Saturday, December 6, 2008

Vote for Nicol David!!!

Malaysia Boleh moment, please bear with me.

ESPN actually shortlisted our very own Nicol David to contend for The Sports Personality of the year!
Just in case you think it's some kinda lame, low rated shit, check out the names of other superstars who were also shorlisted:

Cristiano Ronaldo
Lewis Hamilton
Kobe Bryant
Tiger Woods
Michael Phelps
Valentino Rossi ....and a few others!

Here's the full list and write-up: CLICK!

Here's the game page : CLICK!

.. and here's where you actually do the voting: Click! (you can actually see the results right after you vote!)

Nicol's match is up now!!!!!!!

You HAVE to vote for her now come on come on!!!


  1. heyy

    yea.. vote Nicol!

    Thank you for your support of our dear Datuk Nicol!

    Remember to vote for her throughout the competition!

    All the Best!

    Lorraine Siew

  2. Your last link doesn't work lah.

  3. How is she going to beat Bolt? :(

  4. i tink she did beat..hehe

  5. Honestly, this is first time I hear the name. Where have I been? We are talking about the No. 1 woman squash player here, man! This post is definitely not lame: it creates awareness for hermit like me:P The excuse I have is I don't play squash.

    Not funnily, I just realised, the is blocked by our Singapore government, no shit!

  6. Mrdes.. are you sure??

    We have plenty of visitors from Singapore..

  7. Vote for Nicole. She's the only girl among all the nominees and she deserve your votes.

    Think about it, if she wins in this game, the government will promote Squash and boost the spirit of 'Malaysia Boleh'. Haha... Vote!!! Vote!!! Vote!!!

  8. Hi WMSiew,

    Yes, I am positive! Just click on to your first link and the same message appears. Well, at least I can access the second one. Now, I get to know more about her, thanks.

  9. er..can she beat Ronaldo?

  10. er...can she beat Ronaldo?

  11. Already vote. Leading 51%. Thanks for post. Go Nicol!


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