Monday, November 5, 2012

Recurrent Dream.

I've had recurring dreams about being back in my taekwondo classes. Very realistic dreams.

The floor, the walls, the class in progress. My instructors. The green paint on the wall. Even the location of the toilet.

I wonder if it's a sign?

Was never really good at sparring though. I was SHIT at it. Hate the idea of hurting people. Always held back and let other party hit me LOL. And it's pretty useless for self defense. But I was fucking good with patterns because I was just.. good at forms. And I thoroughly enjoyed that.

With 2 mended knees and having not done it for nearly a decade, perhaps it's too late?

Maybe there's something else I could take up.

Kick boxing? Capoeira? Hmm. It's never too late right?

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