Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tuah Didn't Get Lucky.

I had the pleasure of watching Puteri Gunung Ledang, The Musical quite recently. (Compliments of TV through Suan. A thousand thanks to both). I Love musicals! I've been DYING to watch a LIVE Musical, and I didn't care WHAT it was, I just HAD to WATCH ONE, DAMNIT. NOW.

Sadly, we don't get enough of musicals. And even THEN, prices for the tickets are just short of an atom bomb. As an underpaid corporate monkey slave, I don't even have enough money for lunches, let alone atom bombs. Have to settle for Hindi movies on Tv2 and Tv3 aired every weekend afternoons.

But I digress. PGL! THE MUSICAL!! OH WHAT FUN!!!!!!

The hills are alive with the sound of music!

The legend of Puteri Gunung Ledang, for those who grew up never hearing it before (call yourself a Malaysian? Malu only!), is basically about a princess, a king's warrior, a king, some crazy assed marriage preconditions, and a Mount Ophir.

Or, you can get a better version of the legend HERE. Click!

The movie is even Wikipedia-ed! Click!

Angry guy: "Who stole my shirt?" Guy Left:"Not me! Not me!"

Wah seriously .... when the curtain first went up, the set totally blew my mind away! The set was, for the lack of a better word, FANTASTIC! I mean this is a 100% made in Malaysia production, and being Malaysian AND a pessimistic one, I really wasn't expecting much. But WOAH! The Set! The Props! The Costumes! The lighting! The wayang kulit effect! Everything! Nice! Pretty! Best! AWESOME! The stage had some REALLY fancy hydraulics work going on there which was ON! ONE THOUSAND POINTS!

The shadow crept up unto them silently and when they knew that the Bogeyman existed.... it was too late.

Tiara is super duper HAWT for SURE! And she's REALLY toned too! Slurp. I am surprised that she wasn't taller. She's probably about my height. Heheheh. Yeay! There is HOPE YET FOR MIDGETS LIKE ME! I STILL CAN RULE THE WORLD!!! MUAhaHAHHA! Ahem. And yes, she CAN sing! Though, at sad parts, I couldn't really tell if she was heart broken or smiling with glee.....

The ensemble was ass kicking. Everytime they came out to sing/dance/clown about/do the chorus, I get the goose bumps, of the good sort. They had the whole Bollywood-esque synchronised communal dancing & singing thing working out great most of the time!

Sultan Mansur was played by none other than Adlin Amin, the same guy from the movie! Most of the time I felt like punching his face in though, and that's a good thing right? OH! OH! He had this one moment which reminded me of a routine from Kung Fu Hustle, and for that one moment, he was AWESOME. I hope that they made it intentionally funny, because I couldn't stop laughing like a maniac on weed. Watching him do the routine and say the most incredible shit while he (A SULTAN OKAY!) was gyrating his hips was too fucking priceless. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! A hundred points for being funny!

(By the way, was it just me or did anybody else catch references to the King and I musical? Got lah. A few parts, kan? Go watch it and tell me lah!)

YEargHHh!!! ARGHhhh!!!WUARrghhh!!!

AC Mizal acting as Adapati, the Majapahit King, was the best ever. He OWNED it. Nobody else in the goddamn play came CLOSE to how he asswhiped his character and made it his own bitch, especially when he's all PISSED OFF and going "MUST. HAVE. BLOOD. ARGHHHHHH!" 3/4 of the time. AWESOME-NEST-EVER. MIZAL=ADAPATI FOREVER.ONE MILLION POINTS! JUST GIVE THE MAN A BLOODY AWARD ALREADY!

I feel pretty! Oh so pretty! I feel pretty! and witty! And GAY!

Hang Tuah was played by an imported Angmoh. I couldn't believe it either, why ah? Our local men not good enough isit? Somebody was raving to me about how he's this big time Broadway actor singer actor and even had parts for Andrew Lloyd Weber's musical and was oozing sexual appeal and EVERYTHING... but I thought he was a little kayu. Guess it didn't help that he couldn't understand of word of MELAYU to begin with padahal the whole musical was IN Melayu. Kesian. Most of the time he just looks out of place and lost because he wasn't quite Melayu-ish enough. Silat pun takde gaya silat. BUT. He could sing like you wouldn't believe, and that's a GREAT thing! When he hit the high notes, I was like, WOAH. Dude.

Also a shout out to the Gusti Putri's Bayan - Sukania Venugopal. She be rocking it, yo!

There were some technical problems though. Mics were falling off / not working when dialogues/important singing parts were going on. Meh. Magical experience pun tergendala sikit. But nevermind, still tahan-able.

