Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Get Out There

It's too easy to pass judgement, get disappointed by other people, or to put yourself in a position to be hurt by other people.  It's too easy to slink back into my own shell, under the covers, in the lovely company of my own and just stay away from all that. It's so easy to not want to be socialable.

But we were made to be sociable creatures for a reason. Survival. It is as natural as breathing. To deny oneself of socialising is to deny one from living.

I need to stop making excuses. Get out there.

Because there's so much to hear.
So much stories to live vicariously in.
So much to learn.

Just by being with people. Just by being among them.

What I'm saying is that I'm glad I made the decision to not "feel tired" to go home. Instead, decided to drive out to meet up with the girls at yumcha yesterday. It was super fun, enlightening and inspiring.

Need to get my ass out there and stop rejecting offers to go out.

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