Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Corporationey Clothes Shopping.

Hello boys and girls who oft visit here because you have absolutely nothing else better to do, love pain and have too many IQ points to kill.

Have little bit of dilemma.

Have new job which actually requires me to dress up like I actually have a job.

Then slowly. slowly. I might have to get a fucking PDA. Might. Gah. Money going out faster than I'm earning it.

This new job is really costing me a lot of moolah. MOOLAH I DON'T HAVE! Aren't jobs SUPPOSED to earn you moolah? Did I get the concept wrong here?



In my previous job of FIVE YEARS, I sat on my desk 9-5 in front of the computer and speak to NOBODY. Had I showed up in a furry costume in the shape of a baboon's backside, nobody would've ever noticed; unless I set myself on FIRE and run around the department, very, very, VERY slowly while SCREAMING my head off, flaying my heads about like a madman..... ON FIRE.

With the new job, I'll actually have to get off my ass and TALK to humanoids on a regular basis.

So new PRESENTABLE threads are required.

Please recommend me where I can go to buy the following:

1. 2-3 full suits (dark grey, beige/cream, dark brown) (and suits should preferably be pants/skirt/blazer combo) (Update: I can NOT wear Zara suits - Too long. Even their smallest size makes me look like I'm swimming in it. Spade's (KLCC) selection of suits VERY YUCKY THIS TIME. Other suggestions please?)
2. shirts (3-5)
3. girly corporationey blouses (??!?!?!) which I can wear instead of fucking shirts all the time inside my suit.
3. pumps (closed toed shoes lar)

.....and MUST meet the following requirements.

1. Will NOT cost me an arm a leg of my future newborn ie, Affordable ie, CHEAP (I hate paying full price).
2. Inspite of it being affordable, FITS WELL for someone of my koff STATURE (I wear a size midget with fat legs).
3. Of decent quality (I am a VERY rough midget)

So don't lah try to be all funny and say stupid things like "go pasar malam". Also, don't ask me to tailor-make either. I am NOT made of money. Nor do I have the luck of being doted upon by a sugar daddy who only requires my time in return, and nothing else.

Please, please help this hopeless girl with fashion senses akin to a colour-blind rabied inbred mongrel sewer rat.

Actually, giving me money would help a tonne too.

And in return I swear upon the castle of grayskull that I'll put enough pictures of me camwhoring in my new threads to make you lose your sleep FOREVER.


Well, sorta.

Tenkiu berry much!


^_^ V

(can't fucking believe Heroes' episode 19's gonna take so long to air!)


  1. what? no hint of what the job entails? Anything to do with prudential? ;)

  2. i think FireAngel just become a professional Blog Pimps! :P

  3. The Ranting PrincessMarch 28, 2007 at 12:29 AM

    1. 2-3 full suits (dark grey, beige/cream, dark brown) (and suits should preferably be pants/skirt/blazer combo)

    Try Iseatan or Elle or Zara or MNG (during sales). G2000 is so over priced!

    2. shirts (3-5)

    - See my suggestion for No.1

    3. girly corporationey blouses (??!?!?!) which I can wear instead of fucking shirts all the time inside my suit.

    - Speghetti straps/those MNG singlets are okay. As long as you don't show too much cleavage of course you have to wear em with your suit lah. How about short sleeves blouse? Those puffed sleeves are in trend right now, Esprit has got some nice ones. Hey! I am sure you know what to wear lah!!

    Alternatively, try Turtle neck (both Long&Short sleeves). Those knitted woolen type. Invest abit lah, this one cannot save.

    Stick to corporate colours like Black (boring), White (boring), assorted shades of Greys (also boring but better than B&W), dark blue and brown. Of course you can also have 1 or 2 pinks/baby blue or whatever cutesy cutesy colours which are associated with babies lah.

    3. pumps (closed toed shoes lar)

    - Do you want to look good or comfort comes first?
    If you want to look good, go for at least 3 inches (or AT LEAST 2.5 inches, nothing lower than that PLS.) pointed toe heels. Aldo, Ninewest, Lewre (by the way, those 3 brands I mentioned are pretty comfortable as well). Renoma used to carry nice pumps. too bad can't find em anymore!! But, if you want REAL COMFORT and don't give a shit on how you look, you can try those aunty brand, Schol (is that how you spell it??!!) or Hush Puppies. Don't ever try Vincci. Waste of money!


  4. There's a sale going on in Jusco .... Since your new colleagues are all high and mighty, nobody will notice Jusco merchandise. : )

  5. goodness!!! fireangel in a suit??

    drool... all night long..

    sorry no help here, in the spore, its really expensive i think.. plus i am a fashion/money nerd here...

  6. err....don't your new company gives you allowances for a new wardrobe? i know a few company that does that...and it's usually circa RM3000 and above...

  7. jaya jusco. seriously.

