Friday, December 12, 2008

Never Seen In Malaysia

Or ever will be seen, in fact.

Check out what I saw at Watson's here the other day. I was so excited and like a complete jakun from Malaysia, I went back to the store armed with my trusty new CAMERA. Hahah damn bloggers. But no, I'm doing it for YOU. YOU. SHARING IS CARING. I HAD TO SHARE AND SHOW YOU ALL because we will never EVER see this in Malaysia's Watson's stores. I swear it on my pinky!

I have leave it to you imagination what people actually DO with these things. The damn instruction manuals are IN the packaging.

The products are right THERE. like among the family planning stuff. THERE. LIKE it's.. candy or tissue or something. Not even behind the cashier or something less open. It's THERE. IN YOUR FACE. FREE for you to buy it should you ever have the urgency to.

never seen in Malaysia
This looks like a ring.

never seen in Malaysia1
This looks like a fake fingernail which the empress dowagers wear back in the day when men wore dresses and pigtails.

never seen in Malaysia2
And this actually looks like a bottle opener.

Your turn.

Edited: Looks like I'm the only jakun one who hasn't seen it. Boody hell.


  1. theres even tv ads for the errr play vibration in uk! :P

  2. 1st one Malaysia ada (but packed together with a condom) and marketed as vibrating condom

    2nd one tarak or belum lagi...but same vibrating function, only that you put it on your finger to touch those parts that you wish to vibrate

    3rd one tarak or belum lagi, same function like 1st but extra panjang..for more sensation

  3. Cute cute no use. Something tells me that these products might be a waste of money.

  4. yeah, 1st one i had seen in jb. well, these things, if u use them, u feel like a cyborg, (robocop? - half human, half machine), u require mechanical 'help' 4 stimulation. HAHAHA! or u r just damn lazy bastard.

  5. Apparently it can only last for 5 mins.....i guess its enough for some ppl.....

  6. eh, got la. i've seen it everywhere! :P

  7. Those are in some hotel's room in China. No shit. Even, "indian god oil" also got.

  8. 40 minutes of vibration.

    I wonder whether people will recycle it by changing the battery. (and get extra "shock" when the electricity leak)

  9. FA, like they said, we do have it in Malaysia. Even in Sibu. Retails for about RM 23, called a vibrating condom from Durex. 20 minutes. Probably have to buy two to be safe. ;)

  10. Huai Bin,

    Where did you see it? I might want to buy one and set its motors.......

  11. got la...not behind the counter pun... even here in kelantan...kota bharu bandaraya islam..

  12. got got... even here in kelantan..kota bharu bandaraya islam..not even behind the counter

  13. i am guessing
    1st one is for anus stimulation, 2nd is for clitoris rubbing 3rd is to dig out the condom slipped left inside the muff for small wiener men.

  14. CHOW FC: It's at the Watsons in Premier Hotel. Every Watson also got, but the one I saw was from there. Cheers!

  15. I don't think it's worth the money.


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