Thursday, November 1, 2012

Living your dream

I've had the pleasure of meeting these people who seemed like they are living it. Seemed like they've found it. It meaning - career. life. status. partner. etc.

I find myself wishing I was them.

Nothing's stopping me except for myself, states a bumper sticker.

Problem is I don't know what I want. Still searching. Still unsure. Still aimless and lost.

So much courage and confidence. These people already knew deep down in their hearts, what they were, what they loved, what they are capable of.

How did they know what they want? How and When did that process take place?

And why hasn't it happen to me?

I should stop asking why. 

And just keep searching. 

By elimination maybe one day I'll find it. That peace. That calm.

That thing.


Can't just settle with anything. 

You just can't SETTLE with life.

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  1. start with knowing what you wanna have for dinner! one small goal at a time.


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