  8. You should try AMOR in Damansara Utama, may not sound like much, but they have got really affordable shirts and pants, skirts as well. Not too sure about suits.

    You may also wanna give COMMA a try.

  9. padini for sure. g2000 also. and this brand called communique in isetan. edmundser if u wanna splurge a little bit more!

    as for shoes, vincci sucks but im sure u oredi know that. nose is good for cheaper shoes. eclipse for rm90/pair thereabouts, aldo for rm3-400/pair. primavera also, but im not sure what the price is like .. less than a 100 i think?


  10. for clothings you might want to try nichi fashion city. a lot of variety there. :) a full pants + blazer combi might cost about...RM 160++?

    and i heard primavera shoes are quite comfy. definitely will be cheaper than aldo, nine west, lewre.

  11. EastMalaysianInKLMarch 28, 2007 at 6:48 AM

    See? If you had accepted my job offer you'd be able to still wear a furry costume in the shape of a baboon̢۪s backside, AND live near the sea, can goto beach every evening to watch the sun set while sipping coconut juice from freshly opened coconut... :)

    But if you want to dress sharp for cheap, for now go check out Reject SHop, FOS & Branbds warehouse. For future stockpile, keep an eye(and ear) out for clearance sale at department stores; Local designer labels can be had for as little as RM5, and imported brands for no more then RM50.

    Also look out for banners on roadside advertising warehouse sales by brand name distributors.

  12. Hey babe, I so get ya! Thank God my job doesn't need me to dress up all corporate and shite, well... whatever. Some ppl does get the kick out of dressing up to work :D Kinda give them the feeling of importance and corporate look, haha! Me... I'm more into the moolahs. But I'd dress up if the moolah is good as well. I'd better stop here and give you some tips before I start writing my own entry altogether, heh.

    1. 2-3 full suits (dark grey, beige/cream, dark brown) (and suits should preferably be pants/skirt/blazer combo)
    Stuffs at the stores are all pretty expesive, like a full suit would cost you min of RM180? Pfft! Go to Little Black Book, there's one in Uptown. They have pretty nice stuff there and doesn't burn a hole in the pocket too. Pretty stylish ala MNG. And you are so small babe, these fashion houses cater your size in abundance! :) Check it out, they are alright, really!

    Jusco has cheap stuff also, if you are lucky, they have cheap but expensive looking stuff :D But sometimes, they look really cheap might as well you go Pasar Malam.

    2. shirts (3-5)
    Same as above. Also Jusco, I bought a few nice looking but cheap shirts. Isetan is expensive, like RM79 per shirt? Pfft.

    3. girly corporationey blouses (??!?!?!) which I can wear instead of fucking shirts all the time inside my suit.
    Same as above :D And watch out for MNG sales, they could give you a nice price as well. And oh, that Queen's Park? Err.. it's in Cheras cant remember that place! They have warehouse prices for GUESS, Elle etc. Will let you know what the hell is that place's called.

    3. pumps (closed toed shoes lar)
    Me, safest bet is Vincci :D Can't go wrong with the shoes. I mean they are pretty cheap compared to other brands (well, Bata is way cheaper and some from China brand, you could resort to that too, if u must). I am so not a handbag and shoes person, so I always end up buying shoes at Vincci, NOT durable (obviously look at the price, hehe) BUT you can afford to buy them every 3 mths or so when it doesn't feel good to walk in them anymore :D

    BUT the best shoes I ever wore was from Hush Puppies, but they cost the bomb! For RM180 or so per pair, I'd rather err... buy a bottle of JD at Giant :D

    And no, I am no drunkard either.

  13. Try to look at Damansara Uptown......... Row of shops opposite Fitness First. One with lots of business suits, one with lots of blouses, etc etc. Go have a look, you won't be disappointed, definitely. And it will cost you a fraction of the price in the malls.

    What's this about you loving NY? Been there? You haven't seen Boston then :)

  14. When I started a two month internship in KL in January, I was in the exact same dilemma! Couldn't afford to splurge on clothes I was only gonna wear for two months, but also didn't wanna end up in cheap-looking "oh, her? She's the intern lah *snigger*" clothes. I ended up buying EVERYTHING from this place in the Curve called Elements. They have a pretty good variety of office clothes, from suits to tops to shirts to knits and shoes, PLUS, they fit well, BIGGER PLUS, all you have to do is go in and tell the salesperson what you're looking for, and she'll bring a selection of stuff for you into the change room. It's like a personal shopper yo! And it's not too pricey - shirts/pants for about RM 40-60. Got a blazer from a G2000 sale. Good luck with the hunt, girl! :D

  15. errr.... office... hmmmm
    splurge... credit card.... and live like a hermit for a few weeks so u can pay back once u get ur paycheck
    and 2-3 probably not enough to be honest. and what about pink fridays? u need something pink for pink fridays as well
    so whats the new job?