What REALLY pissed me off was THE BLOODY SUBTITLES. ARGH! It was on a LED SCREEN. RIGHT ON TOP OF THE STAGE. I was sitting just a few rows away from the stage, had to crane my neck upwards to a 180 degrees and I COULD HARDLY READ THE DAMN THING. The moron who was operating it must've been a drunk, drugged MONKEY because he/she/it is ALWAYS FUCKING UP THE TIMING. TOO FAST. TOO SLOW. ANNOYING AS HELL. Minus FIVE THOUSAND points.

And sometimes the bass or the chorus would go so loud, I couldn't even hear the soloists sing! FIX THE SOUND SYSTEM OR SOMETHING! At parts it's like I'm in a fengtau club as all I could hear was the BASS. DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM.

It could get a litttttle draggy too. In fact, ALL romantic/slow/tender moments were draggy for me because I'm more of the GIVE ME BLOOD KILL EVERYBODY NOW person. Thank goodness for the little stolen bits of comic relief by the cameos! Those were BEST! Five Golden stars for all the funny people! YEAY!

On the contrary (to it being draggy), the second part (Melaka scene) of the play after intermission felt a little rushed and messy somewhat. They took their time with the first part (Majapahit scene) and it was fantastic! Second bit was like "OMFG we're running out of time/money/snacks to munch so let's just finish it up, get everybody to sing twice as fast, and call it a day!". Well, it FELT like that anyway.


Happy Shiny People Making Merry!

Overall, I'll give it a B, and NOT just because I am a true blue anak Malaysia and patriotic and can use the public toilets without cringing. No! It was really decent!

A lot of effort was put into this musical and it was GOOD effort! The musical has its highlights and its little annoying fuckups, sure. But on the most parts it was enjoyable!

Should you watch it? YES. Watch it NOT JUST solely for the "it's a made in Malaysia" thing, but because it has great entertainment value! If you could watch the movie and liked it (or not), you would definitely like the musical a WHOLE LOT MORE (or dislike it much less). Dancing, singing, hot chicks, hot guys, humour, romance, violence, semua pun ada! Fun for the whole family! Yeay!


More details of the Musical HERE.

More reviews aggregated HERE, courtesy of Midnitelily (who is hot, btw).



  1. Since Tiara is probably your height and she can SING, and you CAN DANCE. Both of you should starred in a MUSICAL together.

  2. I enjoyed your review so much I have nothing smartass to say.

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  4. PGL the musical - Better than the film

    When love stories are sung, you're bound to be enthralled by the fantasy of legends and destiny. And that's what you can expect when you watch Puteri Gunung Ledang the musical. I honestly went to the preview underestimating this production....

  5. Aiyo... I m truly Malaysian too...
    But i m studying in S'pore now, cant watch ler..
    I hv watch the movie of PGL, i enjoyed watching it despite some of my friends slept in the cinema.
    And the Gunung Ledang is no far from my home town !

  6. perhaps ST should play Hang Tuah! that'd be so cool!

    no alcohol? of coz la.. the crew kept them for their own boozing during the after-party :)

  7. Oh Lionel, so much smartass things to say. Learn from me. [Master SmartAss!] :-)

    'I really wasn’t expecting much. But WOAH! The Set! The Props! The Costumes!'

    All in natural brown. [Did they play the brown sound?] :-)

    ' I am surprised that she wasn’t taller. She’s probably about my height.'

    You have height now?
    [That'll get me killed ... more than once. Hides under my pillow least the FireAngel boogie shadow gets me!] :-)


    You only figured that out now?
    Look at the short people who have tried to rule the world before.
    Alexander the Great,
    Julius Caeser,
    Attila the Hun (who was a dwarf)
    Ghengis Khan,
    Adolph Hitler.

    Short people get further than the tall ones.

    'They had the whole Bollywood-esque synchronised communal dancing & singing thing working out great most of the time!'

    You've just given me Simpson Flashbacks from when Apu showed Homer that Bollywood Video!

    'Most of the time I felt like punching his face in though, and that’s a good thing right?'

    World Domination plan - take out the Sultan, the rest will fall like dominoes! [Add FireAngel Evil laugh here!]


    A Male Version of FStress (If I am allowed to mention her name here!)

    'Hang Tuah was played by an imported Angmoh. I couldn’t believe it either, why ah? Our local men not good enough isit?'

    How else can an Angmoh get there if not imported!? You don't grow them there yet.
    You tell us, are the local men good enough for you?
    You wanna import Colin Firth?

    'he couldn’t understand of word of MELAYU'

    I know 'Makan' and 'gila', I was so way ahead of that guy for the part! I should have auditioned! :-)

    'Mics were falling off / not working when dialogues/important singing parts were going on.'

    Sigh! Brings back memories! Sigh!

