Monday, February 27, 2006

Shaken Not Stirred

I've been wanting to make liqueur shake for a while now. In my mind it would be the most delicious cold drink EVER. I would patent the recipe, sit back, and wait for the MILLIONS to rake in. And if that didn't work out, I would have some fun making it and SOME form of alcoholic beverage to drink in the end, at least.

So, on one typically boring Friday night, and just because I'm a sad pathetic worm who's terribly single and have no social life whatsover, I managed to con Mr Koi Pervert to take part in this silly experimental project of mine (and to be my guinea pig lah, don't tell him that ok?). Of course, it's also a good excuse to drink. Bwahehaheaheha.

So, without further ado.

I love vanilla ice-cream. And I love my liqueurs. To mix them both up and create an ice cold alcoholic beverage would be a fantastical idea. Add one good thing with another good thing so that the result would be GREATER than the sum of the good things added together. The Synergy concept should work on EVERYTHING.... right?

Materials & Equipments
-1 shot glass (I used the Ikea one.. which is actually MORE than 1 shot. Yeay!)
-Baileys (milk for adults)
-Kahlua (coffee for alcoholics)
-50% Smirnoff Vodka Blue Label (bleach for your innards)
-Milk (not a really good idea, as we will find out later)
-Blender (to mix the shit with)
-1 tub of Vanilla Ice Cream (yum)

Oh what fun is it to make an alcoholic beverage!

Experimental Procedure
1. One shot of Baileys, Kahlua, & Vodka EACH, separately measured and tasted. Yum.
2. Measure another shot of the above conconction and pour into blender.
3. Measure 1 glass of milk.
4. Pour that stuff into the blender too, yo.
5. 4 big spoonfuls of ice cream chucked into blender, NEVER forget to taste it first, because it's yum.
6. Blend blend blend.

Don't forget to taste EVERYTHING.

1. Foam on top of the drink, like cappucino foam. Probably from the milk and ice-cream.
2. Latte coloured
3. Strong vodka smell and taste
4. Very thin, like milk - not milkshakey enough.

Got milk?

Sigh. Didn't turn out as FANTABULOUS as I'd envisioned it. Subject to improvement. Looks like my million dollar raking plan will have to be delayed a TAD bit.

At least it was FUN and we HAD our drinks. So it was still SUPER! :P


  1. Here's a suggestion:

    1) Substitute the vodka with a half-shot of dark rum.
    2) Substitute the vanilla ice cream with choco ice cream.
    3) Add a shot of hot coffee (to balance out the smell & taste of 2-1/2 shots of liquor).

    Blend for 5 seconds only, and serve in your favourite drinking vessel.

    You may thank me next time. :P

  2. Mr Koi looks sick. Haha.
    I would have replaced the milk with vodka!
    Never invite me >.o

    FA: Hahaha you bloody drunkard!!!

  3. I love Wall's low fat vanilla ice cream!

    Makes good root beer too! Hehe.

    And how I wish I was the bottle of Bailey's in your embrace. SIGHHHHH..


  4. pssst, pssst. You can blend ice cube with the blender, it will make shakes. Just don't put more than 4 ice cube at a time.

  5. U look sexy when u were seriously pouring the milk into the glass. ahhhh.......

  6. my expression was a reflection of how the drink tastes. :P

    don't blame me!

  7. Good to see you at my site!

    Hope you liked what I did... haha...

  8. my suggestion

    beer + ice cream(something with berry) and a dash of baileys on top

  9. I'm waiting for the NYP version of it.

    I accidentally stuck it all in a Bender, now my robot doesn't work! Darn this dyslexia!!!!

    Try Milk, Ice Cream and Passionfruit Schnapes next time. It's like a giant passionfruit milkshake, only lethal! :-)

  10. I've found something in common.

    I love vanilla ice cream too. Not Choco

  11. Mmmm.. Bailey's, Kahlua and Smirnoff rocks! :D
    Definitely the right choice!

  12. Pour a third of the shooter glass with kahlua starting first, followed by baileys and lastly vodka. Top with a dollop of whipped cream. To savour, lick off the whipped cream and drink the shooter without using your hands. (read: only your mouth)
    Voila! A BLOWJOB! (thats the shooter's name btw)

    To layer, just pour the contents s-l-o-w-l-y into the shooter glass.