  16. Oh babe! Forgot, one more place to check out! Nichii Fashion City! They have a few outlets, one in The Curve. But the best place to go is their HQ at Jln Tun Razak, hmmm.. that Sg. Besi there. Can't miss it, it's along Jln Tun Razak.

    More choices than the outlets and I think way cheaper than the outlets too... You HAVE to check this out :D

  17. You can try spade in 1u for their blazers. Or even MNG when they have sale. nice pants and blazers there. G2000 and padini also have something to offer. As for the place in damansara uptown, you can get nice blouse and even tops which you can wear under your blazer. Quite cheap.

  18. Yeah, Spade...Also, whatsits...Dorothy Perkins has a dedicated rack to jackets, slacks, camis... You don't need a jacket for every day of the week, and I think they cost about RM150 a jacket, thereabouts. Smallest size is 6 or 8, though.. you don't look bigger than a 4 :p Try anyways?

    Also, Edmunser I think...believe there's a branch in Midvalley.

    Agree on Nichii for the budget + "look"...

    Also, try out FOS... every once in a while (rare, but there!) you might find some office wear. If you dig hard enough :) And they are "named" labels too that probably have a thread hanging out, or some other miniscule imperfection.

  19. i really hope all fashion advisors are chicks. i wud be really worried if they came from a guy. heh.

  20. ini mesti M.L.M punya industries

  21. Nichii, highly recommended for office wear. I find their cut for blazers/jackets is pretty good.If you go to Metro/Isetan, the jackets there are huge, sleeves too long, shoulder pads up to your forehead, the waist doesn't fit nicely. Can get a full suit at Nichii for under RM200.. now they're having a sale so go buy now!! :) Jacket range about RM80-100, shirts/blouses/skirts about RM50, pants RM50-70 if not mistaken. Quality seems fine to me, better than their casual clothes.. try the one at the Curve n also Times Square, although Sg Besi remains their HQ, I find that the ones in mall is more updated & has all the good stuff..

    Of course, if you want to go for it, Zara is the bomb lah, saw the nicest black skirt there for like RM300!! Damn, if I bought everything I liked there, it will be like RM 1k every time I go and only be able to get 3 items ONLY each time!!

    Shoes..can't help you there. me office can wear open-toed shoes, thank God for that. Have pumps but more of the fashiony type so don't think will be helpful.

    But your new job, sounds a lot like working for prof firms leh.. (audit, legal, banking..) ;p

    Anyway, good luck with the clothes hunt. can tell it will not be easy as a lot of formal office clothes tend to be large(especially jackets, even when the label says S)or are boring as hell.

  22. KL corporate fashion is backward and too expensive. fly to the philippines. go to Ayala Center/Greenbelt. Buy all the copy clothes you like. You can buy 2-3 at the price of 1 lousy piece here. hehehe

    factoring in the airticket and hotel accom., it's still cheaper! and you get to see manila!

    goodluck! :p

  23. No one mentioned Seeds yet? Their shirts and skirts are allright.
    And Jusco carries this brand, Agenda, which is actually not bad.

  24. born suit is the best and won't cos you much. just that it can't be iron.
    btw, good to know that u actually get away from road site doing measuring which might cause some traffic jams.

  25. 1.I have to agree with the others, just head over to the nearest Nichii!
    2. refer to item 1. :P
    3.Try our local designer,Key Ng for girly corporatish shirts! Not mass produced design! Much cheaper than MNG & Zara.heh`
    4.entwined is right,I always recommend Primavera. Chic & affordable.
    Good luck babe! ;)

  26. I totallynagree...it ismtaking so long for the new episode of heroes to show.....they keep showing repeats!

    Go shop at amcorp......i love shopping there!

  27. spade in KLCC is good! when sale, dirt cheap...no sale a bit taxing on the wallet

    nichii, won't go wrong...just walk pass the ah lian section and you shall find the goodies. must go to sungai besi one tho..the curve collection sucks. btw, it's at Jalan Sungai Besi, in the old BAT building...not at Jln Tun Razak.

    aldo at bangsar village 2 has the prettiest collection of accessories

    MNG and Zara, proceed during sales

    For shoes, check out the street stalls at Cathay Cineleisure..korean and hongkong designs at a steal(I got 2 pairs, court shoes and peeptoe for RM100). i saw the same pairs in Amcorp Mall about 40% more expensive!

    Last but not least, must go to Amcorp Mall..very very pretty feminine clothes (and cheap!) for work and after work

    Good luck hunting, jom pigi shopping lah. When?

  28. Congrats on getting a new job. Hope you can earn lost of money after you stop spending it on suits etc.
    Buy a black dress [Audrey Hepburn style]. It always makes a good impression with people.

