Monday, March 26, 2007


Hi. This is FireAngel's automated response generator.

FireAngel is unavailable to camwhore and spew long, inane, rubbish out for your pleasure at the moment.

She has found some meaning to life again by currently overdosing on Naruto and Bleach because the fillers HAVE ENDED.

That is all.

Have a good day.



  1. Ehhhh ... bye, bye???

  2. Hi, this is Mossie`Ol Chin's automated reposnse to FireAngel's automated reponse.

    Have fun watching Naruto and Bleach! You might want to consider others cause both Naruto and Bleach had only continued with their original story for a while. May not be enough to make your absent longer than it is as short now.


  3. Eh FA, don't la like that...I'll miss my weekly dose of FA. Life's tough without it

  4. it's great news for everyone, but for abandoning blogging is wrong

  5. You get pissed when Naruto and Bleach go into filler, but have you considered how we, your ever-so faithful readers, feel when you spew 'filler' posts in our direction? Well? XP

  6. neh. ergo rox. watch. now.

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