Tuesday, August 6, 2013

33 years + 4 days

Oh happy birthday to me! :D

It was an awesome celebration this year, with friends and families.. and gifts. People always say that gifts don't matter. But guess what - THEY ARE LYING.



Don't ever listen to anyone when they say it don't matter.


But really, a gift could come in any form - in fact just even remembering to wish the birthday person on his/her birthday is the most simple form of an awesome gift. To me, at least, anyway. It puts a silly grin on my face. Eventhough I KNOW that facebook prompted you to do so, but at least you made the effort. :)

But presents to unwrap is bonus points. :D

Thank you all (you know who you are) for making the effort.

So 30+++ already hehe!

In spite of the crazy adventurous I've had .. especially in the past few years - i'm still no where closer to figuring out what my grand plan is. You know.. the one you figure out what you're put on earth to do. Ya that one. I haven't figured that out.

It's a work in progress - figuring things out about myself. Apparently something I havent been doing for the longest time. Can you imagine not knowing what you like or dont like? I mean, if you're not gonna know yourself, who will? Who can? Honestly, no one else loh.

This is the best part of my life so far, really. I feel good. Well, in spite of not enjoying the job yet and still looking for an exit, and still a spinster, and feeling older, hearing my bones creak, not recovering from a hangover fast enough and still not earning my million bucks or driving that sports car, or having gone to Europe or USA or Japan for my big year long holiday trip.. BUT IT COULD BE WHOLE LOT WORSE. :)

I've got my family who cares! My fun friends who keep in touch! A roof over my head! Mummy's home cooked food! A salary to buy stuff! A car to take me around! Working limbs! It's all good. :)

It's sometimes easy to forget to be grateful for the small stuff...... and not sweat over... the small stuff, haha.

So onward with life! Looking forward to all the awesome presents it brings. :)


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