Sunday, December 28, 2008

Can U Guess What This Is About?

First, guess which brand owns which tagline? No prizes for guessing correctly, though.

so much is possible
power in your hands
different plans for different people
talk is still cheap
U call the shots
Got [ U ] got it all
let's talk puas puas

Now think about what's the first thing that comes to your mind? For me it's:
so much is possible - you might let me to do anything
power in your hands - you allow me to do anything
different plans for different people - you pre-tailormake things for me
talk is still cheap - it's cheap!
U call the shots - i choose what i want
Got [ ] got it all - you are basically everything
let's talk puas puas - it's cheap!

So purely based on taglines I have these options:
1. cheap
2. i can choose what i want
3. you tell me what I can want

As the average self-centred consumer who wants nothing but instant gratification - I'd go for the option which is cheap and/or lets me choose whatever I want.

Well, if I wanted a mobile option, the cheap tagline product isn't exactly mobile enough for me to carry it around in my pocket.

So that leaves me with the product that lets me choose what I want.

Which leaves me with *jengjeng* U Mobile.

Have you been catching their ads? What? Haven't seen it? No way!

It's not very easy to miss (or forget) that ad with the guy asking for 5 grapes… or the girl who asked for henna on 2 fingers… or the fella who wanted teh tarik setengah glass… and especially the one where there people are walking around with 20 hats on their heads… So basically it says that you don’t have to buy a full glass of the tarik because you’re only half thirsty. And pay for only what you need.

Yup. All pretty catchy U Mobile ads.

I guess it's too easy to guess what are they selling, unless you're trying really hard to be a wiseass. Or unless you're really THAT blur … okok I'll be nice and offer you a hint. It starts with a "3” …..

….and ends with the letters "G service providers".

What's the biggest difference between them and any other telco provides? U Mobile charges you by THE SECOND instead of the usual 30-60 second blocks which we are all so used to. Any less frillier and you'll have to carry around a landlinephone. And it isn't easy to find matching accessories for that, I tell ya. HEhe.

I learnt this in uni last time. Anything that is FREE is GOOD!!! The good thing about U-Mobile is that…. You can call your other U-Mobile friends for free! Free things rock my socks off! So now I can call Yee Hou for free, until 31st March because I told him how good U-Mobile is and he signed up. Go call him, 018-888-8888 kthxbai

You can also download demo games and caller ringtones free of charge. Tetris here I come!! No more boring bus rides, queues in the bank!! Offer valid till 31st December only if not I would have downloaded kau kau *sulks*

So go check out their official website at if you'd like more details on their products and services.

Of course here’s another reason to sign up, you’ll get 10 SMSes for every RM10 you spend, and another 10 more thrown in if you hit RM100.

Go go go!


  1. What were you using before U Mobile?

  2. Advertorial!

    Sellout! BOO!

    FA: hahah shuddup

  3. FA, the freebie queen! haha...
    Hey, y not u put your number here and we U Mobile you, haha.

  4. My mobile is free.. No thanks! :P


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