  29. no pictures? *disappointed*

    FA in snappy corporate blazers. Yummy. :D

  30. EastMalaysianInKLMarch 29, 2007 at 6:44 AM

    9 at March 28th, 2007 around 12:34 pm : "i really hope all fashion advisors are chicks. i wud be really worried if they came from a guy. heh."

    *raise hand* Guy here. I'm one of those few who know how to shop for ladies ware. Quite good at it actually. And no I'm not gay or queer. ;)

  31. Simple solution for your complex problems. Thailand!
    Yes, Thailand...the land of drag shows and really spicy tom yom soup. You can get quality tailer suits at fraction of cost in m'sia. Yes, I am the representative of Thai "we slave to make suits for you rich tourists" board.

  32. I have always fancied a woman in her birthday suit.

  33. try the range(s) from isetan -
    1. communique
    2. cultivation
    3. ecesis

    otherwise jusco offers very affordable corporate wears eg. RM29 for one ladies' long-sleeved shirt

    happy shopping :)

  34. call ronnie tan of classic match. 016 9141888. former big name label cutter. very reasonable one. comes to your office/home. you can buy cloth.

  35. sorry, Little black book is NOW open ( not NOT open)

  36. Try TSC The shoe connection in 1U or sunway pyramid. not expensive at all, RM79.90 per pair. Dont have to be close toed shoes - you can wear peeptoe shoes which still looks very corporate, but sexier and much more comfy. Little Black Book is not open at 7 Jln Telawi 2 (22877731). They have a opening promo sale with a free beauty voucher with every RM100 purchase. You need the LLB membership card which i'll pass to suanie, you can borrow it. can also pass you a TSC voucher, they give you RM10 off for every RM50 purchase (you get 1 voucher for every RM100 spent). if you go down to spore, try Next fashion along orchard road. really cheap and nice even after conversion. gud luck

  37. [...] Someone is looking for a new wardrobe for her new job. Talking about formal working clothes brings me back to a recent dilemma that I had. [...]

  38. check blogs for sales and shopping something....usually have pretty good deal.

    get 3 iwthout brand, 1 branded.

  39. G2000! Don't suppose there is a Sussan in KL? I can't remember. Only been there a couple of times.
    For nice blouses, lol, I actually get mine off Ebay. Ebay rocks!

  40. Edmunser is not bad... I think.

  41. Novo, new wing of bangsar village, it's a must-drop-by for pumps. Gorgeous looking and will not cause you your limbs. Think it's first floor, along Puma. Enjoy!

  42. "In my previous job of FIVE YEARS, I sat ON my desk 9-5 in front of the computer and speak to NOBODY."

    Geee, your old job sounds oddly kinky. Uhm, uhhmmm, you get what I mean.

  43. Don't worry lah. You're still very pretty in whatever outfit that you're wearing ;)

  44. yup, u r still beautiful honey,,;)

  45. *sees cobwebs everywhere on the blog*

  46. vOices - I agree. I'll have to move FA's blog button down to the 'Updateless' section on my blog I think.

  47. bleach and naruto!!!!! yeah!!!

    i am the Old York..nothing New York bout me :D

    hang in there...go find ur gay frens la...

  48. I don't understand the "Ruv New York" comment.....
    are you making fun of us Japanese?

  49. hihi ;)

    1. MNG (err .. during sales pref!)
    2. G2000 (it's actually quite affordable during sales surprisingly)
    3. AMORE has some quite decent stuff sometimes ..
    4. Jaya Jusco?
    5. FOS - I actually bought quite a few decent work-shirts from here for less than RM50!!!!!!!! And they were good material, durable, and quite stylish! ;) Lurve bargains!

    Happy shopping :)



  51. omG. please update before i kill myself. thanks.

  52. new pictures please! am bored of playing with myself to the same photos. thanks

  53. think i saw you 2 weeks back in parkson 1U... shopping for clothes with someone....

  54. holy shit. u are finally rid of that god forsaken job. have you found your soul? congratulations. hope you're well! and when the fuck are you coming to visit?! *wink*

    drop me a god damn email, woman!

  55. Hi,

    Have earn some experience shopping with my gf. The women's section at One Parkson (1 Utama new wing) have quite a nice selection which doesn't cost you an arm, a leg and a kidney. so maybe you could drop by there.

    Btw. Saw you at KL Sentral yesterday during lunch time holding a guy..hmm....or i could be wrong ^^

  56. Agree with Kim! Novo in BV II is fantastic for pumps! Affordable as well. :)

  57. [...] don’t know if the few of you remember my desperate cries of help in the corporationey clothes shopping department. So many of you (girls AND boys?!?!?) were ever so helpful with yours tips and [...]

  58. where can i find COMMA? it has been a very long time i have not come across this shop.

    FA: Comma is part of a shop called "Labelz" now. You can find that in midvalley megamall, among others, I think


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