Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Minding My Own Business

Sometimes I mistake "caring" with "being a busybody". I'd like to know how where why when what... as if there was something I can do about it, but I can't. I'm just being mega curious.

How does that make my life any better knowing everything? It doesn't. It doesn't help the other person or the situation either. In fact it might aggravate matters because the person who tells you the story might actually expect some action from you which you weren't even thinking about offering in the first place - then you would've accidentally dug a pit big enough for yourself..

So maybe that's what the phrase "ignorance is bliss" really means.

mind your own business. if you can't help, or if there's nothing else within your power you can do for others or the situation, then let others mind their own.

Also, I've been guilty of other related acts:

- being sucked into the mob mentality over a subject matter or a person.
As if I don't have a mind of my own. I mean, if others felt a certain way about something, and if I don't agree, I should try to make my own stand - if not vocally, then at least, by not being part of it. I've been guilty of this quite a number of times. Why? Probably i thought it was easier to be agreeable than have to fend off or disagree and then justify myself against a group of like-minded (and opinionated) people. I like the individuals enough, but in a big group, it feels like everyone's worst side of themselves are laid out in the open. I was part of that. Looking back, it was wrong. I don't like it. I wished I had the courage then.

- and defending other people
they are capable of defending themselves. If others want to bad mouth or bitch, while it is good practice to not actively participate in it, there's no reason to defend others blindly instead. might do more harm than good because who died and made me their spokesperson?

- indulging in gossip
what the hell for? how does that make my life better? It does not. Neither will it to you.

Moving forward, I endeavor to stay away from such unproductive, negative acts in the future. It is to no one's benefit. And it serves no purpose than incite negative feelings based on presumptions and assumptions which are not verified by the other party.

To improve as a person and be compassionate, we need to NOT dwell on the negatives of circumstances or a person. The energy and effort spent in these acts could be used to do better, more productive things like read, or create something awesome, or spending time with loved ones, do chores, catch a good episode of Suits.

Simple enough in theory isn't it. Now to put it into practice.

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