Monday, December 29, 2008

So Much Food!

Food hasn't been so bad the past few days. I'm still in Singapore, by the way.

I've actually been OVEReating. The belly is not going away. It's so bad that when I hunch, there's a triple fold on my overfed belly.

Shit!!!!! Got a wedding on Saturday to attend and I absolutely can NOT have a fucking awful overfed belly ARGH. The clothes I have now just WON'T FIT!

panic panic panic panic panic panic. okay don't panic. just eat in moderation!

Oh yeah pictures of food, every important. Since I'm a blogger and I have duties to uphold, HERE:

This is a geoduck. In pieces. A geoduck is some seashell creature where the flesh looks like a giant dick. Just thought you'd like to know. Oh, it tastes very... fishy. No surprises there eh? Heh.

Tanjong Katong Laksa. This is supposedly famous one. They serve this in a bowl, with a spoon. WithOUT chopsticks. It's how Tanjong Katong laksa is served EVERYWHERE in Singapore. Kinda odd for me because I'm used to holding a pair of chopsticks when there's noodles to be eaten but hey that's just me. It's just like asam laksa noodles in diluted curry laksa, but much less "liu".

This is a no nonsense bloody awesome juicy, melts in your mouth fanfuckingtastic ginormous burger from a shop called Breko at the Holland Village (thanks lainey!). Forgot to take a picture when the food came and was reminded by my friend to take a picture after I've wolfed down half of it. Bad blogger. Even the coleslaw was yum, like how KFC's coleslaw used to be except BETTER. Only SGD12.50. One of the most satisfying meals I've ever had in Singapore. I was full all day till way past dinnertime.

AND.... it's really difficult to not have a soft spot for a shop with a promotion like THAT, don't you think? :)

There's also a really cute Japanese bakery at the Holland Village which sells all sorts of Japanese type of bread. One bread in particular which caught my eye was this one, melon pan (pan is bun/bread in japanese, btw) because it reminded me of an episode on Yakitate Japan (which I truly enjoyed and reviewed some time back) where the contestants had a melon pan baking challenge and the buns looked almost like this! Man, the stuff they had in there ALL looked delicious but I was so stuffed by the burger (and 2 bottles of Asahi) that I couldn't bring myself to buy or eat anymore food. Sinfully tempting or not. Burp.

My friend took me to a street called.... chicbob (shit I terforgot the name, will edit this once I find out the proper name) where there's an entire row of pretty looking quaint shops selling all sorts of stuff - I have to take pictures to show them to you because I'm not that good with words at 1.40am on a Monday morning. There was a shop which sold all sorts of baking ingredients and tools, where I stumbled upon this beauty for only SGD 5.95. I can't possibly describe how happy I was to have FOUND this drink mixer tumbler thingy in the open by ACCIDENT. WILLING for me to buy it. I think I'll christen it at somebody's new year's eve party. :)

So tired d, I'm going to bed but I will end this post with a rant or two:

Post Xmas crowd here was just bloody STUPID. The ENTIRE country was out walking about on Orchard. ENTIRE COUNTRY. I thought normal weekend crowds were bad, how wrong I was. Last friday was like HELL. Like fire burning everywhere, pitch forks, lava pools, air choked by burning fumes type of HELL. People were everyfuckingwhere. Queueing for EVERYTHING. Too. Many. People. Too many doesn't even BEGIN to describe the amount of people there were on the streets, in the buildings, at bus stops, in cars. The feeling you get when you're in the middle of a crowd this fucked up is akin to being stuck in a tiny cave where you have no room to do anything except to crawl on all fours AND that cave gets SMALLER. Shopping crowds is officially at the TOP of my THINGS I HATE VERY MUCH IN SINGAPORE list. ARGHHHH HULKSMASH THEM ALL.

And one more rant, or rather, I'd like to have your thought on this - My mum and I were at M&S on Friday afternoon to buy something, and we were lining up to pay. There was someone else at the counter already, so we were next. There was also another line at a seperate counter on our left with 2 lining up customers. They were all there before we were queuing. After the lady in front of us was done we advanced towards the counter to pay. Suddenly on our left, somebody said out loud "SCUSE ME. I WAS IN QUEUE". It was the other person from the other queue. Mum and I let her go first - too shocked, too weirded out, and can't be bothered to make a scene on Boxing day. After that fugly bitch was done with her load of shopping (which I observed were a number inner wear items nobody will EVER see unless they subscribe to fetish porn sites no doubt) we proceeded to pay. We left M&S with a bitter taste in out mouths, and a little bit more aninmosity towards the local people and its kiasu/kiasi culture.

