Monday, November 19, 2012

Just This Once.

So you give in.

you say, just this once.

this is an exception to the rule.

I won't do it again.

I didn't have a choice.

I was forced to.

Whatever the reason - the decision was to give in.

to lose a piece of yourself.

to compromise a principle.

to close an eye.

you allow this once.

and then,

it happens again.

because it's only twice.

because it just needed to be done this way.

because you had to.

because there was no other feasible option.

because. because. because.

rinse and repeat.

years and years.

and you keep doing it.



it becomes a habit.

until you forget what you are. what you believed in. what you stood for.

and then you forget yourself.

just 3 words.

just this once.


  1. replace "once" with "tip"

    and it's the same outcome.


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