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Estee Lauder's Nutritious Range - A Review.

Estee Lauder people said to Suanie and I,
"Here is some free stuff! It's new! Please tell us what you think about it!"

To which I said,

Suan and I agreed that if we thought the products sucked, we wouldn't write about it. But here we are, writing about it! So make your own conclusions lar hehe.

These were the products from the all-new Nutritious range (in fact, SO new that it's not even out on their official website yet!) which were given to us to scratch and sniff test and review:

(From left to right)
Vita-Mineral Moisture Gel Creme, Vita-Mineral Radiance Essence, Vita Mineral Moisture Milk, and the Purifying 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser.

Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, the main ingredient for Nutritious, among various other fruit essence, is the Pomegranate extract. It's supposed to act as an anti-oxidant to help protect the skin.

I've never really gone hardcore with Estee Lauder as their stuff is really just too luxurious for peasants like me to spend my meager (read: non-existant) pay on. However, my mum SWEARS by EL. She's been using EL products her entire life and I can tell you, not a single blackhead, pimple, and for someone her age? MINIMAL WRINKLES. If she wasn't my mum, I would've love to hate her already. Grrr.

About my skin: I have the worst skin with the most erratic behaviour. Like a spoilt toddler with a really bad tantrum, it breaks out whenever it feels like it, and doesn't go away until its had enough fun. I also have a combo/oily sensitive skin in general which gets blotchy red whenever it wants to. Which means I can't just simply use any drugstore stuff, heck even some of the pricey premium stuff causes my skin to run amok. :(

Enough banter! ON WITH THE REVIEW!

^_^ V ^_^ V ^_^ V ^_^ V ^_^ V ^_^ V ^_^ V ^_^ V ^_^ V ^_^ V

1. Nutritious Purifying 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser, RM90
(Layman's terms: SOAP)

That's REALLY foam on my face, okay

In 2 words: It's AWESOME!

The texture of it is quite solid. Not gel, not liquid. But more... gunky, if that makes any sense. And unlike a lot of pharmacy store facial products (cough,neutrogena,cough), this facial foam does NOT smell chemical-ly. It has a fruity scent and it actually makes you believe that this could truly be a natural chemical-free product!

You know how after rinsing it off, some facial foam makes your face feel like there's a film of soapiness (clean & clear) that you just can't rinse off? Well. With THIS foam? It actually leaves your face SQUEAKY CLEAN! I shit you not! Not squeaky as in dish-washed plates squeaky (Biore, Oxy), but squeaky like ALL THE DIRT AND GUNK IS OFF MY FACE I CAN ACTUALLY FEEL MY SKIN YEAY! It felt so clean and soft! It's crazy!

And there's MORE! It also doubles up as a MASK for night time use! Just squeeze a little more than what you'd normally use in the day time (day time: one pea-sized dot), apply it all over your DRY face, leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse off!

While as a mask, I could actually feel the tingly sensation on my skin and I'm not sure if it's because the stuff is actually working, or if my overly sensitive skin didn't like it very much. And after rinsing, my skin gets a little red (remember, my skin is super sensitive). Either way, the point is that there is some sort of a reaction! But to keep it on the safe side, I'm gonna stick to using it as facial foam because as a facial foam, it ROCKS.


This is seriously my FAVOURITE-ST product of the lot!

2. Vita-Mineral Radiance Essence, RM175

Gold for your skin!

Essence, like I had tried (badly) to explain to Suanie, is like the moisturiser, except it's choke filled with all these goodies which are good for your skin. Let's put it in coffee terms. Moisturiser is latte, coffee diluted with lots of milk. Essence is like black coffee, extra black, extra strong. Capish?

This stuff, once you put it on your face (a VERY TINY amount is enough, like a droplet of water, less than one pump), completely disappears almost right away. This means it is very quickly absorbed by your skin and thus, making it a Very Good Thing (tm)!

Because my skin is pretty damn sensitive, it felt tingly upon application like how the facial foam felt when I had it on as a mask. Stupid sensitive skin.

