Monday, February 20, 2006

The Loft, The Loft, The Loft Is On Fire!

I haven't been clubbing in AGES. Everybody's got better things to do they said. Grown up. OT. Face sucking. DoTa. Animal porn. These are stupid inane excuses not to have fun drinking and dancing. Really, there is nothing better than hard liquour and good loud music OKAY hello?

So, imagine how monkey crazy happy I was when I managed to con Suan into bringing me along to her friend's birthday bash . My FIRST time at The Loft! Oh what fun!

[Let's pretend that I have a very very nice picture of the Loft's entrance right here]

If I had to describe how The Loft was in 2 words it would've been, fanfuckingtastically awesome. The place was did up very pretty, pretty, pretty (I've run out of adjectives). And ANY club with an elevated catwalk with psychadelic lighting is way up there in my AWESOME LIST together with gummy bears and stationery shops. And there's definitely good ventilation going on there because I could breathe and breathing is like the MOST important thing in your life. FOR your life.


The thing about Malaysian Clubs is that they don't have proper dance floors anymore. They ( the evil people managing clubs) must've figured that the cash cows are the drinking cows. Not the dancing ones. So they squeeze in as MANY miniature teeeeny tiny tables on the dance floors, give you NO chairs, and expect everybody to drink, stand, and dance on the same 2X2 centimeter square personal floor space. Ridiculous.

Evil blood sucking soundrels from hell.

So The Loft had a decent dancing space and I was insanely happy!!!!!!!! So happy that I feel compelled to put in extra exclamation marks!!!!!!!!


[Pretend I have an amazing picture of The Loft's interior here with the colourful lights, the sofas, and everything.]

The DJ was KICKASS. No overplayed "hiphop RnB" bullshit like we hear on every radio station every hour and at every OTHER clubs at KL. It was ALL fast dance music. This DJ is GOD. PLEASE MAKE HIM RESIDENT DJ FOREVER AMEN.


[... And of course a picture of the DJ doing his thing. He's caucasian, btw.]

I was googling for the name of the DJ and even for more information on The Loft - got nothing. But I found a decent write-up about the Loft HERE.

There was this guy, who looked like he was bald by choice, who came up to me and said " FIREANGEL?". And I'm like, "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?" And he's like "@#$&@^$0573". He mentioned his name twice, but for the life of baby pandas I really couldn't hear jackschitt from all the loud music. And my name is NOT June or whatever. Geezus. Keep track of the chicks you meet, man. :)

Okay, I need to know something. What are YOUR reasons to go clubbing? The whole POINT of me going to club is to DANCE, DRINK, and MAKE MERRY. This obviously does NOT include STANDING AROUND like fucking STATUES gawking at other people and TAKING UP SPACE. THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU TO DO THAT. THIS AIN'T NO MUSUEM OF CONTEMPORARY ART. GET THE FUCK OUT. They weren't even DRINKING for fuck sakes you know? Shit.

And if you're ON the dance floor? DANCE. If you're not going to dance? GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE DANCE FLOOR ASSHOLES. Kanineh really too much man some lanjiaus.

[Pretend it's a picture of Takeshi Kaneshiro here. And why not? He's hot.]

Another thing? Like dudes, seriously, if you have even the slightest ounce of dignity, stay AWAY from any elevated platforms. Ditto poles. Or any cages. NO. It is NEVER a good idea. Be a man. Say NO.

I don't know why just I went off into a rant, AGAIN.

Though we didn't drink as much as we hoped we would, it was still a great night out. There was GREAt music and there was PLENTY dancing. And I was happier than a python after swallowing a whole adult buffalo for sure. YEAY! Happy happy HAPPY! Can you NOT tell I love dancing? Muahaha! Thanks Suan!

I stole some pictures from Suanie because I didn't take any pictures of my own as I can't afford ia camera phone with my pay-by-grains-of-sand salary.

I heart Suanie.

And her friends thought that she was a lesbian. HO HO!

I really ought to stop doing that L thing. It's so overdone. I need a new cheesy pose. Argh look at how high my forehead is. People with high foreheads are supposed to be intelligent. But THIS. IS. NOT. TRUE. AT. ALL. My forehead and I can attest to that.
Hot Birthday Girl.

We bought the birthday girl a Flaming. After she sipped up the whole thing she was like all "THIS IS MY FAVOURITE DRINK!". Fastforward 30 minutes, the GLASS table broke, the glasses were smashed, and EVERYTHING ended on the floor in pieces! Hehehe.

Birthday girl was pretty! I envy girls who have that natural ability to dress up and splash their faces with colors to look all nice. Everytime I try doing that, I end up looking like a one week old rotting clown corpse. It's worse without makeup though.

Oh, and another thing:

FireAngel --
A person who is constantly high
'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

The above is NOT true, however. But please take me out clubbing some time! I'll be fun! Promise!


