Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Camwhoring Competition? Jackpot!

So I was at Smashp0p's to get my usual weekly dose of male camwhoring pictures and what did I find?

A freaking camwhoring competition.

And what do the winners of that camwhoring competition win?

1st - A freaking Sony T30 camera
2nd - A freaking 4Gb Ipod

And how does one win it? First, the camwhorer has to send in a picture of him/herself. THen the camwhore will have to con people into voting for him/her. Then other people will have to log in to the website and vote like crazy for that camwhore. Then the camwhore sits back and waits. And hopes. And prays. And begs for people to vote some more.

There's even a prize for the top voter, a freaking Ipod Nano 2Gb.

If those aren't freaking delicious carrots to us barnyard of donkeys, I don't know what is.

I want the damned camera or Ipod. And I'm willing to camwhore for it. I've been willing to camwhore for a LOT less (or nothing) so yeah these prizes are a freaking BONUS!!!11one.

But the thing is, the Leo ego in me don't want to be participating in a competition where the Leo ego would get beaten down into a messy pulp with a big spiked stick of a troll. So, because the Leo Ego is a prude and doesn't want to take chances of being a bigger, desperate lamer that it already is (its owner keeps a blog? AND camwhores on it? hello?), the Leo Ego tied up its owner while threatening to forcefeed her with locally brewed beer to make her create a poll especially for all five of you and the other quadrillian robots out there as a gauge to see if its owner has even an atom of a chance to win anything.

If there's gonna be any shredding of my Leo ego, name-calling, or the threatening comments to eat my sister's hamsters, I rather it be here than in some obscure private forum with its members primarily consisting of 16 year old pimply pizza-faced boys who jerk off to just about everything that moves (breathing optional) and laugh at Jim Carrey's old fart jokes.

I appreciate the honesty.

For more information about that camwhoring competition, once again it's HERE.

So here's the poll. Knock yourselves out!

Shameless Camwhoring Plug

Would you spend 15 minutes a day to vote?

Yes. I am a disgruntled employee and I firmly believe in maximising internet usage at work.
Yes. Other than killing small forest creatures with a boomerang, I have nothing else better to do anyway.
Yes. It's more interesting than watching penguins march across the Antarctic
Yes. Because you are a pathetic, shameless, camwhore and I like pathetic, shameless camwhores.
No. I have better things to do, like jerking off to National Geographic.
No. I rather spend my time watching AND jerking off to penguins marching across the Antarctic
No. You are lame. Your existance disgust me. Your website is pitiful. I wish you'd die already. I only F5 your website every 5 minutes to see if you're finally DEAD, loser.
Yes. [Insert own explanation here].
No. [Insert own explanation here].

 Current Results

And while you're at it, maybe you could generously suggest how I should go about camwhoring. What positions. With what. Wearing what. Doing what. Anything goes. Except losing my clothes.

Thank you very much for your kinda co-operation. Your participation in this poll will greatly contribute to my self-gratification.

Update: Nope. Not doing it. Decided that I still have some atomic shreds of dignity left afterall.... and I got lazy.


  1. haih.. how i wish i can join that contest.. OMG....

    FA: Luckily you and smashpop kenot. Otherwise both prizes also you both sapu!

  2. 1. i wanna join n win too but .... sigh

    2. you should join and i m sure ur fans n frens will vote for u like mad

    3. im sure u love the sony t30

    4. omg u have a poll for this kinda post. -__-"

  3. You forget that you have friends like Dabido.

  4. Hey . . .I think you'd stand a good shot. Just hit them with some of your antiques like ehhh . . . the fist of fury, or cosplay or uh . . . aaaahhhhh . . . maybe dress up like kenny sia and do his superman pose tee hee hee :)

    btw . . . how is it the april cherrie 'n' smashin popstar can't participate ? . . . 'coz they're part of ass throw ? . . . no idea, just a wild guess . . .

