Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So I was in the MRT today (oh I'm back in Singapore! Ah Seng can I please sample some of your brew pls thanks!).. and I overheard a conversation between 3 tourists. 2 asian girls, 1 angmoh. One of the asian girls spoke with the same heavy accent as the angmoh. The other Asian girl I think, IS actually from asia.

So from the conversation, I could kinda gauge that one of the girls (guess which one? no prizes) had just gotten a call from her boss. And she was, at the moment, 1) very worried about work or 2) upset that she got shelling from her boss. Either way, her facial expression wasn't a happy one.

Throughout the whole time I was there, the other 2 whiter folks was explaining to her about how that she's in a holiday she should 1) switch of her phone and 2) not read any emails. It's her holiday damnit, she should not be working on her holiday. Otherwise what's the point of having a holiday if she is still going to be worrying about work? The whole time they were talking, I could see that this girl (with the work issue) was stoning, looking worried, and accommodating to their views.

I thought to myself, lucky white folks who don't know any better. If the girl did all that she'd probably get her ass fired faster than she can say "I'm on a holiday, bitches, so leave me the fuck alone".


  1. i think it has yet to hit them that the entire world is in recession. its in their lifestyle/blood that the white folks react that way. and i am sure they are not very high up the corp ladder.
    even a small fry like me is expected to answer my emails on my month long vacation in japan, msia and sg which begins tomorrow.
    i am sure the white folks would be whinning and crying "bloody murder" when they are home and got to know that they have just being laid off.

  2. I actually do tell people I'm on holiday but not in so many words.

    Too bad you weren't around when we went down. Wanted to check out your temporary bachelorette pad on Orchard.

  3. My boss actually disabled my account while I was on vacation so I won't work LOLs

  4. When I left my first job, they were still calling me 2 months down the track on work-related matters LOL

  5. I don't see what's wrong if they want to piss off during their holidays and not answer the office. It's their annual leave and they can do what they want with it. If they are senior staff, that's a different story due to the burden of responsibility of decision making. If you're a small fry, you're dispensible and that means they can do without you. If you are that indispensable, you're being underpaid and undervalued.

    Also, if white dudes dont want to suck up to their bosses and their careers suffer as a result, its their problem. Also, ang moh bosses don't expect to be able to contact them when they are on holiday anyway.

    Furthermore in this recession, bosses want us to go on leave to reduce annual leave liability. Better have employees out and well rested than sitting in the office when there's no work to be done.

    And, people get laid off because the company's management fucked things up. Go talk to somebody who has been laid off and ask them if they got sacked for taking a holiday.

  6. how can ahseng contact fireangel?


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