Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 resolutions (edited)

13 August 2013- Revisited

Because there are a few bad habits which I really need to work on.

1. NOT using the phone
- that means no texting while driving. leave it on bluetooth and chuck it aside. It's stupid and dangerous. As bad as drunk driving.
- also no bring out the phone when in social engagements unless it's to tweet. or take pics. NOT to check for messages.
13/8/2013: I started good with this, then in the recent months went back to the bad habit again. I will strive to put away the damn phone in a hard to reach place BEFORE i enter the car. 

2. Not to mix my drinks and/or get plastered.
- Because after I mix my drinks I inadvertently GET plastered, and after I get plastered I inadvertently do and say stupid things which are unlike me which I WILL regret the next day. IF I even remember what they are. 2012 hasn't been a good year for me on this. I have to already learn my lesson now.
13/8/2013: Man. I've had at least a couple of incidences where i got so drunk I 1)forgot where I parked my car and 2)i dont remember. This is DANGEROUS and HAS got to stop.

3. Update my blogs at least 3x 2x a week.
- because i do want to be serious about that, and I enjoy it so why not.
13/8/2013: Complete failure this one. been updated an average of once a month perhaps. and the other blog? Hahahha. I blame it on the horrible internet at home.... which is a poor excuse since it's easily fixable. Why don't I want to get my ass on it? My response would be - tired. Terrible excuse. But in other news - I AM READING! at least!

4. Be punctual.
- weather, accidents, jam, the other party is never punctual: not acceptable excuses for me not to learn to manage my time and to show up at a specific time I'm supposed to. Don't like waiting? Bring a book.
13/8/2013: I think I'm getting relatively better at this. But there are still too many social and professional instances where people have waited more than 15 minutes for my ass to show up. Shame on me!

5. Be positive.
- cut down the complaining. seeing the brighter side of things and people (dont bitch). smile. manage that anger.
13/8/2013: I personally think I'm getting better at this. I still have my bout of moodiness and bitchiness........ but at least it's not a tiring constant thing. I think.

6. Get a new job by 2013.
I've been getting too many sleepless nights in the past few months. That horrible feeling that I'm just wasting my time away at the job which 1)is above me 2)in a company I have no pride in working for 3) manned by a CEO i do not respect 4).. and which I don't feel like I'm positively contributing to society in anyway towards anything.

7. Read a book a month.
That's 5 books more to go.

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  1. You're definitely doing a lot better at #5, kudos :D


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