    'When he hit the high notes, I was like, WOAH. Dude.'

    It was a dude? Singing that HIGH???!!!!!

    'What REALLY pissed me off was THE BLOODY SUBTITLES.'

    And yet, when I talk to foreigners in real life they always wonder why I am looking around on the ground ... I'm trying to find the sub titles! DAMN IT! WHERE ARE THEY!!!!?

    What the frig does 'Saya suka teman gila' mean? These subtitles aren't even in English ... someone has switched the subtitles on me! Waaaah!

    'RIGHT ON TOP OF THE STAGE. I was sitting just a few rows away from the stage, had to crane my neck upwards to a 180 degrees and I COULD HARDLY READ THE DAMN THING.'

    Was made for tall people. Don't worry, when you take over the world, that problem will be rectified. OR ELSE!!!

    I for one welcome our New Firey Overlord. :-)

    'The moron who was operating it must’ve been a drunk, drugged MONKEY'

    Hmmm, must feed the Orangutan more bananas next time. :-)


    You should work for the Red Cross. :-)

    'Thank goodness for the little stolen bits of comic relief by the cameos!'

    THere were cameos? or do you just mean comic asides?

    Cameos are short appearances by FAMOUS people.

    'And my BIGGEST complaint? Alcohol wasn’t sold ANYWHERE!'

    So? [They ran out of Ribena Vodka's early] :-)

    because it has great entertainment value!

    Just like my comments. :-D

  8. Goddamn, Dabido. That was a post by itself. And leave Colin Firth out of this!

    Some of those guys look REALLY fit! (Ok fine, just the one guy in the right side of the 'YEargHHh!!! ARGHhhh!!!WUARrghhh!!!' pic.) So why le heck is his corset-ty things so high up? Have these people never heard of sex appeal?

  9. *claps* x100
    *Standing ovation*
    Not for PGL the musical.
    Not for FA

    but for Dabido.

  10. this post is almost as long as dabido's comment.

  11. Dabido, you'd make a terrific lecturer.

    FA: ... from hell.

  12. Jamie - you know FireAngel WANTS to import him! :-)

    vOices Terima Kasih!

    KY - yeah, I was wondering about that too ... never seen her write so much!

    Cheneille - I'll take that as a compliment. Terima Kasih! :-)

    Lionel - stop scoffing, people will think you're jealous! :-) :-) :-)

  13. Wardrobe malfunction in pic #2! Eeeyeaarrgghhh my eyes, my EYEESSSSSS!!

    FA: It's not even a malfunction! 

  14. did you watch PGL The Movie?? it's a good thing they didn't get M. Nasir to act in the musical. It was too peadophile-ish... ugh.

    FA: IMHO, M. Nasir had more of the Tuah charisma than Mr Stephen did.  

  15. how come i have a feeling that Dabido sounds more like the owner of what are you oh dabido, the "prophet" or something? *blek*

  16. Mossie 'Ol Chin - I am Teh Commentator! (Not to be confused with Superman or batman ... my secret identity is ... um ... er ... secret! D'oh!) :-)

  17. I was like u a very pessimistic malaysian who is now very blaise when it comes to malay productions...can't help it!!!! have been bored to death countless times but this kinda blew me away from the get go. The sets....oh my God!!!! Hats of to the set designer, the costumes were pretty darn good too. Jackie (have to forgive me...I've known her since before her Datin Seri days) impressed me...yeah I know her singing wasn't all that but for a first timer u have to give her kudos. Her acting u can't fault....I revelled in her early hopeful innocence and her first ecstasy of love and her 'hell have no fury....' at her lover's betrayal. mat salleh or not he did pretty darn good considering and yeah man his VOICE....lembiklah joe!!!! He had me cracking up when he said 'kaki di 'pasak' tanah instead of 'pajak'.
    Mizal....loved him...he had his own thing going on and he took us along on the ride...awsome!!!
    Adlin....the guy cracks me up...he can be such a lech then he does this saturday night fever kinda of dance sequence....amazing!!!
    The rest of the cast impressed greatly too.....all i have to say in the end faith in malay theatre has been restored.....woohooo!!!!

  18. Don't you guys think that the sultan and the guy who played the baddie in Kung Fu Hustle look alike?

    FA: spot on. 

  19. I've got 2 PGLTM RM50 tikets 19.2.06 3 pm, if anybody out there interested to buy, pls call me 012 294 3713

  20. have neither seen the musical nor the movie, only read the legend back in school. but isnt it sultan mahmud, not mansur? great work on the blog. just about every post is hilarious, especially due to your dogged 'passion' for alcohol!

  21. Great template, did you pick it out. I couldn't agree more with the posts. You made my day.Keep on bloggin :-).


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