  5. ya... TheThinker.. we are part of... xfresh.. hmm.. so can't join.. can't win iPod Nano.. can't win Sony T30... sad....

  6. If you enter, you write a post on your participation. I'll vote for you. That's a guarantee. And I think many others will do the same as well.

  7. The moment I saw them at smashpop, the first person that came to my mind is you, then cheesie... then lots more. I will just sit back and vote.

  8. rocker chick, with guitar

  9. i will vote for u ok? join now! the contets just started!

  10. Erm... You DO realise that in such online competitions, looks don't count? The winners are usually the ones who write robots to spam the servers with votes.

  11. Albert - Huh? How did my name come up?
    I'm not sure what's expected of me now. I'm more deeply confused than the time I saw 'Fluffy Bunny's Guide to YOU KNOW WHAT' [which is a funny title, as I really didn't know what!]
    Anyway, I'm not going to vote at all ... for anyone.
    [Sorry Smashie!]

    FireAngel - I have a different proposal for you ... yeah, I'm sure I've asked this before, and you're probably going to ignore this request as well, BUT ... I'll ask anyway at the risk of babbling on for two more sentences.
    I'm doing a monotype print, and some wood block prints for my University assignment. Just wondering if I can use one of your images [I've already chosen it if you way yes], to use as one of the images.

    The THEME [all important], is transformations.
    As I know you like being seen as beautiful and dangerous, was wondering if I could do the image of you as something which transforms. Like a Vampiress or other mythological creature. [Nothing naked or anything rude, or crude blah blah blah].

    I'll post you a copy of the image ... but, at present will only be seen by my lecturers at University. If you approve, we can stick it up on the internet {but I'll only do that with approval] ... though, there is a small risk that it may go on display at Curtin University's Art Gallery ... but, the risk is probably small.


    Now that business is over, on with the fun:
    'Anything goes. Except losing my clothes.'

    Best way to lose clothes is run around a corner really fast and hope that they don't follow you. :-)

    Other way that I've found is to let the girls tear them off. [Yes, I was dreaming when that happened. Why do you ask?] :-)

    FA: Hahaha. Guilty as charged. Somebody told me to read your comment just now so here I am. I do actually read your comments when they within 3 sentences. So there. Use it lah. Why not. If people ask who that freak is, just tell them I look so much better in real life, and give them my url, if they are single, and nice. And hot. Out of curiosity. Which picture is this? Email me lah.

  12. lie down on a couch facing downwards... bared body... angled shot... u should do ok then.

    Can I help you to take it?? :P

  13. please stop her from joining people. i just checked out the gallery and threw up yesterday's dinner, today's breakfast, and all my bile. it'll completely ruin her rep if she joins.

    it's like meryl streep (Yeah i just watched devil wears prada) contemplating whether to take part in Pelakon wanita terbaik 2006.


    FA: Yeah. I visited the gallery this morning too. A bit... uh. turned off by it. But pinkpau was there! Looking as cute as a button!!! I LOVE PINKPAU!

  14. simple, do a jump ala smashpop style.

    one hand holding vodka, another holding guitar.
    camwhore like a superstar!

  15. she doesn't need to follow pop's style, for goodness sake.

  16. Well, just be yourself and you'll do fine. It doesn't matter how you look or what pose you adopt , we'll vote like crazy for you anyway :P

    Good luck

  17. I write comments with less that three sentences?
    Ai Carumba!!!! :-)

  18. wah! i wanna join! tried clicking the link to see whats the terms and conditions but it seems to be not working... :(

  19. Take off the clothes! And the bra and panties as well. (faints) :-)

  20. I would if I could and would XD

    College work's an ass.

    Btw, nice meeting you @ 59 minutes ^^

    I still like your necklace.

  21. I would actually jerk off to the Emperor's March than to do this like the poll suggested.

  22. Don't lose the clothes.

    Lose the bra instead.

    And jump.

    For better photo effect. :)

  23. hahahhaaa....your comment is so funny nicevil!!! caught me off guard.


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