Monday, November 5, 2012

Of Being Drunk

Not sure if I'm done with this part of my life yet or just sick of looking at how people behave when they are shitfaced.

You know .. when they/you're not talking sense, falling all over the place, imposing trouble onto other people, killing off their fun.

That's the worse. When you impose your drunkardness onto other people. Troubling them to worry and care for you, like a freaking 2 year old that needs his ass wiped by someone else after pooping.

I've been guilty of that sometimes. And I think I'm finally done with that.

There's just no fun in being shitfaced and forgetting half of what happened when you come around the next day. And those hangovers = lost of an entire weekend feeling blah.

I will still enjoy and appreciate my drinks. Because they taste good and because there's so much to experience. Not because I want to chase that high or be shitfaced. There's just no point in that anymore. There was never a point in that.

I'm totally better off reading a good book over the weekend than wasting it nursing a bad hangover.

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