Wednesday, November 28, 2012

not afraid of being me

i dont mince my words, i may be abrasive and vulgar but i am  nice.
i say what i think - could be improved. coz sometimes i dont think before i say
i dont like big groups all the time it gets tiring.
i really enjoy my drink - but that doesn't mean i can drink a lot.
i like food, but i don't snack and i can't eat a lot. i eat when i'm hungry. and when i'm full i stop.
i have my lansi face - but my heart's in the right place
a really good movie, song, show, act, dance really inspires me
i still dont know how to ride a bicycle but maybe i'll learn one day.
i still like my art.
i still enjoy dancing.
i can be too nice.
sometimes i do things spontaneously without thinking through consequences.
other times, i think too much.
i can do accounts in fact i enjoy balancing the numbers, i still do.
i love words. 
i love my crafts wished i had more time.
i care too much sometimes.
other times, i might not care at all when i'm supposed to.
i love my mum. i dont tell her enough, but i would do a lot for her. she is above everything else in my life. and all i want is to make her happy in my own power.
i can be fun.
i can be too serious.
sometimes i take myself too seriously - i shouldnt. just let go my ego.
i have a black sense of humour.
i can be blur - or not updated.
i love and still entertain the idea of having my own family.
if that doesn't work out, i'm still trying to come to terms with being on my own.
i used to think i would like having kids, but not i'm not sure anymore.
same about dogs.
i have a short fuse which needs to be worked on.
i still have not learnt to deal with difficult people and situations, which I will. 
i dont like it when people raise their voices, or when people are angry at me directly or indirectly - i take it personally. eventhough I know i shouldnt because I have no control over them.
i really dont enjoy conflict. 
i really despise lying or being lied to.
i empathise too much.
if it makes sense and doesn't affect me one bit, or if it's trivial to me - i can easily change my mind about something with some convincing.
i really have a lot of excess physical energy sometimes, i should do something to contain that.
i can get addicted or obsessed easily over anything or anyone.
if i had to choose between one gender, i would actually prefer the company of men. and to work/with for them. they are easier to get. simpler creatures. 
i guess it's because i'm not that much of a sekchou irly/girl
i enjoy putting on make up and dressing up. but most times i prefer my jeans and tshirt. and a comfy pair of sneakers.
i'm all for comfort over style/beauty. i wont die to look good. 
but i do like dressing up for special occassions.
i'm still searching for my perfect scent.
i still want to travel the world - see touch taste everything.
i always want to be there for the people i care about, though i don't say or show that often enough.

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  1. you might want to reword that "see touch taste everything" line.


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