  13. Hi, somebody look quite sweet... she called Fireangel

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  15. If you were me, you'd just bring your whiskey everywhere. This way when you get a shake at McDonalds, it's a wonderful alcoholic shake, or when you get your milk with breakfast, its a wonderful alcoholic milk, or when you get your whiskey at the bar, its a wonderful...more...whiskied...whiskey.

  16. And what does stire mean?

    FA: Thanks!You got me there. So many comments and you were the first one to pick it up, you anal retentive language police freak.

  17. damn, u dont need milk when u have ice cream unless u r a noob like KY...thats a different story..

  18. So Chris has a fetish for language policemen who are anal retentive?

  19. Small hands I'd say but nevertheless, very nice. :)

  20. thanks to you, i've just bought own cocktail set at home.

  21. looks like koi can't drink milk.....

    for a underage alcoholic ur being a bad influence XD

  22. You didn't give your drink a name. Maybe you should call it fireangelism.

  23. just dont call it KOItail for goodness sake

  24. acid + alkali = tau foo fa?!

  25.'s look more like a rojak to me..Anywhere..nice try. ^_^

  26. Trust me, there are much better ways to mix ice cream and alcohol. Here are my favourite general tips:

    1) Bailey's and Kahlua are kind of nice, but they're also both very dominant flavours; go with one or the other, I'd say - there are other flavours that you might consider as well, such as Frangelico for something a little nuttier, or perhaps the white version of Godiva - I like both of those. Anyway, you need about as much total liqueur as hard alcohol - it's just one of those rules I like to adhere to; thus, for 2 shots of rum, you'd have 1 shot of Frangelico and 1 shot of Baileys, or 2 shots of Kahlua, or whatever. Yeah.

    2) As a base, I'd prefer rum. I think rum goes well with the vanilla flavour. Of course, you might just love vodka, but somehow, every time I make blended drinks, I prefer rum (unless you're making something sour, in which case you can use either tequila or gin).

    3) Less milk, more ice cream. After all, ice cream melts, and the best thing about these shakes is that they're decadent and indulgent. Also, the more ice cream you have, the less you can taste the alcohol. In my opinion, the only milk you should add is the milk that you need to get the blender to move. Thus, you put in your ice cream, then your alcohol, then pour in as little milk as you can, just so everything gets blended up.

    Yes, I think these are good guidelines for making alcholic shakes. Trust me, I have a gigantic collection of alcohol in my apartment, and from all reports, I make excellent party drinks. Yeah.

    FA: Excellent stuff! Thanks! But why are you not taking up my marriage proposal yet? Why? WHY? Is it because I'm a pussy drinker and can't mix my drinks for shit? I CAN CHANGE! Is it because the dowry of 7 chickens and 2 cows weren't enough? I'LL THROW IN AN ASS! Is it because you don't think I'm hot enough? YOU CAN SWITCH THE LIGHTS OFF WHEN WE TANGO!

    That said, why doesn't anybody see that I JUST WANTED AN EXCUSE TO DRINK?!? Damnit.

  27. looks like we have a heavy alcoholic i think she's cranky from the alcohol

    *holds up a bottle of kahlua* A saccrifice in exchange for our lives!!

  28. FA, allow me to introduce you

    your COCKtail will never be the same again...

    FA: Thanks Mike! I find this really good too --->

  29. jschnorng: i think vodka can go with anything as it's pretty much neutral tasting. but yeah, in this particular recipe perhaps rum would have been a better choice.

  30. I'll give you my family Trade Secret that's been passed down since Tang Dynasty... My parents most polly gonna disown me after this but I still have to tell you... USE MILK POWDER!!


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