The texture of the Essence is liquid gel, slightly cloudy in colour. Again, not greasy nor leaves an icky film on your skin. It smells fruity fresh, except for some odd reason, has that slight alcohol scent. Again it has all sorts of fruity essence and green tea extract goodness in it and other good stuff like Carnitine, Creatine and AMP (er, the shockwave?).

It suggests that you use it for AM and PM, but you know us stingy buggers really only use it at night so that it can last for MONTHS, right? :)

3. Vita Mineral Moisture Milk, RM165
(Layman's terms: MOISTURISER)

Amount put on face is strictly for illustrative purposes only.

Moisture Milk is aimed for people with oily skin and humid climates. Jean (the lovely lady from Estee Lauder who gave us the samples), told us we could use this for day wear, and promises that it wouldn't be too greasy on the skin.

It certainly wasn't greasy!

This milky white coloured moisturiser has a texture unlike your ordinary gel or creme moisturiser. It actually feels milky, watery even, except with a little more... body (again, if that makes any sense). Less than one full pump is enough to cover the entire face.

It is definitely did not feel there was a layer of something gooey on my skin, which I detest the most (I detest the gooey feeling, I mean). It contains hyaluronic acid and creatine, whish is supposed to do all sorts of good stuff for your skin. The milk has the very subtle smell of fruits, probably from the combination of essentials minerals from the pomegrante, olive, melon and avocado fruit extracts in it.

It's YUM!

4. Vita-Mineral Moisture Gel Creme, RM165
(Layman's terms: Also a MOISTURISER)

Smells good enough to EAT!

Jean recommended that we used this for night.

This was marketed as the moisturiser for drier skin and cooler climates, which was odd, because having mostly combo/oily skin, I personally preferred this to the milk one above. Supposedly richer than its milky counterpart, this one had a gel texture which noticeably has a LESS "greasy" and MORE "water-based" feel. With the same essential ingredients as the milk, this one also had the similar fruity fresh smell!

I thought this was an excellent night moisturiser which lasted all night! (Btw, I use stand fan in my room, so can't vouch for you lucky punks with your air-condition!)

Really awesome balls!

^_^ V ^_^ V ^_^ V ^_^ V ^_^ V ^_^ V ^_^ V ^_^ V ^_^ V ^_^ V


Unfortuntely, we didn't get to try the whole set. Other than the 4 items above, other items in this line up also includes the sunblock, a toner, and also the "proper" night moisturiser.

Pricing IS steep of course. But you get what you pay for, and you get a LOT! Just be a little careful if you are prone to having sensitive skin like me, as Estee Lauder products do tend to be a little strong. For this product line-up, the mask and the essence were a little too strong for me. I also read that the toner (Vita-Mineral Energy Lotion) may contain some alcohol which MAY irritate sensitive skin (Clinique's toner, which has a VERY STRONG SMELL OF ALCOHOL, freaking CORRODED my skin hokay!), but I can't confirm this as Jean had ran out of toner samples for us to test. :(

The rest of the stuff was really awesome. Overall, it smells delicious, feels light & clean and the end results were not bad at all! My skin didn't break out, and it felt good! Personal favourite? The Gel Creme and the Foam Cleanser!

Suanie did a review too! To read what she has to say, CLICK ME.

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Exclusively for Fireangelism's (and SuanieDotNet's) readers - WE HAVE FREE STUFF FOR YOU, TOO!

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See that bottle of perfume? It's called Beyond Paradise Blue (RM230!!!), a spanking new fragrance from Estee Lauder. It's a modified version of the original Beyond Paradise (rainbow coloured dewdrop bottle), but instead of the heavy strong smell of jasmines of the original, Blue's scent reminds me of the forest and the sea. Fresh, not overpowering nor musky and very casual. Plus, with a tinge of citrus, this has GOT to be my favourite EL fragrance to date!

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Rules and Regulations?

Well, just one, really:

My decision goes lah. (because this is my blog and etc. etc.)

Hope you enjoyed the review as much as I have enjoyed going on and on and on about it! :)

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