Ladies and gents, I'd love to know what you have to say on a couple of things - 1) Who was in the right 2)What would you have done.



  1. maybe they observe a single line thing in singapore.
    but if there were two counters and two lines, you should have shoved her undies into her ...

    FA: Oops, guess I wasn't clear. Yup 2 lines 2 counters. Lazy to fight with crazy kiasu people lah.

  2. now only i know it is call Geoduck. in mandarin they call it elephant nose something like that.

    should says this, "sorry, u just go behind damnit!!!"

  3. Two queues, two registers: That's a separate queue. Maybe that old hag carefully watched to see who came after her in your queue, and waited until everyone in your queue that had arrived before her had gone. Then she gets indignant. Or maybe she could read your face and tell that you wouldn't object to her butting in line.

  4. Bring me to Breko when I come to Singapore.

  5. I believe that would be Chip Bee Gardens, that street where there’s an entire row of pretty looking quaint shops.

  6. there are some shops that practise single line queue for 2 or more counters. Eg. Borders Bookstore. usually, they will put up a retractable barrier with "queue" and arrow signage to indicate the direction of the queue.

  7. I hope the food tastes a whole lot better than it looks. The first two pics aren't especially appetising; not to my eyes anyway. :s

    As for the queue issue, without any additional information, I think the other person was in the wrong. They’d joined an entirely separate queue to your own, and should not have expected (or in this case demanded) to switch as it suited them. I’d have politely, but firmly, pointed that out. It would partly depend upon my mood at the time though.

  8. should have told her off. You're in the wrong line sista!

  9. I thought they franchised Yakitate's bread in Singapore?

  10. y0 sexy,

    that some great food,

    great food are hard to be found in singapore!

  11. Since there are two counters two lines, she is obviously in the wrong!She shld just stick to her Q! If i have been waiting in my line for long I wouldnt have let her cut my Q at all, would have told her off and point towards her line.

  12. Ehs... sorry for double post. xD

  13. Next time just ignore her and pretend not to hear. Haha, Disgraceful people...

  14. Would probably depend on my mood.

    If i was having a good day, not in a hurry and didn't queue for long I don't think I would have said anything.

    But I was waiting in line for a while and she did that, holy shit, ask her to fuck off man. Or explain to her that "Yes you were in a queue. That queue not this one." And if she wants to make a scene, make one together. Call the manager for all I care the more the merrier.

    Nice of you not to scream at the bitch though, otherwise your mum stress later.

  15. Yeah, should have just went firmly,

    "Sorry, we're clearly next."

    Then, put your items ASAP on the counter and importantly, smile at the cashier.

    Cashier will automatically start ringing up your stuff rather than unsmiling fugly other shopper. The cashier is the one with slightly more authority in this case. That's the trick.

  16. it is not uncommon to see people cutting queue in singapore, even at the customs (by that i meant at the Malaysian side), but specific to your case, if it's 2 lines 2 counters, the lady was obviously in the wrong and depending on the amount of time i have queued and my mood, if i am not in a good mood, i would have told the lady off. Though i dont appreciate generalisation, i would say Singaporeans are known to be pretty ungracious in some aspects but we have our good seeds.somewhere. however rare. cheers

  17. Hi Angel. Happy new year. First of all let me just say that it is not in character to allow people to cut into your queue. How can? You should have told that woman to f*** off.

    Second of all, I am so happy to hear that Breko is still open and still serving beers at S$12++. Some clown told me it was closed.

  18. wah wanna try breko's burger. better than Smokinn frogz? hey ho lets go!

  19. Always wanted to try geoduck, but when at fancy schmancy seafood restaurants with the family, parents refuse to order :( Mum stands by her view that it looks like a giant organ... Which organ in particular, i wont say here :p

    Anyway, i'll take ur word that it's fishy.

  20. Breko used to be Patrick and mine fav watering hole. Used to be only $10 bucks for 2 beers.Now its 12, inflation lah!! Yes some of their food is pretty good. Glad you like the Burger.

  21. eh, you know the name o the shop that sells that Drink Mixer? So cheap, I also want to get one! Got Drinks, looks cool when using it at house party. LOL


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