't acknowledge.Ur camwhoring skill is a lot better than err...xx.Best of all I supposed.

  21. there is no contents............and the site is hardly updated. do more and we will vote for you. otherwise, it is just kenny putting your name in and that is not good enough for us.

    FA: I don't recall asking anybody to vote for me, smartass.

  22. doing a curtsey here -- inform thee I bollowed a few paras off your Post to add to another A-Joke at Desi's. You can Bill me later, I won't kill it, but will send you a kangaloo check:(

    CONgrats! You will win hands UP & Down2, with soooo many admirers. I have only one -- myself!:) Have fun-D!~~ Desi

  23. Didn't darned realize before that there were so many Malay gals blogging away - ranting and raving. Refreshing, very little such action north of the border!

    FA: I'm Chinese.

  24. "There are only five real readers here, don’t think I didn’t know that the rest of you are robots."

    False modesty?


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