Friday, March 9, 2007

Spot The Raving Bloggers! (Friday, Final Clue. Yeay!)


There are two words to watch out for in this clue. On Thursday’s The Star, 8 March 2007…..

* Flip to Page M16
* Detect article: The only one article on this page.
* 2nd Column, 3rd line
* The 1st word: Last word in the line
* The 2nd word: Put your newspapers aside, check your calendar. What’s the current year?

Now, compile all the words that you have found from the past week. Piece them together to form a phrase. Put those noodles to good use! Use your creativity!

Print the phrase on an A4 size paper and bring it to 1 Utama Starbucks (New Wing) between 2-4pm. Show it to me and win 2 free tickets to Speed Zone Tour 2007! We could camwhore if you'd like. But I'm really shy in real life. :P

Once again, here is how you can win some AWESOME tickets for some AWESOME rave party.

1. A clue will be provided to you readers starting from 5 to 9 March, on a daily basis on my blog. Answers are derived from the previous day The Star newspaper.

2. Readers are to compile the answers and form a secret phrase.

3. On the 10th March (Saturday), readers are to bring along this secret phrase (printed/pasted on a A4 size or larger surface) to locate me (fireangel, the narcissistic hediously plain looking camwhorer) at Starbucks 1 Utama, between 2pm to 4pm.

4. Readers with the correct password will be presented with a "WINNER CERTIFICATE" that allows them to collect 2 tickets on event day for free entry. We will also be recording their names and IC details for the event's organiser's reference. WINNERS CERTIFICATE are not transferable nor redeemable for cash!

*Tickets are issued on event day, based on the WINNER CERTIFICATE and a valid photo ID to prove 18 years of age.

*10 pairs of tickets available.

Real updates right after this. By updates I mean a bunch of shameless pictures of myself and a few carefully chosen words chucked in for good measure :)

Happy weekend! See you at OU tomorrow! (and even if you don't really get the answer right I/we COULD be bribed with offerings of some good free booze *koff*)


  1. I wanna win the tics!

  2. sry 4 my noobie-ness .... can any1 tell me how the hell we put strikethrough in our blog post?
    u know, cancel what we wrote with a line
    im using blogger, btw

    FA: it's an S in between the <>

  3. Hi, thank you for joining the bloggers party, sorry if any inconvenience upon the party :)

    FA: THank you for having me! Good job!!!!

  4. cuz is saturday and i am working.....i thought you might like this !!!

    enjoy :)

  5. Eh? 2-4PM on a Friday? Did you finally get your dream job?


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