Friday, January 11, 2013

Knowing What I Love.

I love music. I don't have a nice voice and I'm not great at playing instruments. But when a good song goes on I can feel it running through my skin, pumping the blood in my veins, it drives me wild. I get the tingles, and I need to move. I wouldn't really classify it as dancing per se, more like someone getting some kinda epilepsy attack .... but hey you know what? I don't care what people say or think. How can one just sit down quietly and  not move when good music is on? When the music is good, moving is the only way I know how to enjoy it. I can't contain it.

I love dance. I get inspired every time I see a musical, or some dance routine on youtube or one of those reality shows or even the silly dance movies. I fucking love it with every fibre of my being. I love watching it, experiencing it. I love moving. The expressions and emotions conveyed through motion. Oh how I feel what they feel. My heart beats so hard. My lungs want to explode. I feel so giddy. I fucking love dance.

I love booze. The drinking, the making of, the history, observing how other people react to it. I love how it tastes. Oh and how it tastes! I love how it's such a great social tool to break any ice. I love how there are so many mind boggling varieties on this planet, and how there is endless possibilities with them. I love it whenever I find something I personally like. Or how perfectly it can be paired with food, the weather, dynamics of an event. It's so exciting what one can do with it. It's so exciting to know that there's gonna be that single malt that's gonna hit the spot. Or to find oh my god, that is the most perfect tasting cocktail (hardly happens here). And really, there's just no greater joy than to make drinks for people and watch them get high and happy over it. :)

I love writing, reading and clever, witty scripts. Sometimes I hear a cleverly written script and I go batshit insane excited. Oh the sheer genius. Oh the wit! I love the infinite possibilities of weaving words together so that it tells a story. In different emotions. In different tones. In different voices and scenarios. Tugging at your heart strings, making you laugh, making you cry. Making you think. Transporting you to the wonder of your imaginations. Of science. Of facts. Of Art. Of History. Of How tos and whys.

Now if only I was brilliant at the things I love and can find a way to make tonnes of money from it. :)

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