  1. they didn't ask anyone to pay for the glass table?

  2. hahahhaa..constantly high, likes to dance. I can live with that.

    I heart stationery shops. oh kinship.

  3. yeaahhhh. omg hate those ppl who go clubbing and don't drink. they sit around and look at ppl getting high and like laugh n get a kick out of it. lame. unless its ur friend who needs to make sure u get home in one piece. gotta go to the loft sometime!~~~

  4. *Sputters*

    you actually LIKE loft??? I find it a little too small leh. Oh well. And are you sure you weren't the one who broke the glass table??? What you did hah??? Danced gila babi on the damn thing izzit. tsk tsk so terrible.


    FA: It was my first time. And it was definitely better than Zouk. AND I had transport to get me there and home. :P

  5. I would go clubbing only if to be in the same vicinity of the most exalted one of all, FireAngel. If not, I'd rather stay at home and befriend the lizards on my room wall, the cockroaches under my bed and the mosquitoes flying around.

    You are intelligent. Stop being modest!!

  6. 'Grown up. OT. Face sucking. DoTa. Animal porn. These are stupid inane excuses not to have fun drinking and dancing. Really, there is nothing better than hard liquour and good loud music OKAY hello?'

    Nothing inane about those excuses. I'd rather be sucking face than drinking and dancing.

    And SEX is better than hard liquor and good loud music (as an ex musician, I tihnk I would know). :-)

    'So, imagine how monkey crazy happy I was when I managed to con Suan into bringing me along to her friend’s birthday bash .'

    *imagining* :D

    'my AWESOME LIST together with gummy bears and stationery shops.'

    You critisize sucking face and have gummy bears and stationary stores on an awesome list ... please modify your list to include sucking face there somewhere, even if it includes a caveat that it is with some scrummy guy.

    'The thing about Malaysian Clubs is that they don’t have proper dance floors anymore.'

    Just like 90% of the rest of the world.

    ' I was insanely happy!'

    Being bi-polar has it's good side!

    'This DJ is GOD.'

    Terrence has become a DJ???

    'And my name is NOT June or whatever.'

    Or any other month you can name! And doesn't rhyme with a female body part either!

    'What are YOUR reasons to go clubbing?'

    The seals are out of control.
    [Okay, as someone who catches and releases mice rather than kill them, I guess it's easy to see I'm joking!]

    Seriously, clubbing depends on the reasons -
    1/ Pick up the Ladies,
    2/ Celebrate,
    3/ Drink myself silly
    4/ Just to hang out and Dance & drink
    5/ the seals are really out of control.


    They hold functons in Australia at some art museums, so it could be!

    'if you have even the slightest ounce of dignity, stay AWAY from any elevated platforms.
    BUT, we need them as musicians!

    'Ditto poles.'
    What's wrong with the Polish now?

    'Or any cages.'
    I stay strictly on the outside.

    'I was happier than a python after swallowing a whole adult buffalo for sure. '
    *imagines John Cleese swallowing a buffalo*

    'People with high foreheads are supposed to be intelligent. But THIS. IS. NOT. TRUE. AT. ALL. My forehead and I can attest to that.'

    Actually its a proven fact ... not our fault you're not using your potential.

  7. Cool stuff !!! Keep it going this way & LIVE it. yes, party, party, party.

  8. My goodness Dabido, you are either one very free man or one fu*king dole-bludger. If this is you now, I shudder to imagine you in 30-odd, maybe 40 years.

  9. Rambling Mind: That is just his profession. You heard of professional bloggers.... enter the professional commentor.

  10. Rambling Mind - I own my own company, and I don't spend as much time reading and writing comments as it may seem. :-)

    I normally only comment if I think it might make people laugh, or be helpful to them.

    vOices - lol :-)

  11. halo makcik loft memang is under zouk what. well technically it's upstairs la but yeah u know what i mean. :P so next time i go loft i ajak u la can?? hehe. and OY that time we went also you had transport to and fro what, nvm the fact that our driver was freaky. hahahaha.

    FA: Erm, The Loft I went to was the one at the Heritage Row..... I think we're talking about different places, kan?

  12. "Rhymes with a female body part."

    Hmm... Doloris? Regina? Fulva?

  13. haaha although i've only been to 3 clubs..i totally agree with the lanjiao people standing around! the worst is those that wear the super big big big fat phat shuffling pants and just stand there for sho'. out the 3 places i've been, Qbar outside Sunway Pyramid is the winner la..all stand there dont see wat... but haaha i dont care, i get to walk in for free walk out and in again anytime :p muahaha. anyways i like the line "bald by choice" haahaha..because lots of my indian friends are now bald with no choice. haahahah!

  14. Why can't I use that stupid shoutbox? And what do you mean by "associations?"

    FA: YES YOU CAN. JUST REGISTER ONCE GOODGOD! Uh yeah. Just forget everything I said.

  15. Fireangel, come to me and we can go clubbing all nite....

  16. I never understood why people would stand in line for hours, and pay a cover to get into a bar and then stand around. I noticed that when I go clubbing with my Hong Kong friends here in Chicago, that all they do! Stand around, sip their water and look at people! Water! IN A BAR! It's not like they can talk or anything, it's too damn loud! That's why I don't club with my HK friends... They have to remove whatever it is that is stuck up their tushies and relax... Really make me lose face with the bouncers and club managers, leh.... Wah liao...

    Anyways, going to KL in June. I am so happy to see that Malaysians know how to party. Any suggestions on where to go? =)

    FA: Yes, Tokyo. :D 

  17. lol. i go clubbin to drink, dance and make contacts rofl! well they told me, the first year u turn 18 is always the best for making clubbin friends.

    i dont mind when people dont drink. lately, ive come a bit embarass of the stumbling and so am on a bit of a hiatus. but im goin again this saturday so *headscratch* we'll see how long this resolution lasts.

    and lolz. if u ever come to perth, aus... ill take u clubbin. the clubs here arent great... but if u go on the right days, at the right time, to the right places, with the right people, itll be the greatest experience of ur life. but i spose that applies anywher and everywher. lol.

    FA: "... right days, at the right time, to the right places, with the right people..." that's like, 4 rights. It ALMOST sound like marriage/work. Suddenly, I'm not interested anymore. 

  18. i scare drunk peopleeeeeee

    FA: KY, you scare EVERYBODY, not just drunk people. :P

  19. FA, you're the funniest female blogger in teh world. ^_^

    FA: "teh world"??? Shit. That's a lot of pressure. I can't perform under pressure. Where are my blasted blue pills. 

  20. my daily dose of fireangelism! put a smile on my face that [pretend i have a picture of (insert place/people/inanimate objects}] bit.

    flamings kill! ;)

    FA: WOOT! I AM HONOURED BY YOUR PRESENCE AT MY HUMBLE ABODE! *bows low low* *kisses hands* 

  21. Cannot get your own pictures is it, ask someone to take for you mah, ask some leng jai to buy you a new super camera phone thingy.

    FA: Lengchais take one look at me and they run off screaming for their mothers.

  22. I don't know why but I am restricted to enter Loft @ Heritage Row twice. Oh yeah they have a dress code.

  23. I can sooo relate to ur 'there's nothing better than hard liquor and loud music' stance... try telling that to my frens as well... and all those inane reasons of growing up, ot whatever*

    And Yes IT IS ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY irritating to have ppl standing around at the dance floor... their wasting the already limited space for us to dance on... buzz oFF!

  24. didn't i use to tell you to go to the loft last time???....

    FA: And so you did! Champion lah you!

  25. OH.

    *scampers off to dark corner in embarrassment*

  26. celebrity blogger, might feature u one day!

    FA: Shit. no please... don't.... I've been good. I promise! It wasn't me!!! I didn't feed your dog with rat poiso... oops.

  27. vlad: maybe it's those shorts that you are so fond of wearing...

  28. i know you said your friends dota-ed... but do you dota too? i'm a dota freak. warcraft freak. i haven't gone to the movies in a year and half.

    yes... i have no life

    FA: NEVERRRR! REPENT YOU SINNER!!! Starcraft Warcraft Heroes AOE Unreal Tournament Diablo TheSims PuzzleBubble Tetris FOR LIFE!

  29. What abt that fishing game your sister plays?

  30. Well, I did some hot /DANCE and drinking hard liquor to get high in world of warcraft.

  31. Salsa at Q.Ba Westin !

    FA: JOM!

  32. I don't mind bringing u out.

  33. BaldGuy-by-Choice here ... hmmm never really got ur name as i was pissed off drunk too ...

    Actually when u left, my friends asked "eh who the fuck is that chick la?", i said who, - "the one who showed u the finger la, kaninia wanna go beat the shit out of her ar?" he replied.

    I then said she was someone "I knew" ...


    So practically u guys were just 1 table beside us? kakaka

    Next time go cynna, better crowd - more chicks than batang ... nowdays Loft ful of batang only ... banana far leh

    FA: Excuse me, I'm only interested in batangs even if they are ALL lying cheating bastards, OKAY!

  34. hmm you guys broke a table? no wonder Zoltan was around that place la ...

    did you guys paid for it?

  35. I'm not a big fan of clubs that feature "good" loud music. If it's live music, as in with real instruments (and that does not include DJ-ing equipment) that's perfect, but if there are pretentious people hanging around acting like a bunch of "Oh, I'm so sophisticated" freaks then I'll probably leave.

  36. the DJs name are DJ Marco (caucasian) and DJ One D (tall malay)


    Loft is indeed kewl..!

    Sorry for the backdate comment.. haha


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